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Robert Doctor account book

  • Collection
  • 1827-1851

Xeroxed copy of Robert Doctors account book for the years 1827 to 1851 with details of goods and services supplied by and to various residents in the Sorell area, including: boots, shoes soled and heeled, plough mould, beans, handle, tobacco, rum, sugar tea, callico, coffin, bread, repairing cart wheel, laying floor, shingles, glass, making ploughs. Also payments made.

Robert Doctor

Sabina Meredith to parents

Letters from Sabina Meredith (Mrs Boyes) to parents dated 1831-1841, some undated. "Papa" from Sabina Meredith (1810-1877, married John Boyes 9 Mar. 1833), from Hobart: articles needed for abode with her sisters in town including snuffers, tea kettle, turkeys, bottled gooseberries, account of breakages, mother's illness (1832-3); as Mrs Boyes: pregnancies, children, christening (1835), children's party for little Louisa's birthday (12 Dec.1839), Sabina's 4th birthday (Nov. 1840); baby boy fatter than ever- Dr Bedford advised weaning but not yet 9 months (28 June 1839); miscarriage (10 Jan.1840); sister Sarah's health and midwife (6 Nov. 1840); her quinsy and Dr. Bedford's treatment (28 June 1839); Boyes' illness- ordered shower baths (30 Nov. 1836); Bell's illness (1839-40); death of Boyes mother from stroke at 72 (12 Dec. 1839); shopping for mother, young stepsisters at school (1833, Jan. I839); visit to Swanport (Nov .1840, Jan. 1841); Mrs Charles [Louisa Twamley Meredith] (Oct 1839); friends: Swanstons, Youngs, Gregsons, Dr Bedford to marry Miss Selby at end of year (June 1835), dance at Barracks, visit to Government House (ND), stone of Government House laid at Govt
Garden Pt. with elegant lunch in pavilion (5 Nov.1840); servants- wages high for respectable couple (25 Oct. 1839).

Sabina Meredith

Sarah Westall Meredith to Mary Meredith

Letters from Sarah W. Meredith (1807-1869) to stepmother Mary Meredith from Hobart: gossip, family especially sisters Sabina and Louisa, food and clothing to be sent home by schooner and supplies such as fresh butter from Amos, poultry, beef, coffee to be sent to town fro the sisters; chaperon; L.ouisa Twamley; ball at Government House; wedding of sister Sabina to Boyes; ball on board ship; Louisa Swanston to marry Solicitor General and would pay his debts; Mr Bell [Louisa's husband] raising roof of house; loss of "The George III (12 Apr.1835) and Governor's religious ceremony, Dorcas Society formed- all respectable ladies join (16 Sept. 1835); arrival of Col. Snodgrass to hold reins of government (14 Oct. 1836); sent mother red herrings, she and Mr Poynter liked them for breakfast toasted and spread on bread and butter, instructions for making bed valances for Sarah, Learmonth's eldest son to marry, paid bill for Maria [stepsister] at Mrs Milloys, Lady Franklin's flrst dance - huge dining room fitted as drawing room, people admired curiosities spread on tables, one or two "awful quadrilles", tea coffee, cakes; Miss Woodley? engaged to Mr Bennett -both went up to top of Mt Wellington and returned the same day "a feat never yet performed by a female"; comment "I do not mention anything approaching gaiety, such a wicked thing is not thought of now and certainly Lady Franklin is worse than Mrs Arthur" (8 Dec. 1837); Charles going
to England. After her marriage in 1836 to James Peck Poynter (1790-1847) letters are signed S.W. Poynter

Sarah Westall Meredith

The Omnibus

Two copies of the Omnibus which was a merchant's, tradesman's, auctioneer's and general advertiser and shipping gazette.
Published Tuesday & Friday, gratis, at the Courier office, Hobart by William Gore Elliston
• No. 149 Nov. 10 1843
• No. 150 Nov. 14 1843

Colonial Times and the Tasmanian

Four newspapers, Colonnial Times and the Tasmanian published by John Campbell Macdougall, Collins St., Hobart.
• 23 June 1846
• 20 Sept 1854
• 24 Dec 1855
• 4 Jan 1856

John Campbell Macdougall

Minutes of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce 1851-1877

Minutes of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce. Signed minutes, beginning with the inaugural meeting of 3 February 1851 and first formal meeting of 10 February 1851, including names of members. Includes monthly meetings of directors and general meetings. Some news cuttings of notices of meeting stuck inside binding.

