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Group at the Springs

Group photograph of team members and others taken at the Springs, Mt. Wellington, Hobart during the 1934 Australian Universities Rifle Match

McDonell Watkyn Woods

The University of Glasgow

Medal commemorating The University of Glasgow 1451 - 1951

Obverse description: Glasgow University arms, inscription above: UNIV. GLASG. MCCCCLI - MDCCCCLI
Reverse description: head of Pope crowned. Legend round: NICOLAUS PONT, MAX. UNIV. GLASG. CONDIT. A.D. VII 10 JAN. A.S. MCCCCLI

United States Military Academy

Medal commemorating United States Military Academy 1802 - 1952

Obverse description : Arms of U.S. Military Academy.
Reverse description .: Torch of learning, laurel and sword.
Legend: United States Military Academy 1802-1952 Sesquicentennial.
Also included in case is a descriptive leaflet.

University Badge

  • Collection
  • c1932

This badge, a smaller version of the cloth badge was probably a badge of the Tasmania University Union, and is based on the official Common Seal of the University, omitting the star and rose and the inscription, with the addition of a punning motto IN UNITATEM UNI.TAS, it also appears on the TUU magazine Platypus and may have been adopted in the 1920’s when the Union first sent teams to Inter-Varsity sports.
In April 1932 it was reported in Togatus that estimates had been received by the S.R.C. from a Melbourne firm for metal badges – ‘Mr Michells considered the Union did not need metal badges and would not be able to dispose of them. But Mr Smith’s motion that a hundred badges should be purchased at 1/6d was carried.”

University of Tasmania Library

University common seal

The University's Common Seal was originally the seal of the Tasmanian Council of Education, which was
established in 1859 to hold university entrance examinations ‘in imitation of the Oxford and Cambridge
annual local examinations’. The TCE awarded scholarships for higher school education, an Associate of
Arts award (equivalent to matriculation) and two annual scholarships for study at a British university. Its
elaborate seal, bearing an open book, a star and a rose, was designed by Bishop of Tasmania F.R. Nixon.
When the University of Tasmania was established in 1890 it took over the functions of the TCE and the
TCE's seal became the University's seal until 1901 when the University commissioned its own seal
bearing the words "University of Tasmania Common Seal 1890". Seals were and are used on official legal documents such as property transfers and letters to the Monarch.
The seal design without the border and inscription was also used on letter heads.
Depicts an open book enscribed with "Floreat Tasmania' (May Tasmania Prosper) on a diamond pattern

University of Tasmania

Students Representative Council photograph

Photograph of the University of Tasmania Students Representative Council 1933(?) taken on the steps of Domain House, Hobart.
Back: S. M. Seares, G.A. McKay, G.E. Hodgson, Brenda Oldmeadow, D.E. Webster, D. Hughes, N.E. Murray; Front: N. Welbrook, Judy Gould, E.R. (Dick) Clive, R. Fagan, A.W. Knight, Betty Erskine, R.D. Frood.

Tasmania University Union

Library workroom

One small black and white photograph of Library workroom at Domain House taken in November 1960. Staff identified as M. McClymont, Dr. Wojtowitz, Mr S. Flood

University of Tasmania

University Council and Staff

Black and white mounted photograph of University Council members and staff taken in 1924 at the entrance to Domain House.
Back :
Dr. A. L. McAulay, Mr. H.P. Tuck, Mr. C. Malthus, Professor J.B. Brigden, Mr. J. A. Johnson, Professor Burn, Professor Copland.
Mr A. R. Hewer, Mr. P. L. Griffiths, Colonel Thomas, Mr. E. A. Counsel (Member of Council), Mr C.C. Dudley, Mr. C. S. King, Mr. L. Rodway
Professor Dunbabin, Professor Williams, Mr. W. J. T. Stops (Vice-Chancellor),
Sir Elliott Lewis (Chancellor), Professor McDougall, Professor Flynn, Professor Lucas (Acting Professor of Mathematics).


University of Tasmania

Tasmanian University Graduates 1929

Photographic except taken from the Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 22 May, 1929 - Tasmanian University Graduates . Miss M.L. Andrew (B.A.), Dr H.T. Postle (M.A., LL.D Melbourne) on whom was conferred the degree of LL.D (Tas) ad eundem, Mr G.L. Ife (LL.B), Mr M.F. Sorell (LL.B), Mr A. Smithies (LL.B) who was Rhodes Scholar for 1929, Mr E.H. Boyd (B.Sc), Mr F. Close (B.Sc), Mr E.C. Butler (LL.B), Mr D. Read (B.Sc), Mr J.R. Rex (LL.B)

