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Sarah Benson Mather

Photograph of Sarah Benson Mather. Died on the day she was to be married to Edward Octavius Cotton

Rachel Salmon's Will

Copy of Rachel Salmon's Will, dated 1933.Property in trust for three stepdaughters Emma Elizabeth Campbell, Alicia Maria New and Mary Ann Louisa Robinson, bequests to Friends School and nephews and nieces; ms instructions on distribution of household goods to friends.

Rachel Salmon

Letter to JB Cotton from Alma Rachel Cotton

Letter to James Backhouse Cotton from Alma Rachel Cotton daughter of Francis and Helen (McLeod) Cotton, 'Belmont' to her uncle James Cotton, Tasmania 1877 thanking him for a desk and talking about herself and Ethel taking dinner to Arthur and Ernest who are clearing the gorse.

Letter from Mrs Webb

Letter from Mrs. Webb to Mrs. Cotton dated 21 October 1973 about George Cotton of George's River (Pyengana)

Prospective buyers : Ponsonby Vale

Authority of executor G.F. Story to sell and notes on auctioneers etc (28/3/68); inquiry from Thomas Hamilton; note of minimum price acceptable to the family; G.F. Story to F. Cotton: place not sold and so advertised to be let, rough draft plan and notes of terms of lease; solicitors Allport & Roberts' account respecting sale (1867-1868).
A letter from GF Story to Francis Cotton, from Kelvedon 20 June 1868. The letter concerns the sale of a property at Ponsonby Vale and its prospective buyers.

Joseph William Story

Notes on Francis and Anna Maria Cotton from London Meeting

Research by Edward Milligan into the history of Francis and Anna Maria Cotton's exclusion (disownment) from the Society of Friends entitled 'Notes from London Meeting (Devonshire House and Southwark) on Francis and Anna Maria Cotton'. The envelope is marked 'sealed until January 1989' with a note from the donor Nancie Hewitt 'to be put under seal for 15 years or until death of Margie Robey whichever is the sooner'.

Edward Milliagan

Personal account of God's goodness

Francis Cotton's personal account of God's goodness to him, including his upbringing and his readmission to the Friends during Backhouse and Walker's mission.

Francis Cotton

Birth Certificate : Mary Cotton

Birth certificate of Mary, daughter of Francis Cotton, carpenter and Anna Maria Cotton in Spitalfields, Middlesex, England, 23/12/1827.

Mary Cotton

Freedom of City of London

Record of admission dated 10 February 1825, and affirmation, of Francis Cotton as a Freeman of the City of London (citizen) in the Drapers' Company, having been apprentice of John Farrar citizen and draper.
Note: the drapers' Company is one of the oldest of the City Guilds or Livery Companies. The Drapers were originally makers of woollen cloth, but since the seventeenth century have had little connection with the cloth industry and John Farrar was not actually a draper by trade. F.C. said he was apprenticed as a carpenter etc. (see 132). Freemen were members of their company (or guild) and citizens of
London, but only the "livery men" of the Company (those entitled to wear the Company's livery) had the right to nominate an alderman as a candidate for the office of Lord Mayor each year.

Phrenologist report : Francis Cotton

Phrenology report dated 1856 by Archibald S. Hamilton on Francis Cotton who assumed the name William Thompson and the dress of a 'seafaring man' so as to prevent if possible, any personal knowledge or bias through an oral report.'

Francis Cotton

Education and Convict labour

Letter from Francis Cotton to George Washington Walker dated 4 September 1852 about education, Kelvedon, Tasmania

Francis Cotton

Pledge of total abstinence : Augustus Carp

Pledge of total abstinence signed by Augustus Carp of the Dr. Syntax Hotel. The pledge is authorised by the Van Diemen's Land Total Abstinence Society of which George Washington Walker is the registrar.

Letter from Thomas C. Sharp

A letter from Thomas Sharp, doctor, to Francis Cotton, containing medical advice for Cotton who was too ill to travel to Hobart to see Sharp. Dated 1883

Francis Cotton

Letter : Rachel Cotton to brother Francis Cotton

Letter from Rachel Cotton, Kelvedon, Tasmania, dated 19 June 1868 to her father Francis Cotton who is visiting Sydney. She talks about her brother Joseph carting and ploughing, breaking a horse for the gig, an adventure in the rain where she caught cold and jaundice.

Francis Cotton

Howard Gurney Cotton and Edith Consulia Cotton

Letters from sons and daughters: Howard Gurney Cotton and Edith Consulia Cotton, children of John Cotton, to grandfather (presumably Francis Cotton senior) dated 27 August 1878 : thanks for presents of stirrups and bit

Francis Cotton

Letter to Rachel

Letter from Francis Cotton written to Rachel Cotton dated 29 June 1868, while visiting South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales

William Allen : death of cows

Extract of a letter , from Francis Cotton on the subject of the death of his cows in Australia. Poisoned by a noxious plant that grows in damp marshy places. Suspected a small fungus that makes the mucus membranes of the stomach peel off.

Sale of house

A note concerning the sale of Dr Story's house at 18 Critchill Place, New North Road, London. Two thirds of the profits from the sale, after all expenses were paid, were to go to Lowe and Johnson of 30 Bishopsgate Street.

1856-59: Farm Journal

Farm journal for Kelvedon, January 1856 to February 1859. A journal recording farming activities at 'Kelvedon', the Cotton family's property near Swansea on the East Coast of Tasmania. George Fordyce Story lived with the Cottons at Kelvedon and contributed to their farming efforts. The journal contains monthly records for 1856 - 1859 describing the management of crops and livestock, as well as important family events. Kept by Edward Octavius cotton

Francis Cotton

1830-31: Farm memoranda

Farm memoranda dated 1830-1831 detailing notes of farm activities, weather, names of calves and men's rations

Francis Cotton

Land valuation

Francis Cotton to assessors, dated 1865, that land valuations of Kelvedon and Grange too high

Francis Cotton

Grange Property : Thomas Young, solicitor

Copies of letters from Thomas Young, solicitor, relating to the survey of the land, original grantees, and application by Gellibrand and Bethune for part of the estate dated October and November 1854ยท

Francis Cotton

Additonal grant

Application to locate additonal grant of 750 acres between Webber's land and Cotton corner tree at Rocky Hills dated 1831

Francis Cotton

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