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Letters Patent of the University of Tasmania

Parchment document bound with green ribbon and sealed with red wax. Letters Patent of King George V granting recognition throughout the Kingdom, empire and Dominions of degrees conferred by the University of Tasmania in Arts, Science, Law, Medicine, Music and all branches of knowledge except Theology

University of Tasmania

Envelope of photographs

Envelope address to Walter Harrison containing: Photograph of Natural History Museum, London; photograph of Sir William Crowther standing next to a memorial, Highfield, Circular Head (1967); colour photograph of portrait (? Mrs Crowther)

Sir William Edward Lodewyk Hamilton Crowther

Governor's memoranda

Governor's memoranda & circulars, signed by J.W. Agnew (cost of shipping), C. Gellebrand (constitution and electoral acts), George C. Strahan (printed) Governor's leave of absence.

James Willson Agnew

Wauba Debar's grave

Newpaper cutting from the Mercury newspaper about Wauba Debar's grave at Bicheno Tasmania. Article includes image of the grave of Wauba Debar (1792–1832) a female Aboriginal Tasmanian.

Wauba Debar

The story of Tasmanian aborigines

The story of Tasmanian aborigines , prepared by Dr. William Bryden. Published Hobart [Tas.] : Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 1960.

William Bryden

Tasmania’s vanished race

Tasmania's vanished race : national talks delivered from 3AR Melbourne, on February 26th, 1935, March 6th, 1935 and March 12th, 1935 written by Frederic Wood Jones

Frederic Wood Jones

Language & dialects spoken by the Aborigines of Tasmania

Printed paper presented by the Secretary of The Royal Society of Tasmania entitled 'Language & dialects spoken by the Aborigines of Tasmania, compiled from official and other vocabularies and arranged for comparison by J.E. Calder’. Published by the Parliament of Tasmania in 1901

James Erskine Calder

Manuscript notes on Aborigines

Handwriten manuscript notes and copies of government correspondence concerning aborigines, 1830 - 1832 . Thought to have been compiled c. 1950 - 1970, author unknown

Advance Tasmania

'Advance Tasmania ' [1914?]
Patriotic song written and composed by Frank Hussey, arranged by A. R. Crowhurst, (xerox copy)

Frank Hussey

Wattle Grove Press, Newham

Copy of catalogue and letter from Rolf Hennequel, Newnham Tasmania, also copy of translation of Italian poem on Trucanini (Truganini) and letters to the University Librarian urging its publication in Togatus.

Rolf Hennequel

Henry Hellyer Letter

Copy of a letter from Henry Hellyer to Edward Curr, dated 29 November 1828, describing a journey to Mt. Farrell, the Fury Gorge, Barn Bluff and Cradle Mountain, and the discovery of river Mackintosh and Eldon Range

Henry Hellyer

Circular Head scientific journaI article

Article written in 1968 about the Circular Head scientific journal article by T. Iredale and G. P. Whitley (gift of T. E. Burns) R.C. Gunn, while police magistrate at Circular Head in 1836, wrote and edited the Circular Head scientific journal.

Ronald Campbell Gunn

Land Grants

a) Copy (by Janet Pitty) of return of lots of land sold by the Crown 1833
b) Photocopy of part of list of land Grants
c) List of Crown grants of 1000 acres and over before June 1823 by W. G. Robertson & Cecil Allport typed also copy on reading room shelves)

Maria Island

a) Bill of Parliament to amend the Act to authorise Leasing of Maria Island 1892
b) Notes on Maria Island for the Royal Society of Tasmania, Northern Branch excursion 1969

Maria Island

Centenary of C. J. Weedon & Co.

Cutting from Examiner, Launceston 12.March 1946 . Centenary of C. J. Weedon & Co. 1942 (mining & commission agents, estate agents).
Also article on early banks of Launceston,

C. J. Weedon & Co.

Land grant

Typed extracts from the report of Acting Surveyor-General Dumaresq to the Colonial Secretary.

