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View of shop, B Bird Butcher with proprietor outside, Queenstown Tasmania

Image shows street scene with partial images of adjacent shops. B Bird Butcher's shop depicted, with man in apron standing in doorway, dog on footpath nearby, plus horse under saddle standing in road. Contains contemporaneous hand written text 'Toranado' (sic) Queenstown Oct 22 1918 - A shop in town. The Photographer's name is also on the image, in the same script 'Nankivell'. Toranado may refer to a storm experienced by the town in October 1918 and described as a tornado.

View of the All Nations Hotel, Zeehan, Tasmania

Image is likely sourced from a newspaper or publication as it shows title at the bottom: Roe's All Nations Hotel, Zeehan. It also identifies the photographer and states "Sands & McDougall Ltd Collotype". The view is very early as there are tree stumps in the foreground.


View of the Central Hotel, Zeehan, Tasmania

Image is an advertisement with the Hotel in the centre and text above and below providing the name, address, proprietor and telephone number. Image also records that the "Photo taken during stay of Royal Welsh Male Choir at the Hotel."

Arthur Knight skiing at Crossroads, 1986

Photograph shows Arthur Knight, a friend of the photographer, skiing downhill on patchy snow, with light blue motor vehicle parked on road behind trees at top of slope.

Hal Wyatt

Snow on Barn Bluff 1970

Colour photograph shows patchy snow covering Barn Bluff and Cradle Mountain, photograph taken 1970.

Icicles near the Springs 1986

Colour photograph taken near the Springs of man dressed in red beside road to Mount Wellington, with icicles dangling from the vegetation after a snowstorm

A & P Roller driving on road

Colour photograph of Aveling & Porter Limited steam roller, with green and red trim, ‘Marshall’ on canopy, travelling on bitumen road.

Hal Wyatt

A & P Roller at Franklin House

Colour photograph of Aveling & Porter Limited steam roller, parked on lawn at Franklin House, Franklin Village, Hobart Road, south of Youngtown.

Hal Wyatt

People climbing on A & P Roller

Colour photograph of Aveling & Porter Limited steam roller, wheels set in concrete, beside mature apple tree, with people climbing on wheels and driving platform.

Hal Wyatt

A & P Roller working in Launceston

Colour photograph of Aveling & Porter Limited steam roller, working on levelling flat area of gravel and sand opposite City Park, Launceston, off Cimitiere Street. Three motor vehicles visible in background.

Hal Wyatt

A & P Roller at West Hobart Park

Colour photograph of Aveling & Porter Limited steam roller, green and red trim, with yellow painted canopy, at West Hobart park, 1962.

Hal Wyatt

A & P Roller in Roundhouse

Colour photograph of Aveling & Porter Limited steam roller inside Inveresk railyards roundhouse, Launceston, 1964.

Hal Wyatt

Andersons Chalets Port Sorell 1959

Colour photograph depicts two small children running on gravel path near fibro (fibrous cement sheet) accommodation block, in a bush setting at Port Sorell, 1959.

Hal Wyatt

Asters growing at Wynyard

Colour photograph of flowers (asters) growing in paddock of deep red soil. Windbreak of pine trees in background.

Hal Wyatt

Astor in Derwent River

Colour photograph shows yacht Astor, on Derwent River, with dinghy in tow; Mount Wellington shrouded in low cloud behind; other yachts under sail in background.

Hal Wyatt

Man with skis on Mount Barrow

Colour photograph shows heavy snow cover on Mount Barrow with man carrying skis next to guideposts alongside road

View of Ben Lomond

Colour photograph shows open farmland in the foothills of Ben Lomond

Looking south to Cradle Mountain

Colour photograph shows the heathland on the Central Plateau, south of Cradle Mountain, with the mountain peaks visible in the distance

Hut at Lake Meston 1977

Colour photograph shows hut at Lake Meston built of logs, shingles and with tin plate chimney People sitting outside hut eating

Stacks Bluff from Mangana

Colour photograph shows snow cover on Stacks Bluff, photographed from nearby forest Low contrast in image

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