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

  • Collection
  • 1851-1984

Collection consists of one folio leather bound minute book and other material relating to the Chamber of Commerce including annual reports and handbooks and directories.
Minutes are incomplete, but annual reports or annual handbooks are complete from 1910 -1984.

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Reports of Hobart Chamber of Commerce 1852-1869

Printed reports of directors of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce, including names of officers and members, bound with copies of reports of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce for the years 1854, 1855, 1858, 1859, 1860 & 1869. Also included are Rules and Constitution for the years 1851 & 1854. Printed copies, bound with Abstracts of Council relating to Port and Customs regulations and with Reports
• Half yearly report 1852
• Annual reports 1855-1864, 1869
• Reports for 1870-1909 missing

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Photograph of Westcott's Bookshop and circulating library

Photograph of Westcott's Bookshop and circulating library, Collins Street, Hobart. Standing outside are Mr Westcott and a little girl, Till, wearing a pinafore. The photograph shows the shop of John Andrew, Bellhanger. The photograph was made by the University photographer from an original 'stereoscopic' photograph (i.e two adjacent photographs mounted on card to be viewed through a special viewer), made by S. Clifford, Hobart Town. The original was endorsed 'The little girl with pinafore Auntie Till, Dad in his
shirt sleeves standing next to her. Fitzgerald's building now; M. Westcott 4.7.32'.
In this photograph street numbers are not visible. Westcott's circulating library sign is shown on the middle shop in a two-storey brick building, with three shops. The shop on the right has the sign 'Depot Christian Knowledge Society'. The shop on the left has a sign, part of which can be read under a magnifying glass as 'wool warehouse', and underneath on the shop lintel is a faint sign which may include the word 'bookseller" On the right of the photograph a small weatherboard shop bears the sign 'Andrew, Bellhanger'. - W. Westcott of 63 Collins Street, advertised new and second-hand books and a circulating library in Wood's Tasmanian Almanac, 1856 (p.126). The same advertisement appears in Walch's Tasmanian Almanac, 1864, but in the 1865 Almanac the address is given as 63 & 65 Collins Street. However, Hull's Hobart Town Directory, 1859 lists W. Westcott as 65 Collins Street', (65 being apparently the middle shop), so possibly both premises were already occupied by Westcott. By 1871 it had become Westcott's Circulating Library, 63, 65 &67 Collins Street. In 1879 the advertisement read (Westcott, Beedham & Co. circulating library and importers of books, stationery and music', The last advertisement in Walch's almanac appeared in 1881. The Christian Knowledge Society (Tasmanian Auxiliary, President the Lord Bishop of Tasmania}, for which Westcott acted as depository was first listed in Walch's Almanac under (Societies and Institutions) in 1869 (p. 132). John Andrew, Bellhanger, Collins Street, advertised in Wood's Almanac in 1856 (p. 148L and is listed in HuWs Hobart Town Directory of 1859 at 61 Colllns Street. He does not appear in Walch's Almanac of 1863 or any later date, nor was he listed in Macphail's National Directory of Tasmania, 1867-68. S. Clifford, photographer, Liverpool Street, Hobart Town (photographer of album and stereographic portraits, private buildings, shipping, monuments....L advertised in Walch's Almanac of 1864 (p. 43) and again annually up to 1869. It would seem, therefore, that the photograph was probably taken between 1863 and 1869. It is a clear photograph of exceptional quality.

Kenneth McKenzie Dallas

Thomas Alcock: last will and testament

  • Collection
  • 1856

Photocopy of the last will and testament of Thomas Alcock, dated 1856, leaving legacies to his children and his second wife, Ann. Executors were Thomas Lodywyk Crowther, surgeon, and John Regan, tanner.

Thomas Alcock

Degree of Associate of Arts

Diploma of degree of Associate of Arts awarded to Henry Lewis Garrett of Hobart Town, who passed in English, Latin(with credit and prize) Greek, French (with credit) and pure mathematics and was placed in the second class Signed by H. Officer, president of the Tasmanian Council of Education. Diploma has decorative border of oak leaves and acorns designed by Henry Hunter and engraved by Alfred Bock.