Ronald Campbell Gunn

Salmon Commissioners

Xerox copy of report and minutes of Salmon Commissioners , 1864-1865, printed report 1882, copies of humorous poems and cartoons.

Salmon Commissioners Tasmania

Convict seizure of brig Frederick

A narrative of the sufferings of certain of the ten convicts who piratically seized the brig Frederick at Macquarie Harbour in Van Diernen's Land , as related by one of the said convicts whilst lying under sentence of death for this offence in the Gaol at Hobart Town. Ms. note: 'written by James Porter a convict who arrived by the 'Asia' in Nov. 1827'.

James Porter

The story of the Parramore family

The story of the Parramore family by E. M. Cooper, The Morrows, Yankalilla, S.A. 1953.
Pamphlet, including extracts from letters of William Parramore (1797-1854, m. Thirza Cooper), who settled in V.D.L. in 1823, and reminiscences of Beaufront.

William Thomas Parramore

Philip Oakden Letters

Copies of letters, extracted from the letter book of Philip Oakden, banker and founder of Union Bank in Lauceston, written to Osmund Gilles during the period 1834-1838.

Philip Oakden

Mawle Papers

Xerox copy of a letter from Sophia Summerfield to Wlliam Mawle, 27 Jan, 1831. Also xerox copies of depositions relating to theft from estate of the late William Mawle, Mawles Hotel, Baghdad. (xerox copies of originals owned by G. Cramp)

William Mawle

William Mawle Letter

Letters from Sophia Summerfield to William Mawle dated 10 September 1828. This typed copy was made by owner of original letter, Gordon Nanscawen, Burnie

William Mawle

Stone house

Photograph of stone house, two storied, pillared front entrance with double steps, apron clad servants standing on steps.

James Backhouse Walker

Hobart from the river

Photograph of Hobart harbor and mountain (snow topped) from river, showing sailing ships, steam ferries. Glossy print, on "cabinet" mount, T. Crawford, Hobart.

James Backhouse Walker

View from West Hobart

Mounted photograph of a view of Hobart from West Hobart, showing the tower of old St. David's Cathedral

James Backhouse Walker

Near Fort Macquarie

Photograph taken "Near Fort Macquarie" Sydney from water, looking at landing steps, and showing row boat, horse and cart, dog, cliffs, steps & distant ships' masts.

James Backhouse Walker

Ferns and waterfall

Photograph of ferns and small waterfall, Hobart. Glossy print, amateurishly mounted.

James Backhouse Walker

Pillinger Drive

Photograph of Pillinger Drive, Hobart. Glossy print, amateurishly mounted.

James Backhouse Walker

Huon Road

Photograph of Huon Road, Hobart showing wide, graded dirt road, fence, and gum tree. Glossy print, amateurishly mounted.

James Backhouse Walker

Huon Road

Photograph of Huon Road, Hobart showing wide, graded dirt road, fence, and gum tree. Glossy print, amateurishly mounted.

James Backhouse Walker

Botanic Gardens

Photograph of Botanic Gardens, Hobart, showing wide footpath leading to water, trees and hedge. Glossy print, amateurishly mounted.

James Backhouse Walker

People's Park, Strahan

Photograph of People's Park Strahan, initialed "J M W". Glossy print, amateurishly mounted

James Backhouse Walker

Launceston, Cataract Gorge

Photograph of Launceston, Cataract Gorge, with railed walkway, glossy print numbered 49 and stamped D'Emden

James Backhouse Walker

Cataract Gorge, Launceston

Photograph of Launceston, Cataract Gorge, with railed walkway, glossy print numbered 35 and stamped D'Emden

James Backhouse Walker

House with pillared verandah

Photograph of unidentified house with pillared verandah and shrubbery, paling fence, other houses beyond (? Hobart). A man, woman and child faintly visible on verandah.

