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Papal Bull Inter Caetera (extract)

Historical document relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, UK. Provides document or extract with source information. [Published by Bush as AR04051493]

Bill Bush

Extracts of officers' logs: part 1

Extracts of the officers' logs of the French naval vessel Mascarin's voyage of exploration led by Captain Nicholas Marion Du Fresne -Tasmanian part of voyage, March 1772.
'Journal du voyage fait sur le vaisseau du Roy Le Mascarin, commande par Mr. Marion, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de st.
Louis, Capitaine de Brulot, accompagne de la Flutte Le Margqis de Castries, pour faire le voyage de l'Isle Taity ou de Cythere, en faissant la decouverte des terrae Australae passant a la Nouvelle Hollande, a la Nouvelle Zelande etc.

Photographs of Archives Nationales, C 7 197, pp. 1, 7-14;

Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne

Extracts of officers' logs: part 2

Extracts of the officers' logs of the French naval vessel Mascarin's voyage of exploration led by Captain Nicholas Marion Du Fresne -Tasmanian part of voyage, March 1772.
'Journal du voyage fait sur le vaisseau du Roy Le Mascarin, commande par Mr. Marion, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de st.
Louis, Capitaine de Brulot, accompagne de la Flutte Le Margqis de Castries, pour faire le voyage de l'Isle Taity ou de Cythere, en faissant la decouverte des terrae Australae passant a la Nouvelle Hollande, a la Nouvelle Zelande etc.

Photographs of Archives Nationales, Marine 4 JJ, 192, no. 19, pp. 1, 12-18

Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne

Baptism certificate

Certified extract of entry of baptism and birth of William, son of Murdo Downie, Master Royal Navy, and Anne Smith his wife, parish of Foot Dee, Aberdeen, Scotland. Dated 20 October 1801

William Downie

On the love of our country

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitles "On the love of our country"
Preached before the Honble Allen Hyde Gardner Cap HM ship Resolution of [illegible] – June 1801, Camp Sullivan Cove Van Diemen’s Land May 13 - 1804
137 Psalm – 5 verse If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

Robert Knopwood

Letter : D. Gordon and Joseph Gordon to brother

Letter from D. Gordon and Joseph Gordon to brother, London dated 8 December 1805. Received letter from Jersey - reflected on dangers encountered, relatives - Aunt Jane, Brother Fortune's family, Fanny, Peggy Lakeland "a fine blooming girl", horses, family and servants, no hams available but could get legs of mutton and a few pieces of beef.

James Gordon

View of the brig 'Harriot'

  • Item
  • c1806
  • Part of Lane Papers

View of the brig 'Harriot', Benjamin Lane commander chased onshore near Calais at 6am by his BMS the 'Misqueter' of 18 guns on 30 January 1806. Water colour sketch showing two ships sailing; one carrying guns and flying the British blue ensign, and the other unarmed nearer the shore and some of the crew apparently about to land by rowing boat. Harbour and gun battery and houses in the background. Signed 'B. Lane, Great Yarmouth'. Note in corner: Verdun.

Benjamin Lane

Letter : James Gordon arbitrator in civil case, Sydney

Letter to James Gordon arbitrator in civil case, Sydney Order of Civil Court of N.S.W. for dispute between William Stewart and Robert Campbell to be referred to the arbitration of James Gordon (11 October 1810); accounts of "estimated proportion arising to Captain Stewart on the sale of seal skins, oil" etc.; valuation of sloop "George", brig Venus, etc.

James Gordon

Letter : T.W. Birch, Hobart, to James Gordon at Sydney

Letter from T.W. Birch, Hobart, to James Gordon at Sydney dated 8 February 1811. Stock well, some in calf, bull, a passenger in the "Cambell Macquarie" an inmate of Birch's house had seen them all and could inform J.G.'s brother in law, skins, land.