Henry Lewis Garrett

Henry Lewis Garrett : Degree of Associate of Arts

  • Collection
  • 1863

Diploma of degree of Associate of Arts awarded to Henry Lewis Garrett of Hobart Town, who passed in English, Latin(with credit and prize) Greek, French (with credit) and pure mathematics and was placed in the second class Signed by H. Officer, president of the Tasmanian Council of Education. Seal of Tasmanian Council of Education 1859, red wax, lozenge shaped, backed paper: open book "Floreat Tasmania' on diamond pattern, in tin (separate from document). Diploma has decorative border of oak Leaves and acorns designed by Henry Hunter and engraved by Alfred Bock.

Henry Lewis Garrett

Hull Family

  • Collection
  • 1874-1940

Draft assessment roll for municipality of Glenorchy and reminiscences of T.J.M. Hull, 1940, about the 'Great Flood' of Glenorchy in 1872

Hull Family

The Mercury - 21 June 1887

One newspaper, The Mercury, published by Charles Ellis Davies, Macquarie St., Hobart . This edition : Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria Supplement dated 21 June 1887

Charles Ellis Davies

Friends' Meeting House, Murray Street

Photograph titled First Friends' Meeting House: The first Quaker Meeting House in Hobart. A cottage at 39 Murray Street which was bought by James Backhouse in 1837 with a loan from Meeting for Sufferings, London. The cost was £400 including alterations. Shows Mr Cheverton and Mr Shields and uniformed police constable in front, Holy Trinity Church on hill in background. From 12 February 1832 the visiting Quakers James Backhouse and George Washington Walker held periods of worship in the Quaker manner and others sought leave to join them. These included ex-English Friends who had been transported, some of whom were still prisoners, other convicts and ‘locals’, together with four current members. The gatherings were held in private homes and various rented rooms. The Hobart Meeting began in 1833 when the first Meeting for Discipline was held on 20 September 1833 at the home of Thomas Crouch, Bathurst Street. Members present were Thomas Squire, Ann Pollard (minor), James Backhouse and George Washington Walker. Photograph (mounted) J. Bishop, Osborne (& copy neg)

George Musgrave Parker

Diary, pocketbooks and letters

Diary and other material relating to Edwin Charles Fuller (1885-1921) father of W.E. Fuller
Diary dated 1888. Probably kept by E. C. Fuller. Occasional entries only. Refers to "Mother and Marion (e.g. took Mother & Marion to Black Bush), Charley, Bessie, Ada, Margaret and Mary (Margaret plans Mary disposes"); also to mining shares and mine claim especially "Castle Carey", and to council meetings ('.'attended council meeting in morning going through assessment roll").

William Edwin Fuller

Edwin Charles Fuller

Diary and other material relating to Edwin Charles Fuller (1885-1921) father of W.E. Fuller

William Edwin Fuller

The Weekly Courier - 6th July 1901

Two pages only of the Weekly Courier dated 6th July 1901 . Pages 23-30 - Beattie photographs of 'Glenora' the estate of Mr L.M Shoobridge at Bushy Park, Tasmania, depicts house, man on bank and ladies in a row boat on the lake, other photos of hopfields, apple orchards, hop picking and apple picking, fruit store and hop drying klin. Eight Beattie photographs of the Royal visit to Tasmania.

Henry Button

Bookshop photographs

Book shop photographs. Library, probably Angus & Robertson, Sydney c. 1909 including Miss Frances Ruby Evans (later Mrs. W. E. Fuller) Collins Street, Arcade, W. E. and Mrs. Fuller and Miss C. Parker standing in front of opening in brickwork, 1930 (also cutting of Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 3 December 1930). Snapshots of books being loaded on truck outside house and unloading outside
"Goodwill Store", Elizabeth Street (Fullers was in basement under "Goodwill") with negatives. c. 1932 - 1935 Tasmanian Book Club display, J. Walch &Sons. N.D. W. E. Fuller in Bookshelf Gallery.- Views in bookshop c. 1940 - 50. Booksellers' Conference
N.D. (c. 1930):­ Photo C. J. Frazer, Melbourne Photo (framed N.D. (?1930-40) Also snapshots of Booksellers' Conference,Hobart, (with negatives.)

