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Marshall and Terry Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1810-1922

This collection consists of the papers of George Marshalland his grandson George Douglas Marshall who married Beatrice Terry granddaughter of Ralph Terry, of Lachlan Mills, New Norfolk, Tasmania so some papers of the Terry family papers are also included.
Also included are notes on family history and genealogy.

George Marshall

Midwood Collection

  • Collection
  • c1903

Collection of framed caricatures drawn by Thomas Claude Wade Midwood depicting colleagues, members of Midwoods household and local Hobart characters. Most are identified.

Thomas Claude Wade Midwood

Walker Photographs

Photograph collection consists of Walker family photographs and photographs of local Tasmanian scenes. Some unidentified portraits by unknown photographers. Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, carte de visite, cabinet portraits, stereoscopic views, Hobart streetscapes and Tasmanian scenes

James Backhouse Walker

Henry Hellyer Diary

  • Collection
  • 1827

This diary, dated 3 July 1827 to 29 August 1827 is entitled: 'H. Hellyer's journal of operations in opening a road from Emu Bay towards the Hampshire Hills'. It is written in an octavo notebook, interleaved with blotting paper, bound in light brown leather, marked 'No.7'. A pencil note inside states: 'H.H.'s diary continued from a memo book opening - lengthwise having yellow edges and green covers and marked No (the number has been omitted). At the bottom of the last entry is a note 'Diary continued in a memo book with green covers and yellow edges marked No .. (opening lengthwise)' (the number has been omitted) The diary is illustrated by neat drawings of animals (eg. 'native cat'), plants, trees, scenery and the camp. At the front are tables of 'the quantity of timber etc. upon one quarter of an acre of heavily timbered land in three different parts of the Forest where the soil is unexceptionable'
In his journal Hellyer noted the weather conditions - they were hampered by rain and their camp was very cold and damp, there were rats and Hellyer was troubled by a sore and inflamed face, but there were sunny days when he commented that 'this climate is certainly far superior, it is never so cold and seldom so hot as the Dog days in England'. He described the timber, dogwood interspersed with Forest Trees of stringy bark, blackwood, etc. - one tree was sixty feet in circumference. The clearing work was done mainly with axe and cross cut saw and occasionally a pile of logs too difficult to move was burnt. Hellyer calculated that it could cost as much as £93 in labour to clear 21 acres. The work men mentioned included Richard Frederick, who seems to have acted as second in command, Jones the cook, Harley, McDonald, Wells, Higginson, Isaac, and Mackie. They lived mainly on salt pork, brought from England in the Company's supply ship, and dough boys (flour and water boiled hard). The men would not eat salt mutton even when it was available. Supplies were very short as the expected ship had not arrived and on 14 August Hellyer wrote to Edward Curr the V.D.L. Company manager complaining of the arrangements for supplies for they were reduced to flour only and they could not work on that. On one occasion Hellyer went back in the 'long boat' to Circular Head for supplies and described the coast, a cavern, grass tree hearts which he found tasted like walnuts, and pieces of the wreck of the Dotterel (wrecked in March 1827 off Port Dalrymple) which they found. At Circular Head he obtained stores from Mr White, paint from Mr Watson arid medicines from Dr. McNab. He noted that the sheep had foot rot, that the freemen [of the Company ] had been on strike owing to the lack of supplies and that ten of the Company's servants, including the prisoner White, had drowned since March.

