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North Tasman Gold Mining Company

One scrip certificate issued by the North Tasman Gold Mining Company Registered, North Mount Cameron, Tasmania. Registered under "The mining Companies Limited Liability Act", 1869. The certificate certified that Edward le Rossignold is a member of the above named company and hold ten shares on each of which the sum of eleven shillings and threepence has been paid. Progressive number of shares 15242-15251. Number of issue 1014 . Three stamp duty stamps affixed. Blue one penny, red threepence and purple sixpence. All with an image of a platypus.

City Prospecting Association

Scrip certificate for ten one pound shares for the sum of seventeen shillings each, issued to Edward Le Rossignol of New Town by The City Prospecting Association. Registered under "The Mining Companies' Act" 1884. Issue number 149. Share numbers 611 to 620. Dated 14th April 1888. Signed by two Directors and the Manager of the company.

Sunrise Prospecting Association

Scrip certificate for ten five shilling shares for the sum of two shillings and sixpence, issued to E. Le Rossignol of Hobart by The Sunrise Prospecting Association. Registered as a No Liability Company under "The Mining Companies Act, 1884". Issue number 399. Share numbers 2401/10. Dated 5th April 1888. Signed by the Director and the Manager of the company.

Index to M18

Index to M18 - Family scrapbooks of Susannah Jane Earle and Myrtle Walker.

William Sorell : Journal

  • Coleção
  • 1823-1825

Collection consists of type written transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. for the years 1823-1825.
In his journal Sorell made brief daily entries of his voyage out, his reception at Government House, the arrival of Lt. Governor Arthur, his new post as Registrar of the Supreme Court. The entries are brief but of particular interest are his references to the arrival of ships and his meeting officers and other people of note landing at Hobart. He makes occasional references to his work and cases in court and to Judge Pedder and his wife. Apart from his work Sorell's chief activities, as noted, were riding, walking, reading and dining with 'friends and officers of the Barracks and Convict Department. He attended church regularly on Sunday and mentions the arrival of an organ subscribed for by the in habitants (13, 14 April 1825). He took occasional shooting trips, mainly to the Coal River (Richmond). Most of the entries are, however, brief and lacking in detail or descriptive accounts as may be illustrated by his reference to a proposal to transfer the capital to Brighton: 'Meeting at Government House. Removal to Brighton in a large Meeting. I attended. I think the Lt. Governor has made up his mind upon the removal.' (19 May 1825)
Transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. made by L. Rodda and P.S. King. ( 83 pages) Photocopy only now held. Also a typed name index to diary to diary - on catalogue cards made by L. Rodda.

William Sorell

On the King's accession

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "On the King's accession"

Robert Knopwood

Funeral of Princess Charlotte

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "Funeral sermon on H.R.H the Princess Charlotte of Wales"

Robert Knopwood

The state of the departed

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitles "The state of the departed", 6th December 1829

Robert Knopwood

Bills : June 1818

True copy of 2 bills for £100 each delivered to his brother Ralph Terry, now residing at Forcett Mill, by John Terry. True copy dated 6 June 1818 signed John Terry & Ralph Terry

John Terry

Photograph of gentleman

Photograph of elderly bearded gentleman, wearing coat and waistcoat with watch chain, sitting in chair. This is a photographic copy of a photograph which had written at the bottom on a piece of white paper, attached: 'Yours sincerely James J. Terry, 10 December 1846'. However the photograph probably dates form the late 19th century and James John Terry son of Ralph Terry was probably born in 1846. (Possibly the apparent signature and date was faked as a joke?).

John Terry

Letter to Philip Smith

Letter to Philip Smith, Hobart Town, regarding the committee of the Temperance Society and the importation of intoxicating drink

George Washington Walker

Unidentified document

Undated and unsigned document regarding excessive drinking in taverns, ale houses and gin palaces. May be a draft for a magazine.

George Washington Walker

Memorial to the Honourable the Legislative Council of Van Diemen's Land

Petition detailing the large portion of human misery, inculding poverty, disease, and crime induced by the use of alcoholic or fermented liquors and asking that the Council enact a law similar to that now in operation in the State of Maine ; which must, by its natural effect, not only entirely banish intemperance and all its consequent evils from the community, but will remove the oppression with which it weighs upon the moral and physical energies of the people, and be the surest means of promoting their social and domestic happiness, and their advancement in wealth, knowledge, and religion.

George Washington Walker

Constitution and Laws of the Van Diemen’s Land Liquor Law League

Constitution and Laws of the Van Diemen’s Land Liquor Law League agreed upon at a meeting of the Members convened for that purpose, and for the confirmation of appointments to office held in the Temperance Hall, Bathurst Street on the 8th August 1854.

George Washington Walker


Marriage certificate of George Washington Walker and Sarah Benson Mather, married at Friends Meeting House, Hobart. Dated 15th December 1840. Witnessed and signed by many of the respectable inhabitants of the colony

George Washington Walker

Wedding cards in envelope

Two wedding cards with decorative scalloped edges attached together with metallic beaded clip, one smaller, inscribed Mrs D.F. Jobson and D.F. Jobson in a silver embossed envelope with decorative seal addressed Mr & Mrs G.W. Walker

Mourning card Isabella Mather

Mourning card constructed from heavy card-stock, and made up of an intricate formal design that is cut and embossed. Black margin surrounding card and envelope. Also black bordered printed insert “Lines on the death of Isabella, the beloved wife of Mr John Mather, and second daughter of Mr Abraham Biggs, who departed this life on the 14th June, 1863 aged 30 years and 9 monthe. Her end was peace.

In memoriam Hannah Maria Benson

Folded memorial card with black margins. In loving memory of Hannah Maria, widow of the rev. Samuel Benson M.A. Chaplin of St. Saviour’s Southwark who died February 18th, 1882 aged 73 years. Interred at Norwood Cemetery, grave number 18495

Argentine maps

Information about a map relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, mapping. Provides source information and Bill Bush notes

Bill Bush

Argentine report on Argentine civil administration in the Antarctic

Government document relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, South Orkney Islands, Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, Scotia, Laurie Island, Bruce, meteorological services, postal services, territories administration. Provides document or extract, with source information and Bill Bush notes

Bill Bush

British note to the United Nations Security Council replying to the Argentine assertion that the United Kingdom is not permitted to rely upon the right of self-defence with regard to the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands, South Georgia Islands and the South Sandwich Islands (S/15016)

Government document relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, disputes, Falklands war, UN. Provides document or extract, with source information and Bill Bush notes

Bill Bush

Argentine ratification of to Seabed Arms Control Treaty

Diplomatic communication concerning Argentina's adherence to the Treaty on the Prohibition of the Emplacement of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Seabed and the Ocean Floor and the Subsoil Thereof, Washington 1971. Provides documents only.

Bill Bush

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