William Edwin Fuller

Earle Collection

  • Collection
  • 1909-1931

Material relating to John Earles parliamentary career including his appointment as attorney general, photographs and material belonging to his wife Susanna Earle nee Blackmore

John Earle

Annual Reports of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Annual reports of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce for the period 1910 to 1919. Includes names of officers, list of members (including trade and names officers), report of committee, summary of production, commerce and trade.
• 3. - 1910-1911
• 4. - 1911-1912
• 5. - 1913-1914
• 6. - 1914-1915
• 7. - 1916
• 8. - 1917
• 9. - 1918
• 10. - 1919

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Receipt book

Receipt book for hire of piano from Walch & Co. 1911 - 1917

William Edwin Fuller

Theatrical photographs

Collection of photographs including Group in musical entertainment, including W. E. and Frances Fuller, c. 1912, with programme of "Entertainment by the Mountebanks", Moonah Mission Hall, 1912. W. E. Fuller portraying various parts (especially a rural character) for Hobart Repertory c. 1921 - 1940. Mary Fuller as Little Peter Saunders "Passers By", Theatre Royal 19~(part photograph, part
drawing by Jack Cato, framed.) Photos of broadcast for A.B.C. of "Mari.e Celeste" made on board "Lenna" in Derwent (1930s).

William Edwin Fuller

Photographs of friends

Three photographs of friends:

  • Edward Gott 1913 Inscribed "to Mr. &Mrs. W. E. Fuller, in remembrance, Edward Gott, Hobart, 1913" (framed)
  • Elderly man, head and shoulders.
  • Young woman - "To Frances & Bill with love, Stella, July 1931".

William Edwin Fuller

Buttons, badges and medals

Commemorative button c 1914 -1947, Appeal buttons (mainly World War
I) including Red Cross, Wattle Day, child welfare,0 A S.,Tin Hat Appeal, Musical Day 1917.
Also uniform badges and buttons, Australian Commonwealth Forces, A I F badge issued to women of Australia for duty done.
Also Franklin and Tasman Centenary Regatta 1938

William Edwin Fuller

Fuller Papers

  • Collection
  • 1916-1965

Collection consists of personal and business correspondence, financial records, scrapbook and cuttings scripts of broadcasts, stories and plays. Theatre programs, photographs and pins and badges. There is also material collected by Francis Ruby Fuller and Edwin Charles Fuller

William Edwin Fuller

Family photographs

Family photographs including portraits and snapshots of W. E. Fuller and family including: Early photographs of W. E. Fuller as a boy, groups, 2 girls (1 reading, 1 preparing veg.) Margaret and Mary (daughters of W.E.F.) as babies and toddlers, family groups (including family group Xmas 1918 including grandparents). Snapshots of army days (1916-18), enlarged photo of army ordnance office at work. Formal portraits, various dates, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fuller broadcasting for A.B.C. c. 1932.

William Edwin Fuller

Picture Postcards

Picture Postcards dated between c. 1916 - 1919 Most addressed to Mrs. W. Fuller and children, including views of
France, U.K., "patriotic" cards and humourous cards, including view of County of London War Hospital, Epsom, showing W.E.F's ward 1916, and picture of T.SS. Star of Victoria covered by signatures (troops). Also views of Tasmania (probably later).

William Edwin Fuller


Series consists of personal correspondence and with the ABC , picture postcards, and the opening of the Bookshelf . One file of correspondence between Hilda Bridges to Frances Fuller, dated 1958 - 1964

William Edwin Fuller

Correspondence 1917-1918

Letters to children (including letter to Margaret for her birthday enclosing cigarette card), certificate that Sapper W. Fuller was employed in the ordnance department, A.I.F.

William Edwin Fuller

The Mercury - 11th November 1918.

One newspaper, The Mercury, published by Charles Ellis Davies, Macquarie St., Hobart . This edition : Extraordinary edition - Armistice signed by the Germans. Dated 11th November 1918.

Davies Brothers Pty Ltd

Minutes of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce 1918-1927

Minutes of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce for the period 25 November 1918 to 21 February 1927.
Signed minutes, typed, removed from ring binder (filed in reverse date order). Enclosed alphabetic index, nomination forms for officers 1918.

Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Scripts of articles, talks and plays

Scripts of articles, broadcast talks, plays, etc.
(a) talks: "50 years of bookselling", "Trollope in Tasmania", ''Marie Corelli", "Roy Bridges", "Travellers Tales" and other talks on books and bookselling.
(b) stories, including: "Over the footlights:, "My tongue is my Undoing", "Doff & Jan", "Quoth the Raven".
(c) plays (10 -20 minutes) including: - ''Murder premeditated", "The 2nd Stool", "Decree Nice Eye", "The Spanish Armada".
(d) W.E. Fuller, " Love London & Lynette", London, 1919.

William Edwin Fuller

Photographs of E.Z. Co. Zinc Works at Risdon

  • AU TAS UTAS ITCCD 2018/6
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1940

The collection features photographs taken by Hobart photographic studio Beattie’s Studio, also known as J.W. Beattie, for the Electrolytic Zinc Co. at the company’s Risdon smelter between 1920 and 1940. The collection depicts construction of new facilities at the factory complex. The first sod was turned on the zinc smeltering plant at Risdon on the western shore of the Derwent River on 16 November 1916, and a test smelter called the 250 lb plant was opened in 1917 to produce 250 lb of zinc a day using the recently developed Roast-Leach-Electrowin (RLE) process of extracting zinc through electrolysis. Electrolytic Zinc’s office occupied the former Derwent Inn. The larger 10-ton plant opened in January 1918 and the 100-ton plant opened in November, 1921. This collection of photographs depicts the phases of construction of the 100-Ton Plant, further expansion of the smelter and decomissioning of some of the older equipment at the zinc works. Beattie’s Studio was a photographic studio founded by Scotsman John Watt Beattie (1859-1930), who began exhibiting photographs soon after his arrival in Tasmania in 1878.

Electrolytic Zinc Company of Australasia Limited

Printed books

Proof copy of
(1) Pink Magic by :Margaret Lee Runbeck, London, (Peter Davis, 1951)

(2) 'My little book by Dora Hookey' , W. E. Fuller & James Boa, The Bookshelf, 1920. (photocopy)

William Edwin Fuller

Works of W.E. Fuller

Collection consists of material created by W.E. Fuller including articles, talks, thoughts, plays and poems

William Edwin Fuller

Handbooks of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce

Handbooks of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce for the period 1921-1941. Official handbooks including annual report, names of officers, classified list of members, report on trade and industry in Tasmania (eg. 1923-1924 report on new Cadbury's works at Claremont), imports and exports, forestry, agriculture, soldiers' settlements. Also includes illustrations and advertisements.

• 11. 1921
• 12. 1922
• 13. 1923
• 14. 1923-1924
• 15. 1924-1925
• 16. 1925-1926
• 17. 1926-1927
• 18. 1927-1928
• 19. 1929-1930
• 20. 1930-1931
• 21. 1931-1932
• 22. 1932-1933
• 23. 1933-1934
• 24. 1934-1935
• 25. 1935-1936
• 26. 1936-1937
• 27. 1937-1938
• 28. 1938-1939
• 29. 1939-1940
• 30. 1940-1941

Hobart Chamber of Commerce


Collection consists of material relating to Fullers bookshop : accounts, catalogues card and bookmarks, newspaper cuttings and book proofs

William Edwin Fuller


Collection consists of theatre programs and reviews

William Edwin Fuller

Theatre programmes and reviews

Collection consists of:
(1) Theatre programmes and reviews etc.
(2) Theatre programmes, cutting of review of Passers By from the Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, dated 7 July 1921, copy of licence and articles of Hobart Repertory Theatre, copy of Amateur Theatre with label: "Bookshelf Library", copies of Theatre News, cutting of obituary of Miss Olive Wilton of Hobart Repertory Co.

William Edwin Fuller

Account Journal

  • Item
  • July 1921 - March 1927
  • Part of Fuller Papers

Bookshop account journal dated July 1921 - March 1927 including wages, furniture, stock.

William Edwin Fuller

Printed books

Originally four books. Two catalogued and taken into the Rare Collection.
(1) "Samuel Clemes 1845-1922" by I. M. Shoobridge, Hobart (Cox &
Kay) c 1923

(2) (Transferred to the Rare Book Collection -Morris Rare PR 9619.3 .B52 M98 1913)
"The Mysterious Stranger", Marie Bjelke Petersen, Walch & Sons, Hobart, 1913 (reprint, 1914) 30 pp
Inscribed: "to dear Mrs. Fuller in memory of our little talks at Swansea, March 1915, from the writer".