Henry Hellyer


Note: 12 documents, too decayed and powdery to handle/read, have been withdrawn and stored separately
• (7) Letter from L.E. Threlkeld from Sydney to brother in law W. Gunn 7 Dept 1846 (inviting W.G. to visit, Christian Union etc.);
• (8) Auld letter;
• (15) Gunn to Young 1848;
• (18) statement of Gunn's claim for debt against James and Elizabeth Gordon 12 Sept. 1849; (
• 31 (4» expenses and disbursements for sloop George and brig Venus 1805; (41) Mrs Lakeland's statement 1831;
• (53) information against White 8 Feb. 1831;
• (56) Gunn to Gordon; (68) W. Gunn to Gordon - Forcett property survey 1834;
• (70) Gordon to nephew John 14 Oct. 1835;
• (72) George A. Lloyd letter and invoice - bags of maize 8 Aug. 1840; (
• 73) bill of lading - potatoes sent to GA. Lloyd Sept. 1840. Transcripts of all documents which could be read have been made and included in place of the originals.
PSK (UTAS Archivist) Sept. 1992

William Gunn

Poem : "Forget me not"

Poem entitled "Forget me not" written on a small scrap of paper - undated [early 19th cent]

William Gunn

Government House Levee & Ball cancelled

Notice that in consequence of a domestic affliction in the family of the Governor [Sir Henry E. Fox Young] the Levee and Ball for the 24th 1855 would not take place.

William Gunn

Letter : Thomas & Sarah Cherry to son James Cherry

Letter from Thomas & Sarah Cherry to son James Cherry. Not heard from him. Addressed to George Thompson, River Plenty, with postscript asking if James Cherry "be no more" Mr Thompson requested to inform his parents.

William Gunn

Letter and invoice : George A. Lloyd

Letter and invoice from George A. Lloyd, Sydney: sending 97 bags of maize to sell on his account, proceeds to be invested in potatoes or wheat (8 August 1840); bill of lading for 80 bags of potatoes to Sydney per Eamont for G. A. Lloyd (8 September 1840)

William Gunn

Letter : James Gordon to nephew John

Letter from James Gordon to nephew John [? John Thomas Lakeland] dated 14 October 1835. Box of apples, jams etc sent, reference to his studies, stock prices, crops, bees, prosecution of the shepherd and the groom for their infamous conduct, respects to Mr Manning and love to James. (transcript only, original too damaged and powdery to handle)

James Gordon

Draft letter : Case concerning servants

Draft letter dated 14 October 1835 to Lieut-Governor concerning Gordon's servants: Charles Hardiman, shepherd, was expecting a ticket of leave but had been suspected of stealing hams, John McQuaide, shoemaker and another former servant, William Mitchell, who had been swindled - a case of extreme hardship.

James Gordon

Forcett property

Request from the Survey Office to John Halls to measure 100 acres in Forcett, subject to a reserve to the Government of 100 acres at the Ferry. Also covering letter from W. Gunn to Gordon - the last clause spoils all (transcript only)

William Gunn

Trustees of Lakeland - Mrs Lakeland's remarriage

Trustees of Lakeland - Mrs Lakeland's remarriage November 1830 - June 1831. Mrs Mary Lakeland, widow of John Lakeland, and her marriage to Thomas H. White (employed as manager of their Forcett farm 1830-31): papers of James Gordon and William Gunn, executors and trustees under the will of John Lakeland (d. 17 March 1829), relating to the proposed marriage which was opposed by Gordon and by Mrs Lakeland's sister, Elizabeth Gordon, because of doubts as to White's intentions and unsavory rumors about his morals. Papers include: correspondence between Mary Lakeland, James Gordon, William Gunn and Thomas White; copy of statement by William Gunn and M. Lakeland that Mrs Lakeland and Mr White had formed a mutual attachment but before she proceeded further it was her intention that inquiry would be made into Mr White character and the property devised by her late husband would be settled so that Mr White could have no control over it (7 January 1831, transcript only, original document too fragile too handle); counsel's opinion on Lakeland's will (19 February 1831); draft letter complaining that White had left the farm in working hours and ridden a young horse too far (30 Jan.1831); Thomas White's resignation from James Gordon's service on the Lakeland's Pittwater farm, Studley Park (14 Feb. 1831); information laid before a J.P. that White had absented himself from his employment for 4 days (8 Feb. 1831, transcript only, original too decayed to handle); summons for Thomas White for absconding from J.G.'s service (17 Feb. 1831); letter from W. Gunn to Gordon: Mrs Lakeland had wanted some papers from her box but he refused them, Fanny had told him that "the ring is purchased, an 8lb wedding cake ordered and the ceremony is to be performed on Thursday the 25th instant" (15 Feb. 1831, transcript only, original too decayed to handle); letters from Joseph Steele (5 Jan. 1831), anonymous writer suggesting that Thomas White had a wife living in Scotland (ND), J. Laing (26 Jan. 1831); list of household furniture at Studley Park, Pittwater, left by Mrs White on 4 Feb. signed T. White (6 June 1831); letter from Thomas White to James Gordon on the health of child Louisa Lakeland - recovered from fever (13 June 1831).

