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National Antarctic documents

  • Series
  • 1480-2003

Documents concerning national governments active in Antarctic affairs. Documents relevant to national interests in Antarctica and the application of national law. Comprises of documents produced by a nation or about that nation. Many of the documents are reproduced or referred to in W M Bush, "Antarctic and International Law: a Collection of Inter-state and National Documents".

University of Tasmania

Francis Cotton : Appointments held : 134 to 150

Francis Cotton's correspondence and papers relating to the Society of Friends. He paid many visits of concern to Friends in South Australia, Victoria and N.S.W. See also (Series C) general correspondence for letters from and relating to Friends.

Francis Cotton

J.W. Story's Estate : 151 to 183

Papers relating to Joseph William Story of Eastern Marshes, Oatlands, farmer (died 1864), by his will dated 9 March 1855, appointed his cousin G.F. Story and Francis Cotton his trustees and executors. Includes papers relating to Ponsonby Vale and Stone House Farms 1868-1874.

Francis Cotton

James Gordon

Various letters, 1 memorandum of appointment, Executor papers and letters concerning the marriage of the widow of John Lakeland to T.H. White, transcripts of letters and draft of letter.

William Gunn

George and Mary Ann Meredith

Consist of George and Mary Meredith's family correspondence, correspondence with their children, children's schooling, friends and neighbours, household and servants, and George Meredith's business and magistracy correspondence

George Meredith

William Gunn

Letters, and transcripts of letters to William Gunn, copy of notice in newspaper, Account ledger, Bank book, Executor accounts for the estate of William Gunn

William Gunn

Trusteeships : Miscellaneous

  • Series
  • 1826-1854
  • Part of Leake Papers

Papers and letters concerning Leake acting for friends and neighbours as executor of wills, trustee of settlements, or as charitable donor and adviser to friends or old neigbours from his Hamburg days fallen on bad times, as with the Graham family formerly of Hamburg.

John Leake

Farm : 22 to 65

Diaries, Journals, memoranda and pocketbooks relating to farming activities

Cotton Family

Property : 1 to 21

Documents relating to the Cotton Family property including, plans, rents, leases and gants

Cotton Family

Sabina Meredith to brother John

Letter from Sabina Meredith to brother John dated 11 July 1832. His writing better, young Gregsons read well, hopes John practices, Governor's [Arthur's] son going home to England to be educated -cannon salute on boarding ship, drawings and maps received from England for geography and history lessons.

Sabina Meredith

Sarah Rothwell

Sarah Rothwell (1807-1876), who married Thomas James Crouch (1805-1890), Under-Sheriff, on 20 February 1832, was the sister of John Rothwell and aunt of Sarah (Rothwell) Morris.

William Knibb Morris

John and Maria Meredith

Collection consist of some of John and Maria Meredith's family correspondence, correspondence with their children, relatives and friends

John Meredith

Antarctic Treaty regime documents

  • Series
  • 1861-1991

Documents concerning the formation and operation of the Antarctic Treaty. Includes documents about some of the related agreements and institutions that together comprise the Antarctic Treaty System. Many of the documents are reproduced or referred to in W M Bush, "Antarctic and International Law: a Collection of Inter-state and National Documents" (volumes I-IV, and binders I-IV).

University of Tasmania


Minutes of the Management Committee (June 1862-February 1945) - The committee met monthly to deal with all aspects of the School's life. Their minutes contain information about the staff, meals, bedding, the girls' clothing, their activities (mostly needlework, laundry, and schooling), the circumstances of their parents, reasons for committal, behaviour, and illnesses or deaths, as well as destinations and progress after leaving the home. They name a number of girls. They also include the handover of the School to the Salvation Army in 1945. There are some newspaper clippings, mostly concerning Annual General Meetings.
Minutes of the Governors and Trustees (July-November 1882) - concern plans, estimates, and tenders for repairs to the roof of Kensington House, Davey Street.

Girls Industrial School Hobart

Diaries of Sarah E.E. Mitchell

From the age of 13 Sarah Mitchell daily noted in her journal the state of the weather, her routine activities about the house and property, visits of friends, an occasional trip to Hobart, as in August 1872, and her visit to Europe in 1900-1. The first three diaries are written in home made notebooks, the remainder in printed 'Letts' diaries. Some entries are 'cross written'. There is no diary for 1936.
Some of the journals include monthly cash accounts, mostly of small payments for such items as petticoats and gloves; also, for example in 1830, 'butter account' (including receipts, payments for carriage, etc.) and 'Kennedia' account (rent received, sheep bought
from father, taxes, rates etc.).

Sarah E.E. Mitchell

Annual Reports

Annual Reports and Regulations (1867, 1879-1944, 1867-8, 1879, 1882, 1886, 1888-90, 1944) They concern milestones of the School, its financial situation, staffing, donations, and outings or treats. Children who die are usually named.

Girls Industrial School Hobart


Miscellaneous documents , shipping consignments and records relating to various vessels owned by McGregor

Alexander McGregor

Case papers

Includes record of cases, apprenticeship indentures, mortgages, leases and land titles

Thomas Sheehy

Hugh Synnot Hull

The papers consist of letters to Hugh from his fiancee, family and friends, bills and papers relating to debts and some papers relating to the sale of a plot of land in Glenorchy. There are three items only of Hugh's father - all relating to the Southern Tasmanian Rifle Association.

