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Wolfhagen : a forgotten pioneer

  • AU TAS UTAS SPARC 2022/7
  • Collection
  • 2022

Photocopy of and article written by Davis Willis regarding Ernest Henry Waldemar Wolfhagen and the cultivation in Tasmania of the first commercially available reverse bicolor daffodil "Binkie".
I had just completed my prediction that the ancestors of the reverse bicolor trait, as seen in 'Binkie' were unlikely to be determined any time soon when an offer to look into its background was received via Caroline Thomson, Director and owner of the National Heritage and Scientific Collection of Backhouse daffodils. The offer was made to Caroline by the University of Dundee/James Hutton Institute, to look into the background of some of the old Backhouse cultivars, but when Caroline mentioned my work on Wolfhagen and 'Binkie' the offer was extended to include 'Binkie'. This is a tremendous opportunity to finally solve the mystery of the origin of the reverse bicolor characteristic and work will begin in April 2023, when leaf tips of 'Binkie' will be taken to the University. (The James Hutton Institute is a globally recognised organisation delivering fundamental and applied research and is situated at Invergowrie, Dundee).
Since the emergence of 'Binkie' as the first commercial reverse bicolor daffodil and its later extensive use in breeding, particularly by Guy Wilson in Northern Ireland and Grant Mitsch in the USA, this type of daffodil has become increasingly important and sought after, an outstanding modern example, 'Altun Ha' having 'Binkie' in its background. 'Binkie' itself has stood the test of time, still being commercially obtainable, some 80 years after its first appearance at the Hobart Show.

David Willis

Label review of Cadbury products

Label review undertaken at Claremont, November 1954. Items on shelves include Cadbury Selected Chocolates, Milk Tray Chocolates, Pascall Barley Sugar, Pascall Fruit Drops, Cadbury Toasted Almond Bars and Turkish Delight Bars

Colin Dennison (Curator)


D Graham and K Holmes looking at printed information. Names taken from back of photograph

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Party treats

Don Butler providing his small daughter with some of the party delights. Mrs Butler engrossed in backgroud. Information taken from back of photograph

Colin Dennison (Curator)

In the library

Several female Cadbury workers selecting books from the library, while two men offer suggested reading. Women are wearing uniforms of dark skirt and lighter top embroidered with the Cadbury logo

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Milk Tray chocolate display

Display of Cadbury products including quarter pound boxes of Milk Tray chocolates for 1 shilling and sixpence, Energy chocolate bars and Nut Milk bars for 1 shilling and tuppence

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Milk depot

Cadbury milk depot with tankers parked nearby. Small caravan and several cars also parked on site

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Cadbury driver in uniform

Photograph of J. Tonks in uniform issues to Cadbury car drivers and check lodge staff, taken January 1958. Information written on back of photograph

Colin Dennison (Curator)


Several small boats moored, with people fishing from end of jetty. Hills in background

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Inspecting chocolates

Two managers inspecting chocolate production on the factory floor. Female worker is wearing hat, light uniform and floral apron and is seated at conveyor belt

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Large display of advertising

Large display of advertising material including items from J.Walch and Sons, posters promoting shoe week, various coats of arms, Bournville Cocoa, Port Huon and Cygnet apples and Frigidaire refrigerators

Colin Dennison (Curator)


Looking across Hobart central business district and port toward the Eastern Shore. Taken from West Hobart

Colin Dennison (Curator)


Books on display, including books on commercial art and a table of items promoting OBM Bookshop. Poster in background promoting Australias own car, shows a family in a Holden car waving to a man carrying a swag.

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Group of workers

Group of workers seated outside building. Back of photograph indicates names. Back row – McKeran, indecipherable, Ainsworth, Cooper, indecipherable. Front row – White, indecipherable, Dulio, Erskine, Doolin

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Children exploring

Two children walking along a track through a grassy field with tall trees on brow of hill. Small boy is searching through the grass with a stick

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Poster advertising Fruit Bonbons

Poster advertising Pascall Fruit Bonbons, including the following flavours - orange, pineapple, banana, strawberry, mandarin, apricot, lemon, black currant and raspberry. Sak Pak priced at one shilling and sixpence

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Travelling by plane

Cadbury executive standing beside a small Piper aeroplane, and holding an overnight bag and folders embossed with the Cadbury logo

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Impromptu stage

Impromptu stage with microphone outside Cadbury building, with tubs of flowers, the Union Jack and Australian flags setting the scene

Colin Dennison (Curator)

First aid nurse

Cadbury employee being treated for toe injury by a first aid nurse Sister Cole. Nurse is using sterilising equipment. Photograph taken 1952 Laurie Richards Studio

Colin Dennison (Curator)

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