University of Tasmania

Watercolour of Christ's College at Bishopbourne

Watercolour of Christ's College at Bishopbourne, Tasmania by Bishop Francis Russell Nixon founder of the College.
Modern typed note accompany painting.
Inscription on the back of the watercolour (in Gell's handwriting)
"The little pointed roof to the extreme left is the stand in the cricket ground. In the centre the Coll: Warden's rooms the left end, then the library, then the North buildings in which re the Sub-warden's rooms, terminated by the bell-tower.
To the right, barns, stables and out-houses.
The Western Mountains with Christ's College Jan .24th 1854"

Francis Russell Nixon

Guiler Collection

  • Collection
  • 1953-1978

Collection consists of Thylacine Expedition 8 mm films, and notes on site locations etc. collected on location at Mt Nelson, Granville Harbour and Cape Portland , in Tasmania between 1953 and 1978 by Eric Guiler.
Reel 104 is an example of the films. All films are available for viewing at

Eric Rowland Guiler

College Prospectus and Library Catalogue

College Prospectus, printed by Elliston, Collins Street, Hobart Town and dated 1848. Includes note of nature and advantages of a college, steps taken by Bishop, subscribers, trustees, Hutchins & Launceston Church Grammar schools, scholarships, Franklin Museum; Also bound into this volume is the Catalogue of the Christ's College Library, in the Diocese of Tasmania parts one & two.
Pat one lists books by subject, part two list books by author.

University of Tasmania

Staff with Japanese Visitor

Staff with Japanese visitor (front left) taken in front of the main entrance to Domain House, named around photograph N.E. Lewis, W.H. Williams, D.G. McDougall, Herman Ritz, H.C Kingsmill, James Cruickshank, R.L. Dunbabin, F.M. Johnstone, Loftus Hill, A. Beale, C. Dean, Mary Samplan

University of Tasmania

Staff of the Commerce Department

Black and white mounted photograph of University of Tasmania Commerce Department staff taken in 1938. Left to right: Miss Jeanette Audrey Cox (Clerk 1932-1939), Ken M Dallas, D. L Anderson and Professor F.R.E. Mauldron (front).

University of Tasmania

Letter from Adam Taylor of Valleyfield

Handwritten letter from Adam Taylor to his brother William dated 9th November, Valleyfield.
Transcribed :
My dear Willie
We have got three turkeys out and two chickens beside, there are four hens and one turkey sitting. We have had four or five gooseberry pies. Robert went to Melbourne last Saturday with uncle and Jamie and aunt Buist. Old Joe was out getting some wood and someone broke his window, got in and stole all his things. A beautiful owl came into the garden. Robert caught it in the laundry and we sent it to Mr Whitcomb. Miss ??? sends her love to you. I am your affectionate Adam Taylor

Adam Turnbull Taylor

Interview with Mrs Margaret Scott

Interview with Mrs Margaret Scott. This recording forms part of a collection of interviews with UTAS staff, former staff and alumni students. The interviews were conducted by Mrs Hilary Webster, John Roberts and others as part of the University of Tasmania Centenary Committee Oral History Project chaired by Prof. Michael Roe, School of History 1978 - 1983

Library Staff 1956

One small black and white photograph of Library staff taken outside the entrance to Domain House, Christmas 1956.

University of Tasmania

Loans desk

Photograph of the Librarian, D H Borchardt at Loans desk with Mrs Kemp 1960

University of Tasmania

Main reading area

Photograph of the main reading area of the Library, Domain, House . Taken in November 1960 showing students working at desks. Honour board on wall.

University of Tasmania

William Henry Williams

In 1894 William Henry Williams became a lecturer and in 1896 the foundation professor of Classics and English Literature at the newly established University of Tasmania. He occupied the chair until his retirement in 1925. During part of that time he was dean of the faculty of arts and chairman of the professorial board. In March 1926 he was made professor emeritus. He was also a trustee of the State Library of Tasmania from 1921 to 1936. Copy of indenture of Professor Williams to the position of Professor of Classics and English literature, dated 1902. Appointment Indenture for William Henry Williams, dated 1901, 1902 &1904. Professor of Classics and English Literature (1901 draft); Professor of Classics and English Literature (17 February 1902); Supplement to agreement (2 February 1904); Professor of Classics and English Literature (19 August1904 and draft).

University of Tasmania

Library promotional video

  • Collection
  • 1981

Consists of one Library promotional video made in 1981, VHS cassette recording, 6.5 minutes. Script by Mary Howard and Peter Cohen, narrated by Meg Taylor, camera work by Michael Knott, Ross James and Eve Pettit, technical director Brian Rieusset, programme director Eve Pettit. Originally recorded on Umatic cassette for continuous playing over 1 hour, copied on to VHS by Brian Rieusset July, 1993, for University Archives (two showings over 15 minutes). Reformated to DVD in 2017. Includes typed copy of script.