James Gordon

Captain Benjamin Lane's notebook of lessons

  • Item
  • 1807-1813
  • Part of Lane Papers

The volume was prepared while Lane was a prisoner of war of the French and apparently occupied himself in studying and teaching other prisoners. It contains French grammar (noted as completed 7 March 1812), exercises on Mr. Porney's grammar (noted as completed 29 February 1812), mathematical examples and problems, stocks and shares, chronology, navigational problems (with diagram and tables), book keeping with examples of business 'waste book', 'balancing journal' and ledger entries for 1807 and 1812-13 based on supposed voyages and trade dealings.
At the back of the volume is a rough pencil sketch of the 'privateer that chased Captain Lane'. Also entered on blank pages at the end of the volume is a copy of notes concerning Captain Benjamin Lane sent by James Arthur Lane to his daughter Mrs D.A. Lane, 20 June 1945 and notes by Lt. Col. D.A. Lane (descendent of James Christmas Lane, younger brother of Benjamin), 18 November 1945.

Benjamin Lane

Apprenticeship indenture

Apprenticeship indenture dated 28 November 1814. Andrew Downie, eldest son of John Downie, farmer of Bankend,
apprenticed to James Lucas of Stirling as writer, procurator, conveyancer, notary public for five years.

Andrew Downie

Funeral of Princess Charlotte

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "Funeral sermon on H.R.H the Princess Charlotte of Wales"

Robert Knopwood

Letter of appointment :September 1818

Draft of letter dated 24 September 1818 from John Terry, late of Redmire Mill, appointing his brother Ralph to receive money due on Lord Bolton's estate, with list of money laid out in expenses by John Terry 1809-1811. Note added in pencil of dates of birth of some members of the family, 1710-1878.

John Terry

Bills : June 1818

True copy of 2 bills for £100 each delivered to his brother Ralph Terry, now residing at Forcett Mill, by John Terry. True copy dated 6 June 1818 signed John Terry & Ralph Terry

John Terry

Account : October 1819

Account including various bills totalling ?1211.17.3, settling all demands between Samuel Terry and John Terry and signed by both parties. Dated 21 October 1819.

John Terry

Death of George III

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "A sermon on the occasion of the death of his late majesty George the Third of blessed memory, preached at Hobart Town V.D. Land on Sunday the 17th September 1820"

Robert Knopwood

School book

Classics exercise book of William Henty when "near 12 years old", including notes in neat copybook handwriting on Roman history, Latin exercises, and Greek alphabet, declensions and exercises. At back printed tables of weights, measures etc. dated Sept. 1820.

William Henty

Accounts of money due & draft letter

Double page from a volume, containing:
a) Accounts of money due from John Terry to Samuel Terry for expenses while in N.S.W., including 10,000 shingles £6.13.4, wheat, meat, wine glasses, tea, boots, 5 yards gingham, boat hire, 'cash going to Parramatta 10 s', 'cash lent at Chapel 1 s'. 1819

(Note: Samuel Terry, a wealthy trader and property owner of N.S.W. (originally transported 1801 from Salford, Lancashire, England, does not appear to have been related to John Terry).

b) Draft of letter c1820, probably written by John Terry to his brother in England, gives his reason for leaving Port Jackson and coming to Van Diemen's Land - they could only have a twenty one year lease of their wind-mill at Sydney. He describes his property, mill, forge, stock yard, etc. close by the Derwent, 21 miles from Hobart, and a further 1400 acres 10 miles up the River which included good pasture.

John Terry

A "condemned" sermon

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled “ A Condemned Sermon, Repentance and Conversion” 27th April 1821

Robert Knopwood

Testimonial - Medical Studies

Testimonial certifying that W. Downie studied anatomy, surgery and medicine under A. Collie, Surgeon R.N., Aberdeen, for one year. Dated 4 June 1821.

William Downie

Proposed voyage in ship 'Hope'

Proposed voyage to Van Diemen's Land in ship 'Hope' June 1821 - January 1822. Papers relating to the proposal of some members of the Wesleyan Methodist Society to proceed to V.D.L . and the decision at meetings of 29 June, 2 July, finalised on 4 July, to travel in the ship 'Hope' owned by Messrs Degraves and Macintosh, Captain Francis Allison. However the ship was held up by HM Customs at Ramsgate, being both unseaworthy and overloaded, and the owners failed to provide the provisions and accommodation promised. The Government eventually chartered another ship, 'Heroine', to continue the voyage.