William Gunn

Letters : William Gunn to James Gordon

Four letters from William Gunn to James Gordon dated 1830-1834. Gunn busy with men from last 2 prison ships, Lakeland and family well, young Fanny (30 Oct. 1830); land for sale by discharged soldier, Fanny (10 Dec. 1833); shipping (24 June 1834); assigned servant, Fanny (ND).

William Gunn

St Patrick's River Property

Rough draft of a conveyance of property at St Patrick's River from Jane Franklin, widow of Sir John Franklin RN. decd, to Ronald Campbell Gunn of Launceston.

William Gunn

Gunn's claim against Gordon estate

Gunn's claim against Gordon estate 1844 -1849. Papers relating to William Gunn's suit for debt against James Gordon, including: letter from Gunn to Mrs Gordon: sent 3 bags of sugar, Kelly's account, stock losses (22 Oct. 1844); letter from W. Gunn to sister in law Mrs Gordon: sending sugar, Kelly's case, been given notice to leave by Robertson etc (29 Oct. 1844); accounts of interest owed by James Gordon and Elizabeth Gordon 1841-1848; summons to E. Gordon for debt of £6000 to William Gunn (8 Sept. 1847, & Sept. 1849); letter from W. Gunn to Thomas Young about the case and Mrs Gordon (8 Nov. 1848, transcript only - original too decayed to handle) statement by William Gunn to Mrs Elizabeth Gordon of Forcett, Pitttwater, widow of James Gordon, reciting judgement in suit brought by William Gunn requiring Mrs E. Gordon as executor to pay with account attached.

William Gunn

Letter : W. Wood to W. Gunn

Letter from W. Wood to W. Gunn dated 1 July 1845. Nankridge: employment for Charles, Mr Swan bought horses and bullocks for ploughing, cannot offer present big rent of £650 for 2000 acres. (fragile document)

William Gunn

Letter : Rev. Robert Auld

Letter from Rev. Robert Auld, Orkney, dated 8 April. 1845. Inquiring about Joseph Welsh and a bill of exchange he sent to Gunn in 1843 for Welsh. (transcript only, original too fragile and powdery too handle)

William Gunn

Letter : Sarah Threlkeld

Letter from Sarah Threlkeld (nee Arndell wife of L.E. Threlkeld, missionary) dated 24 May 1840. From Ebenezer, Lake Macquarie to brother [in law] and sister Gunn: L.E.T. taking service, children busy with books, family.

William Gunn

The Story of the Development of Hydro-Electricity in Tasmania

Draft copy of "The Story of the Development of Hydro-Electricity in Tasmania" by A.J. Gilles & F.C. Green from the papers of the
Complex Ores Company, the Hydro-Electric Power and Metallurgical Company and the private papers of J.H. Gillies 'who brought Hydro-Electricity to Tasmania'.
Typescript with ms corrections and notes

Frank C Green

Donald Davie Papers

  • Collection
  • 1840-1972

Collection consists of personal correspondence and historical study of James Erskine Calder. Other material including information on Hobart cemeteries, obituaries, photographs, pamphlets and copies of printed books.