James Backhouse Walker


Photograph of "Burnside", rural scene, house in distance.

James Backhouse Walker

On the Huon Road

Photograph taken "On the Huon Road, Hobarton". Man standing by rough fence looking at bush (faded).

James Backhouse Walker

Bothwell township

Photograph of a distant view of Bothwell, Tasmania. Stamped on back "Wilkinson Chemist, Hobart Town), and ms. "Bothwell Township, Tasmania, J B W".

James Backhouse Walker

Port Esperance

Photograph taken at Port Esperance, southern Tasmania (faded).

James Backhouse Walker

St. John's burial ground

Photograph of St. John's burial ground, church in distance (with steeple) Richmond, Tasmania

James Backhouse Walker

New Waterworks

Photograph of the new Waterworks, Hobart showing water channel through bush.

James Backhouse Walker

New Waterworks

Photograph of the new Waterworks, Hobart showing water channel through bush.

James Backhouse Walker

Union Chapel interior

Photograph of the Union Chapel, Bathurst Street, Hobart. View of the interior (looking down over the pews towards dais and railed chancel, hanging lamp and windows (which are overexposed and faint). Now "The Playhouse"

James Backhouse Walker

Union Chapel exterior

Photograph of the exterior of the Union Chapel, Bathurst Street, Hobart . Now "The Playhouse"

James Backhouse Walker

Queech Cliffs

M. Allport, "from Queechy Tasmania" (cliffs), 1862. S Clifford, Hobart Town.

James Backhouse Walker

Little girls seated

Ambrotypes in cases of little girls. Both seated, wearing black and white Pierrette type white dresses. One child has ringlets. Cases: tooled imitation leather, lined red velvet, frames oval top.

James Backhouse Walker

Woman and man seated

Ambrotypes in case of two unidentified portraits. Woman in left side of case and on right side man, seated, thin face, side -burns, white shirt. Background of drapery and mountain view. Head lightly tinted, shirt front painted white. two portraits in oval frames in one case.

James Backhouse Walker

Woman seated

Ambrotype in case of a woman, seated, youngish, hair straight, drawn back off face, lace collar, gold chain, background drapery and vase of roses. Head, chain and background lightly coloured. in a case of tooled imitation leather, lined with red velvet.

James Backhouse Walker

Man seated

Ambrotype in case of a man seated, youngish, straight, short hair, moustache and beard, leaning on elbow on side table with books and lace cloth, plain background, slightly tinted.

James Backhouse Walker

Man seated

Unidentified daguerreotype in a plain leather and velvet case of a man, seated, young to middle age, with side whiskers. Head lightly coloured, shirt front painted white, plain background, 1 pillar

James Backhouse Walker


Photographs of Bellerive (Kangaroo Bay), taken c1882 photographed by Baily.

James Backhouse Walker


Photographs of the Cascades taken c1892 by Beattie photographer.

James Backhouse Walker

Sandy Bay

Photographs of Sandy Bay taken c1870-1882 by Winter photographer.

James Backhouse Walker

Tasman Peninsular & Bruny Island

Undated photographs of Port Arthur, Eaglehawk Neck, Cape Pillar Fluted Cape and Bruny Island. Photographed by Anson Bros., Baily & Beattie .

James Backhouse Walker

Lake St. Clair

Photographs of Lake St. Clair at the southern end of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair area was declared a scenic reserve in 1922, a wildlife reserve in 1927, a national park in 1947 and a world heritage area from 1982.

James Backhouse Walker

Maatsuyker Island

Photographs of Maatsuyker Island located 5.5 kilometres off the south coast of Tasmania. The island comprises part of the Southwest National Park and is a Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Site. The Maatsuyker Island Lighthouse, the southernmost Australian lighthouse, is located on the southern tip of the island

James Backhouse Walker

New Norfolk

Photographs of the Bush Hotel, River Derwent. Taken c1880-1882. Photographed by Baily and Winter

James Backhouse Walker

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