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Papal Bull Inter Caetera (extract)

Historical document relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, UK. Provides document or extract with source information. [Published by Bush as AR04051493]

Bill Bush

Knopwood Sermons

  • Collection
  • 1801-1829

Manuscripts of sermons preached by Rev. Knopwood in Tasmania dated 1801 - 1829

Robert Knopwood

Leake Papers

  • Collection
  • 1801-1932

Collection consists of some of the papers of John Leake (1780-1865) of Rosedale, near Campbell Town, pastoralist, justice of the peace, member of the Legislative Council and a former merchant of Hull and Hamburg, who settled with his family near C...

John Leake

On the love of our country

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitles "On the love of our country"Preached before the Honble Allen Hyde Gardner Cap HM ship Resolution of [illegible] – June 1801, Camp Sullivan Cove Van Diemen’s Land May 13 - 1804137 Ps...

Robert Knopwood

Andrew Downie Papers

  • Collection
  • 1814-1879

Collection consists of mainly financial papers. Includes indenture, correspondence, sheep & wool business papers, bills & accounts

Andrew Downie

Andrew Gatenby : Militia substitute certificate

  • Collection
  • 1814

Militia substitute certificate dated December 1814. Certificate of enrolment of substitute to serve in place of A. Gatenby, Appleton le Moors, North Riding of Yorkshire, namely Robert Graystock, wheelwright. Until the 19th century militia units w...

Andrew Gatenby

Funeral of Princess Charlotte

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "Funeral sermon on H.R.H the Princess Charlotte of Wales"

Robert Knopwood

Bills : June 1818

True copy of 2 bills for £100 each delivered to his brother Ralph Terry, now residing at Forcett Mill, by John Terry. True copy dated 6 June 1818 signed John Terry & Ralph Terry

John Terry

Letter of appointment :September 1818

Draft of letter dated 24 September 1818 from John Terry, late of Redmire Mill, appointing his brother Ralph to receive money due on Lord Bolton's estate, with list of money laid out in expenses by John Terry 1809-1811. Note added in pencil of...

John Terry

Account : October 1819

Account including various bills totalling ?1211.17.3, settling all demands between Samuel Terry and John Terry and signed by both parties. Dated 21 October 1819.

John Terry

Accounts of money due & draft letter

Double page from a volume, containing:a) Accounts of money due from John Terry to Samuel Terry for expenses while in N.S.W., including 10,000 shingles £6.13.4, wheat, meat, wine glasses, tea, boots, 5 yards gingham, boat hire, 'cash going to ...

John Terry

Death of George III

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "A sermon on the occasion of the death of his late majesty George the Third of blessed memory, preached at Hobart Town V.D. Land on Sunday the 17th September 1820"

Robert Knopwood

A "condemned" sermon

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled “ A Condemned Sermon, Repentance and Conversion” 27th April 1821

Robert Knopwood

Robert & Ann Mather Papers

  • Collection
  • 1821-1835

Papers relating to the voyage out and settlement of Robert Mather and his wife, Ann (Benson). Many of the papers (Ml0/16-20) consist of extracts from letters from Ann Mather to her brother, Rev. Samuel Benson, and sisters Isabella Whytall and Sara...

Robert Mather

Dr George Fordyce Story Collection

  • Collection
  • 1821-1878

Collection consists of papers including medical case notes and accounts, student notes and exercises, botanical papers including some correspondence with Dr. von Mueller, copies of electoral returns etc.

George Fordyce Story

Risby Brothers Collection

  • Collection
  • 1823-1910

Collection consists of personal diaries and photographs relating to Risby Brothers, sawmillers and timber merchants

Thomas Risby

William Sorell : Journal

  • Collection
  • 1823-1825

Collection consists of type written transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. for the years 1823-1825.In his journal Sorell made brief daily entries of his voyage out, his reception at Government House, the arrival of Lt. Governor Arth...

William Sorell

Proposed church at Killcooley

Proposed church at Killcooley. Section and ground plan by Architect J Lee Archer. Dated February 1823 (photographic copy)

John Lee Archer

United States, Declaration of President James Monroe

Book extract relevant to the Monroe Doctrine, territorial claims, sovereignty, United States policy, exploration, discovery and effective occupation of territory. Document or extract, with source information and Bill Bush notes. [Published by Bush...