Donald Davie

Copies of books

Copies made of books -
• "Degraves Centenary - Cascade Brewery 1824 - 1924" by Cecil Allport (unbound);
• J. Moore Robinson,"Tasmanians Government Houses I 1923 (typed copy;)
• David Burn, Vindication of Van Diemen's Land, London1840 (photocopy),
• Mundy, Our Antipodes (chapters xx,xxl, (xerox copy from Mitchell Library) - Govt. House (1850), prisons etc, Mona Vale

Donald Davie

History of Bass Strait

BHP "History of Bass Strait" series Nos. 1-12 : reproductions of maps and pictures issued each month with The Australian Financial Review, Jan-Dec. 1972.

Calder plan of Hobart

Photograph of Calder plan of Hobart and an unidentified house - Mitchell Library (A. 603).

Newspaper cuttings

Newspaper cuttings c 1960-70 in six cutting books and one folder of loose cuttings.
(See also D1 /1-3. for early scrap books of D.A.Davie)

Donald Davie

Beautiful Hobart and Surroundings

Souvenir booklet entitled 'Beautiful Hobart and surroundings. 81 views by J.C. Breaden'. It contains a series of black and white photographs of Hobart and places nearby

Portrait Photographs

Eight portrait photographs - Unknown - Hull, Denison? all males . 4 from Allport Library & 2 from Don Stephens Lindisfarnes (Repro)

Miscellaneous : photographs

Miscellaneous photographs - 19 negatives ,13 in MSS, 2 standing portraits 'Postcard' set., 11 views of Entally House internal and external x 2.

Sketch of John Batman : photograph

Photograph of a sketch of John Batman by Charles Nuttall from old print in possession of his grandson Mr. A.B. Weire.
Inscribed "with the compliments of L. Batman Weire 11.11.34"


Collection of miscellaneous photographs and reproductions

Donald Davie


Copies of obituaries of John Foster (1875) Tasmanian politician, H.M. Hull and Calder

Donald Davie

Scraps of Tasmanian History by James Erskine Calder

Part 1. A sketch of the Public Service 50 years ago introduced by Donald A. Davie. With an illustration 1975 (previously published by the author). Printers uncut sheet. Also notes and correspondence relating.

Donald Davie

Copies of Calders writings

Xerox copies of articles, reports etc. by James Erskine Calder (1808-1882) surveyor, from Tasmania State Archives, Mitchell Library, Latrobe Library, including correspondence Government reports, articles in newspapers . Also copies of Calder's obituary notices.

NOTE: Mr. Davie also made handwritten copies of all Calder's writings, in the course of his study but these have not been retained.

Donald Davie

Calder's History

Typed edited version of Calder's articles arranged as 'History' in chapters with notes by Davie.

Donald Davie

Hobart cemeteries

Copies of letters and articles from Mercury by 'Marshman' and Calder on Hobart cemeteries, Hobart suburbs and Botanical Gardens. Handwritten copy in 'reporters' notebook.

Donald Davie

Old Hobart

Copy of article by J. Moore Robinson on old Hobart, St. David's Cemetery and Collins.

Donald Davie

Personal correspondence

Personal correspondence of Donald Davie, including papers relating to his RAAF discharge, christmas cards, Sandown Court Flats Committee, Albuera Street School Parents & Friends Association

Donald Davie

Historical studies

Correspondence with G. Mackaness, Mrs. Calder, Mitchell Library, Latrobe Library and other libraries on Calder and other historical queries.

Donald Davie

George Musgrave Parker : Correspondence and research records

  • Collection
  • 1922-1965

Most of the papers consist of notes made about historical queries, a rough draft of his book, and correspondence with East Coast residents and others requesting information. There is also a collection of newspaper cuttings and pamphlets relating to the history of Tasmania, especially the East Coast and some photographs and snapshots. Dr Parker also collected some original historical documents~ chiefly from East Coast families (although those of Dr Storey and the Cotton families have now been returned to the Cotton archives (ref. C.7). Dr Parker's collection of Walch's Almanacs has been supplemented by others received from Walch's and is kept up to date and now forms a complete record set for Walch's records (kept for reference in the Archives Reading Room). Some early newspapers (including Colonial Times, Southern Cross, Launceston Courier) were transferred to the State Archives to fill gaps in their collection .