University of Tasmania Library

University Blazer : Rifle Club

T.U. Rifle Club blue badge (T.U.R.C. under crossed rifles) and A.U.S.A (Australian Universities Sport Association).
Blazer was made by Smale Bros. Tailors, Hobart, unlined, with cloth buttons.
It is not known when the Union first adopted a sports blazer and the colours Oxford blue, rose and primrose (1949 TUU Handbook
describes blazers as navy blue with crimson and gold braid and Uni arms on pocket), but University teams were first sent to Inter Varsity sports in the 1920’s and the Student Representative Council was formed in 1926. In 1931 it was reported to the S.R.C. that the
Y.M.C.A. was adopting a blazer similar to the University blazer and the Secretary was instructed to see the Secretary of the Y.M.C.A. (Togatus Sept. 1931). The badge used before 1937 was adapted from the University Common Seal (originally the seal of the Tasmanian Council of Education). In 1932 100 small metal badges were also ordered by the Union from a Melbourne firm. The ‘blue’ award was shown by a badge of the sporting club worn below the pocket badge and in this example worn on a distinctive plain blue blazer. Members of combined universities teams could also gain a ‘blue’ from the Australian Universities Sports Association, but in 1932 it was decided that a separate ‘blue’ would detract from the individual universities’ blues and instead members of combined teams could wear the A.U.S.A. badge below their own badges on their own university blazer or university blue blazer pocket. Donald Rockcliff was one of the first to gain this distinction

Donald George Rockcliff

The Royal Society of Tasmania Medal

Cast bronze medal produced by The Royal Society of Tasmania in 1988 to commemorate the Joseph Banks Memorial Lecture. It features a bust of Banks on one side, the H.M.S. 'Beagle' under sail, a banksia and a lizard on the other. It is number 43 of a limited edition of 150 designed by Tasmanian sculptor Stephen Walker.
Obverse: At centre within border of leaves and nuts, a bust of Banks facing 3/4 left; around, incuse, Sir Joseph Banks 1988 memorial lecture.
Reverse Description: At centre, within border of leaves, H.M.S. Beagle under sail away to right with flower behind and lizard below; around, incuse, THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF TASMANIA.

Stephen Walker

T.U. Rifle Club hat

Trooper style hat with University colours banded round. Also separate band in blue with rose and primrose stripe. See photos UT367/1 (the team are shown wearing such hats in 1932 but not 1930)

Donald George Rockcliff

Schiller 150th Anniversary

Silver medal commemorating 150th Anniversary of the Death of Friedrich von Schiller 1955. Engraved by Alfons Feuerle. Minted in Stuttgart, Germany.
Reverse Lettering: FRIEDRICH VON SCHILLER 9.V.1955 ZUM 150. TODES TAG
Edge Smooth with inscriptions. Lettering: SEID EINIG EINIG EINIG

Alfons Feuerle

verso-The Royal Society of Tasmania Medal

Produced in 1988 for the Joseph Banks Memorial lecture and features a bust of Banks, the H.M.S. 'Beagle' under sail, and flowers and a lizard.
Obverse: At centre within border of leaves and nuts, a bust of Banks facing 3/4 left; around, incuse, Sir Joseph Banks 1988 memorial lecture.
Reverse Description: At centre, within border of leaves, H.M.S. Beagle under sail away to right with flower behind and lizard below; around, incuse, THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF TASMANIA.
150 medals cast

Annual Commemoration 1896

Photographic except taken from the Tasmanian Mail, 16 January 1897 showing graduating students : Mr W.A. Roberts (LLB), Mr W.J.T. Stops (LLB), Mr Herbert Nicholls (LLB), Mr J.H. Keating (LLB), Miss E.H Wilson, first lady graduate (BA) and Lieutenant -Colonel Cruickshank, Registrar

University of Tasmania

Recipients of Degrees at Commemoration

Photographic except taken from the Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 22 May, 1929 - Recipients of University of Tasmania Degrees at Commemoration, Mr A.K. Fulton (B.A), Mr T. Hytten (MA), Miss F. Stops (B.A), Mr D.S. Smith (B.E), Miss Y.I. Guilbert (B.A), Mr O.H. Biggs (B.Sc)

University of Tasmania

nos. 416-1229

Entry numbers 416 - 1229 in volume 1 of University of Tasmania Roll Book of Graduates, 25 June 1890 to 23 April 1959. Includes graduates from other universities in the Empire whose degrees were conferred at the University of Tasmania as ad eundem gradum degrees.

Loans desk

Photograph of the Librarian, D H Borchardt at Loans desk with Mrs Kemp 1960

University of Tasmania

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