Robert Mather

Memorandum of a voyage to Van Diemen's Land

Typescript copy of a diary entitled Memorandum of a voyage to Van Diemen's Land 1822. It is the diary of Peter Harrisson's voyage to Van Diemen's Land during the period 1 February to 8 September 1822, with such observations as may prove useful to future migrants. Original diary is a 96 pp notebook held in Royal Society of Tasmania archives (RS47). This is a typescript copy of the original with index.

Peter Harrisson

Notice of arrival

Copy of notice that appeared in the Hobart Town Gazette of the arrival of the "Shelton" (Capt. Dixon), listing passengers including Lieut. William Gunn and family. (ms copy) dated 28 December 1822

William Gunn

United States, Declaration of President James Monroe

Book extract relevant to the Monroe Doctrine, territorial claims, sovereignty, United States policy, exploration, discovery and effective occupation of territory. Document or extract, with source information and Bill Bush notes. [Published by Bush as US02121823]

Bill Bush

Proposed church at Killcooley

Proposed church at Killcooley. Section and ground plan by Architect J Lee Archer. Dated February 1823 (photographic copy)

John Lee Archer

Grant: land to Joseph Child

Grant to Joseph Child dated 30 June 1823 of 200 acres in the district of Morven V.D.L.[now Evandale east of Launceston] from Governor T. Brisbane, bounded on west by Porter's Farm, reserving to
H.M. growing timber suitable for naval purposes or for highways, quit rent of 4s., land not to be sold or leased for 5 years. Noted as "exhibited 4 August 1841 in the case of Robert Russell for a grant of 8 ac. 3 r. 19 p. in Launceston" and "ex. in claim of George ?Cullam 12 November 1847" and endorsed "Rev. R. Russell".

Gleadow & Henty Solicitors

Ships 1816-1823

Typescript copy, alphabetically arranged, of arrival of vessels at Hobart Town and their departure from 1st June 1816 to the 31st December 1823.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Lecture Attendance Testimonials

Certificates of regular attendance at lectures and dissections: in anatomy from William Mackenzie assistant to Dr. Monroe, Edinburgh, Patrick Blaikie, Aberdeen; in anatomy and surgery from John Barclay, Edinburgh; in surgery from John W. Turner; in military surgery from David Maclagan M.D. ; attendance to Edinburgh Infirmary. Dated March to November 1823

William Downie

Correspondence : James Grant to brother John - 30 November 1822 - 15 October 1823

Letters from James from London to brother John in V.DL. dated 30 November 1822 - 15 October 1823 about business prospects and settling in V.D.L.: thanks for letter from Madeira, sending newspapers and W. Scott novels, prices at Liverpool for hides, sperm oil, seal skins, wool; trouble in New Zealand and muskets going out to natives (possible profit?); sending consignment of harness for working horses and oxen on their joint account; McIntosh's ale; shipping of merinos, garden seeds, printed cottons etc., ? horses for saddle and draught; shipping; would there be any money in an exhibition in London of "handsome natives of Australasia .. . decorated with all their war-like habiliments"? (30 Nov. 1822); regards to Sandy [Alexander B. Spark]; son born 23 Jan. 1823 and christened James on 25 Feb. A. Knight proxy for John as godfather, Maria Neve godmother (31 Jan., 31 Mar.1822); the old folks at Nairn; house sold and furniture packed for shipment (3 July 1823); introduction to Commissary Hull (31 Dec. 1822); Mr Gellibrand applying to be Solicitor of Crown in V.D.L. (3 July 1823); no chance of recovering his lost hearing in this country, severe winter trying (31 Jan. 1823); choice of land - grazing and near water for
shipment and fishing - Mr Lord suggested between Macquarie and Relief rivers or St Pauls district, rent house in Hobart for family, Fraserburgh lad, Gray, engaged as cooper - friend Reid wanting him a berth (24 mar. 1823)(24 Mar. 1823; chartered "Heroine" (320 tons, Captain Ostler) with James Hammond (brother of friend William Hammond the "Ironrnan" - not in good health and lately married without consulting family) and Thomas Knight, loaded with cargo, stores and 50 passengers (including J. Williamson and sister), bringing iron, saddlery, harness, cheese, butter, oil, paint, blankets, clothing, stationery, umbrellas, ladies' straw bonnets, prints [cotton] and Manchester goods, window glass, iron hurdles for sheep, rum, brandy, soap, 4 merino rams from Wiltshire and ewes (2 tooth), besides own furniture of considerable value, and servant maid (Sept.Oct, 1823); Maria Neve engaged to Thomas Hammond (brother of James and William) a surgeon of about 30 years.