Hugh Synnot Hull

Hugh Munro Hull

Three items relating to Hugh Munro Hull and the Southern Tasmanian Rifle Association.

Hugh Munro Hull

Sarah Elizabeth Clara (Bessie) Leake

Papers of Sarah Elizabeth Clara Leake (1869-1929) usually known as Bessie, daughter of C.H. & CJ. Leake
married John Dowbiggin (Jack) Foster on 23 March 1892

John Leake

Children and Grandchildren

  • Series
  • 1883-1955
  • Part of Leake Papers

Papers concerning the children and grandchildren of John and Elizabeth Leake

John Leake


The journals have been published as "Immense Enjoyment, the illustrated journals and letters of William L Wells 1884ยท1888, the life of an early Quaker family in Tasmania" edited by Faye Gardam and published by the Devon Wells Historical Soicety (1987) a copy is held at UTAS Library Cent.Quaker DU 194.3, .W45, A3 1987
Diaries, illustrated with sketches, written in duplicate copy books, using a lead point on thin copying paper with a blue "carbon" pad which printed both on the back of the copying paper to darken the faint impression made by the lead point as well as on to the slightly thicker copy paper pages which were perforated to tear out (the copy being darker and clearer writing than the "top"). In the last volume, however, the top flimsy pages were removed to send overseas (possibly now written with a pen) and the copy made with a blacker "carbon" was retained

William Levitt Wells

Miscellaneous Antarctic documents

  • Series
  • 1885-1998

Documents relevant to Antarctic affairs and related matters. Documents include consideration of Antarctic matters by non-governmental or inter-governmental bodies, including in the United Nations. Some of the material may have been generated by organisations interested in Antarctica, but not formally associated with the Antarctic Treaty System. May also include relevant press commentary. Some of the documents are reproduced in, or referred to in, W M Bush, "Antarctic and International Law: a Collection of Inter-state and National Documents" (volumes I-IV, and binders I-IV).

University of Tasmania


Miscellaneous documents regarding estates where McGregor was executor and trustee.

Alexander McGregor


Record of students activities, including diaries, school magazines, speech nights and garden parties. A pictorial record of the spirit and progress of the school is provided by an excellent series of photographs taken by the school photographic club, established and encouraged by some of the early masters. There are many photographs of the staff and pupils, boarders and other Friends on picnic excursions, girls playing cricket, boys playing marbles, sports teams, and views of the school inside and out. Many of the photographs were taken in the 1890s. Some were used to illustrate the school magazine School Echoes, started in 1890, which also contained many contributions from pupils describing school activities and topical events

Friends' School

Diary, pocketbooks and letters

Diary and other material relating to Edwin Charles Fuller (1885-1921) father of W.E. Fuller
Diary dated 1888. Probably kept by E. C. Fuller. Occasional entries only. Refers to "Mother and Marion (e.g. took Mother & Marion to Black Bush), Charley, Bessie, Ada, Margaret and Mary (Margaret plans Mary disposes"); also to mining shares and mine claim especially "Castle Carey", and to council meetings ('.'attended council meeting in morning going through assessment roll").

William Edwin Fuller

Edwin Charles Fuller

Diary and other material relating to Edwin Charles Fuller (1885-1921) father of W.E. Fuller

William Edwin Fuller

25 June 1890 to 23 April 1959: University of Tasmania Roll Book of Graduates

List University of Tasmania graduates conferred since the university's formation in 1890 to 23 April 1959 In the first few decades it also includes graduates from other universities in the Empire whose degrees were conferred at the University of Tasmania as ad eundem gradum degrees. The first graduates were conferred on 25 June 1890.

University of Tasmania

Mary Rose Alice Leake

Papers of Mary Rose Alice Leake (1871-1931), second daughter of C.H. and C.J. Leake, married Wilfred Hudspeth.

John Leake

Personal papers

Miscellaneous personal papers including character references, First Communion card, newspaper cutting relating to introduction of Fair Rents Bill, , House of Assembly notice of regret at his retirement,
1958, House of Assembly and Legislative Council notices of regret at his death 1969, funeral card 1969.

Robert Cosgrove

Helen Letitia Constance (Dolly) Leake

Papers of Helen Letitia Constance Leake, known as Dolly or occasionally Nellie. Dolly was the third and youngest daughter of C.H. and C.J. Leake, born 27 June 1874, died 11 December 1961.

John Leake

Newspaper cuttings

Newspaper cuttings in volumes and in bundles relating to the University and other projects with which Edmund MorrilsMiller was connected. Also reviews of Australian publications and some booksellers' catalogues and a collection of articles by Amy Rowntree.

Edmund Morris Miller

Robert James Morris

Robert James Morris (1880-1963), youngest son of William Knibb and Sarah Morris, became a bookseller in Hobart. On a visit to his relatives in England 1905-7 he corresponded with his brothers and sisters in Hobart.

William Knibb Morris


4 items: autograph album; personal book of inspirational quotations; notebook of Minutes; biographical notes compiled by Eileen Barnard-Kettle

Margaret Sturge Watts

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