(3) (Transferred to the Rare Book Collection - Morris Rare PR 9619.3 .B52 M93 1914)
"Muffled Drums ", Marie Bjelke Petersen, Hobart, 1914 paper 49 pp
Inscribed, ms.: "To dear Mrs. Fuller [Mrs E. C. Fuller] with much love and earnest prayer for His best and richest gift -Himself.
From the writer, Swansea, March 1915".
• Includes copy of obituary notice, Mercury, 1969.

(4) A Century of Banking, The Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, Sydney, 1934, 89 pp. illustrated.

William Edwin Fuller

Hobart Legacy

Material relating to the Hobart Legacy Club. Includes, papers rules and photographs

William Edwin Fuller

Hobart Legacy Club

Material relating to the Hobart Legacy Club. Originally founded as "Remembrance Club" 1923, Hobart Legacy - 1944, includes printed papers, rules, Barnett photograph of delegates to Legacy conference 1949.

William Edwin Fuller

Chapter 7 : Photographs with Dr. G.M. Parker's manuscript draft book

Watercolours from chapter 7 :
• p3 "Waterloo Point". Watercolour on grey card. Endorsed "original was at Cambria dated 'Swansea 1852 R'. This copy was made by M.A. Walker 1928"
• p8 "Swanport" Watercolour on grey card. Copy by M.A. Walker of an original at Cambria: "F.M. to C.M. 1852"

George Musgrave Parker

Correspondence 1929-1942

Correspondence dated 1929 - 1942. Including letters from Solicitor and agreement with Oldham & Morris, notice of opening of W. E. Fuller's "The Bookshelf" 48 Elizabeth Street, (underneath Goodwill Store), plan of basement of 48 Elizabeth Street; letters from Joan McLennan, Governor's private secretary, Government House; correspondence with A.B.C. and 7HO relation to broadcasts, plays submitted, etc. (including A.B.C. contracts).

William Edwin Fuller


Miscellaneous materials including newspapers, newspaper cuttings, Christmas cards, W.E. Fuller's obituary and souvenir magazine

William Edwin Fuller

Hounville : postcard

Ten captioned fold out colour images in unidentified proprietary post-able envelope. Showing views of Huonville on one side and Hobart on the other.
From envelope : A Colorful Souvenir of Huonville and Hobart, Tas.. Natural views.

Hobart : postcards

Seven captioned hand coloured images in proprietary envelope. Showing views of Hobart.
From envelope - Valentine's Snapshots. Eight real photographs. Hand Coloured Hobart, No. 1. Published by The Valentine Publishing Co. Melbourne and Sydney.

Valentine Publishing

Hobart : postcards

Eight captioned hand coloured images in proprietary envelope. Showing views of Hobart.
From envelope - Valentine's Snapshots. Eight real photographs. Hand Coloured Hobart, No. 1. Published by The Valentine Publishing Co. Melbourne and Sydney.

Valentine Publishing

New Norfolk : postcard

Ten captioned fold out colour images in proprietary post-able envelope. Showing views of Hobart and New Norfolk.
From envelope : A Colorful Souvenir of New Norfolk, Tas. Derwent Valley with Hobart. Up-to-Date Views. G & G Series.

Hobart : postcards

Eight captioned black and white images in proprietary envelope. Showing views of Hobart.
From envelope - Valentine's Snapshots. Eight real photographs. Hobart, No. 1. Published by The Valentine Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd. Melbourne and Sydney.

Valentine Publishing

Christmas cards

Collection of Christmas cards

William Edwin Fuller

Correspondence 1932-1952

Personal correspondence with friends, but including some letters from booksellers and publishers, etc. referring to bookselling business, broadcasting, etc. Also letters concerning Repertory Theatre Society.

William Edwin Fuller

Correspondence 1932-1952

Correspondence with A.B.C. letters concerning broadcasts, also scripts (including scripts by George Evans - pseudonym for W.E. Fuller as bookseller).

William Edwin Fuller

Tourist map of Tasmania

One tourist map of Tasmania dated 1934. Inset map of Hobart. Produced by the Government Printer Tasmania. Scale 1 in: 10 mls , - Linen backed map, folded

William Edwin Fuller

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