James Grant

Bank Orders

Two bank orders dated 1822 and 1823. Promise to pay £86 John Grant and A.B. Spark to Attwood & Smith also bank order from William Wilkinson to John Grant for £86.

John Grant

Promissory note

Thomas Risby's promise to pay £100 to John and Henry Morrisby and Grace Smith, at the age of 21, being the consideration for premises purchased from their father, James Morrisby. Dated 1823

Thomas Risby

Anatomy Studies Attendance

Certificate of attendance of W. Downie at lectures at the Theatre of Anatomy, Great Windmill Street, London, and diligence in dissecting. Signed: Charles Bell, John Stair. Paper has portrait of William Hunter M.D. Dated January 1824

William Downie

Letter : John Grant to William Sinclair

Letter written by John Grant to William Sinclair dated 4 March 1824 from Hobart: William Sinclair's services as accountant in Mr Laird's affairs discontinued owing to his drinking habits reported by Dr. Hood

John Grant


Typescript transcript of some of the letters written between John and James Grant in the period to 30th November to October 1825

James Grant

Letters : Illness and death of John Grant

Letters relating to the illness and death of John Grant dated between 12 November 1825 and 31 December 1825. Letters from A.B. Spark in Sydney to James and Caroline Grant - John Grant very ill, prospects grave, relative needed. John Grant. died Sunday 11 December and was interred on the Tuesday, John Grants.'s will; Caroline Grant to James Grant from Hobart - Spark's letter, business, case of umbrellas (1 December 2 copies cross written- one addressed to James Grant c/o John McLeod, Campbell Town, the other c/o Archibald Thomson, Launceston), from Sydney: arrived too late, John died, returning to James and the "little fellow", Dr Hood and Mr Bethune would be shocked at news, customary in England to send gloves to all friends of deceased- white as John single,Mr Sparks and Mr Bethune ought to be presented with mourning rings.

John Grant

Correspondence : James Grant to John Grant - September - October 1825

Letters from from James Grant in Hobart to brother John in Sydney dated September - October 1825 : John's passage, his state of health, "Andromeda" released from charter, "Medina" cargo, Kemp, "young Sorell was spliced today", Seccombe story a hoax, bushrangers Brady and McCabe, Brady robbed Clitherow who came out in "Andromeda", no waterside grant available - could he have John's wharf - needed water transport? he and Bethune needed news of markets. (Note: the first part of the letter of 20 Oct. 1825 has date "1826" in error)

James Grant

Letter : William Wilkinson to John Grant

One letter written by William Wilkinson to John Grant dated 22 Sept. 1825 from London in regard to business affairs, Pearcy"s account, proceeds of whale bone sales, happy to hear of brother's success, remembrance to Mr Bethune.

John Grant

Letter : Samuel Hood to John Grant

One letter written by Samuel Hood to John Grant dated 5 Oct. 1825 regarding John's departure for Sydney left house dull, anxious about John's health, Gilly case continuing.

John Grant

Will of John Grant

Will of John Grant dated 10 December 1825 also copy of will of John Grant of the firm of Bethune & Grant of Hobart, merchants, leaving £50 pa. to parents James and Margaret Grant of Nairn, North Britain all remaining property to brother James Grant who was to make provision for sisters Ann and Janet. Also bill for legal fees for probate due to George Cartwright 1826-1827.

John Grant

Letters : Roderick O'Connor to John Grant

Two letters written by Roderick O'Connor to John Grant dated June and July 1825 regarding Lake River: floods prevented drawing corn, wheat,barley, sale of ship "Ardent" by Mr Spark.

John Grant

Sheep stealing cases

Subpoena and notes of expense in case of sheep stolen from Thomas Wells when Downie was acting for John Raisley of Kimbolton Park, Hamilton. Also note relating rumours of sheep stealing 1826.

Andrew Downie

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