Bill Bush

Diaries of Jorgen Jorgensen

  • Sub-item
  • 1826-1827
  • Part of Meston Papers

Copies of diaries of Jorgen Jorgensen, including Journey to Ouse Plateau, Repat of Jorgensen to V.D.L. Co. on route between Hobart and Circular Head, and Journal kept while exploring from Circular Head to the Pieman River, 1826-7.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Grant of land at 31 Campbell Street, Hobart to Joshua Fergusson

  • AU TAS UTAS SPARC 2017/2
  • Collection
  • 1827-03-26

Grant of land at 31 Campbell Street, Hobart to Joshua Fergusson made by his Excellency Colonel George Arthur Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land on the 26th day of March 1827. Subject to the payment of a yearly quit-rent of two pounds pa...

Colonial Secretary, Van Diemen's Land

Daily Journal of the Bothwell Police Office

Daily Journal of the Bothwell Police Office, Van Diemen's Land, dated 3 November 1829 to 11 September 1830 including records of charges, matters heard before the Justice of the Peace, letters and convictions

Bothwell Police Office

The state of the departed

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitles "The state of the departed", 6th December 1829

Robert Knopwood


Receipted account for 1 guinea paid to W.J. Ring for tuition of Master Ralph. Dated 1830

John Terry

Proposed chapel designed for the Orphan School Establishment

Proposed chapel designed for the Orphan School Establishment, Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land by architect J Lee Archer 1832, Section and elevation-circular building (photographic copy). Ground Plan - This level would contain seats for 366 children ...

John Lee Archer

Account : 1833

Account dated March-September 1833 for cloth, blankets, clothing, etc. bought by John Terry of J.W. Robertson of Hobart Town.

John Terry

Letter: 5th November 1833

Letter written by William Wood from Snake Banks dated 5th November 1833 to John Leake regarding volumes of the New Monthy and wifes health

John Leake

Baptismal certificate

Certified copy of the record of baptism in the Chapelry of Bolton and Redmire, Co. York, England, of Ralph, son of John Terry, miller and Martha Terry, dated 5 March 1815.

John Terry

Letter: 24 February 1834

Letter written by William Wood dated 24 February 1834 regarding tickets of leave

John Leake

(Ross's) Hobart Town almanack and Van Diemen's Land annual

  • AU TAS UTAS SPARC AY 1625 .H63
  • Collection
  • 1835

Includes a list of the 'Civil Establishment of Van Diemen's Land and its dependencies'; a list of the 'Military'; a list of 'Public Institutions'; a 'Return of convicts'; list and description of 'N...

James Ross

Index Plantarum

Index Plantarum, or an attempt towards a popular Description of some of the most common and remarkable Indigenous plants of Van Diemen's Land. Pages 61-114.From the preface: Of the articles which compose the Annual, the view of our indigenous...

James Backhouse

Letter: 16 May 1836

Letter written by William Wood from Hawkridge, dated May 16,1836 regarding wheat, possibilty of selling of his estate to Mr Bryant and his wife very unwell

John Leake

Letter: 10 September 1836

Letter written by William Wood dated 10 September 1836 regarding 41 bushels of wheat, newspapers and Mrs Woods kind regards

John Leake

Letter: 20 May 1836

  • Item
  • 1836-1869
  • Part of Leake Papers

Letter written by William Wood from Hawkridge, dated 20 May 1836 wishing an offer on the sale of his estate in March providing he is offered three pound per acre and the auctioning of the stock. Includes a sketch of the property

John Leake

Letter: 10 June 1838

Letter written by William Wood from Hawkridge, Snakebanks dated 10 June 1838 regarding the membership of the committe for the Church of England Grammar school

John Leake

Letter: 16 March

Letter written by William Wood from Hawkridge, dated Friday 16 March 18?? regarding the price that the sheep fetched at Spencers Gulf

John Leake

Letter: 15 December 1838

Letter written by William Wood from Hawkridge, dated Friday 15 December 1838 regarding a loan of three hundred pounds for wheat

John Leake

Letter : December 1838

Letter from F. [Frances] Simmons to 'my dear Ann':- sending box to V.D.L. containing things her 'beloved (now Angle [sic] in Heaven) left you' [?Mary Simmons] and other items including books for the children and teaspoons; also...

Jane Simmons

Dumaresq Collection

  • Collection
  • 1839

Collection consists of one framed and one folded in book form Map of Van Diemen's Land by George Frankland, dated 1839. Dedicated to the Land Holders of the Colony by their faithful servant, George Frankland, Surveyor General and Sole Commis...

George Frankland

Note: 10 June 1838

Handwritten promissory note signed by William Wood, Hawksridge, dated 2 June 1840 for the sum of one hundred pounds, due September 6. Stamped in black ink The Commercial Bank Launceston No. 16613

John Leake

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