George Musgrave Parker

Study from life by Olive Pink

Study from life by Olive Pink, done at a Julian Ashton's life class about 1913. Peter Rados, aged approximately 23 was killed in action on the 19 May 1915.

Olive Pink


note on backing paper - (My) Study from life at Julien Asheton's' (about 1913) - Life Class

Journal : 1859 - 1860

Journal of William Archer for the period May 1859 - October 1860. Entries for most days, sometimes including much detail, referring to his daily work (both farm work on his property and later his architectural work), also his travels, visits to and from neighbours, elections and political activities etc.

William Archer

Journal : 1858-1859

Journal of William Archer for the period June 1858 to May1859 . Entries for most days, sometimes including much detail, referring to his daily work (both farm work on his property and later his architectural work), also his travels, visits to and from neighbours, elections and political activities etc.

William Archer

Journal : 1847

Journal of William Archer for the period March to December 1847. Entries for most days, sometimes including much detail, referring to his daily work (both farm work on his property and later his architectural work), also his travels, visits to and from neighbours, elections and political activities etc.

William Archer

Journal : 1848 - 1856

Journal of William Archer for the period January 1848 - January 1856 . Entries for most days, sometimes including much detail, referring to his daily work (both farm work on his property and later his architectural work), also his travels, visits to and from neighbours, elections and political activities etc.

William Archer

Journal : 1860 - 1862

Journal of William Archer for the period October 1860 to November 1862. Entries for most days, sometimes including much detail, referring to his daily work (both farm work on his property and later his architectural work), also his travels, visits to and from neighbours, elections and political activities etc.

William Archer

State of the flock

State of the flock for the years 1825-1828. Shepherd's notes of sheep numbers, branding, sales etc.

Andrew Downie

Sheep stealing cases

Subpoena and notes of expense in case of sheep stolen from Thomas Wells when Downie was acting for John Raisley of Kimbolton Park, Hamilton. Also note relating rumours of sheep stealing 1826.

Andrew Downie

Thomas Judd's diary

Diary of Thomas Judd (1822-1915) son of Thomas Judd (1794-1887) and Elizabeth (Cane) on a voyage from England to Tasmania on the "Sir Charles Napier" with his family: "Father and Mother, Elizabeth, myself, John, Ann, Rebecca, Susan, Martha and Henry (we have left William behind - being deaf and dumb - to receive his education in the asylum)". The diary consists mainly of the voyage: weather, activities on board, prayer meetings in their cabin. On arrival they took a house in Macquarie Street and looked for jobs. Ann and Elizabeth were offered posts as governesses but Elizabeth died on 30 December, at the age of 22, and was buried in the Scotch burial ground.
Typed typescript made by D. Little 2 July 1953 - spelling and punctuation altered.

Thomas Judd

Olive Pink Collection

  • Collection
  • 1931 -1973

Sketches, mainly in pencil and crayon, made by Olive Muriel Pink of flowers found in the north of South Australia, Central and North Australia. The majority were made between June and December 1930, at various places along the railway between Port Augusta and Alice Springs. Later sketches were made in various parts of Australia between 1931 and 1960, but often without a note of the place and date. The sketches were often hurriedly made on pieces of thin, cheap paper, or even pieces of cardboard or brown paper. Some were coloured with crayon and a few, more finished drawings were coloured with watercolours. A later donation was made of books, personal belongings and sketches. A second series was received from the family of Olive Pink in 2016, this series includes Olive Pink's book collection, photographs, paintings, letters, items of clothing and other ephemera and memorabilia, some of which are nationally significant in their own right - such as the book plate made by Adrian Feint, notes and sketches done whilst camping with Daisy Bates, and photographs documenting life in Central Australia.

Olive Pink

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