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Information from Sinclair

Information taken from 'Descriptive catalogue of medieval and renaissance western manuscripts in Australia' by K. V. Sinclair
Sydney University Press, 1969. Available at Morris Miller-Rare-Book Z 6620 .A8 S55

Information from Sinclair

Information taken from 'Descriptive catalogue of medieval and renaissance western manuscripts in Australia' by K. V. Sinclair
Sydney University Press, 1969. Available at Morris Miller-Rare-Book Z 6620 .A8 S55

School of Medicine

  • Collection
  • 1966-1988

Collection of School of Medicine files (1966-1981) containing newspaper clippings, class/graduation photographs (1984,1985,1987,1988), staff lists, job advertisements, seminar information, questionnaires.

University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania Charter

  • UT377
  • Collection
  • 1899-1915

Documents relating to the University of Tasmania Charter

University of Tasmania

William Sorell : Journal

  • Collection
  • 1823-1825

Collection consists of type written transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. for the years 1823-1825.
In his journal Sorell made brief daily entries of his voyage out, his reception at Government House, the arrival of Lt. Governor Arthur, his new post as Registrar of the Supreme Court. The entries are brief but of particular interest are his references to the arrival of ships and his meeting officers and other people of note landing at Hobart. He makes occasional references to his work and cases in court and to Judge Pedder and his wife. Apart from his work Sorell's chief activities, as noted, were riding, walking, reading and dining with 'friends and officers of the Barracks and Convict Department. He attended church regularly on Sunday and mentions the arrival of an organ subscribed for by the in habitants (13, 14 April 1825). He took occasional shooting trips, mainly to the Coal River (Richmond). Most of the entries are, however, brief and lacking in detail or descriptive accounts as may be illustrated by his reference to a proposal to transfer the capital to Brighton: 'Meeting at Government House. Removal to Brighton in a large Meeting. I attended. I think the Lt. Governor has made up his mind upon the removal.' (19 May 1825)
Transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. made by L. Rodda and P.S. King. ( 83 pages) Photocopy only now held. Also a typed name index to diary to diary - on catalogue cards made by L. Rodda.

William Sorell

The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer

  • Collection
  • 1810

The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligence, Hobarts first and short lived newspaper was first issued on 8 January 1810. This issue No. 7, 3 April 1810 gives an account of the recent death and funeral of David Collins, Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land. Produced fortnightly by the government printer George Clark/Clarke, there were twelves issues published from 1810 to 1812.

George Clark

Knopwood Diary

  • Collection
  • 1805-1808

Diary of Rev. Robert Knopwood dated 1 January 1805 to 17 July 1808. The diary is headed 'Revd. Robert Knopwood, Chaplain, Hobart Town, Derwent River, Van Diemens Land'. It begins on Tuesday 1 January 1805, noting 'a general muster of all the prisoners in the colony it being New Years Day'. It is written in a neat hand, some words being abbreviated. Knopwood notes, for example, dining with the Governor and others , visiting the Government Farm, kangaroo shooting, fishing, the shortage of provisions in the colony, the weather, the arrival and departure of ships, occasionally christenings, etc. etc.
Some pages have been cut out leaving only the date (probably by R.K.)

Robert Knopwood

Marjorie Bligh Photograph Collection

  • Collection
  • 1910-2011

Collection consists of a series of digital photographs taken for an exhibition of Marjorie Bligh's work held at the University of Tasmania, Morris Miller Library in 2011. They include photographs of Marjorie's personal photograph collection and photographs of her handcrafts.

Marjorie Bligh

Index Plantarum

Index Plantarum, or an attempt towards a popular Description of some of the most common and remarkable Indigenous plants of Van Diemen's Land. Pages 61-114.
From the preface: Of the articles which compose the Annual, the view of our indigenous plants, will it is hoped, be found not the least acceptable. Though not by any means complete, being a first attempt, it will, we trust, serve to excite a taste among our readers, as well for botanical research as for the pleasures of the field and garden. In compiling it advantage has been taken of every source of information that was open to us at the time. And chiefly we have to thank the industry and kindness of our much valued friend Mr. Backhouse, whose knowledge of the Flora of this island is so extensive. We have to return our thanks also to Mr. Ronald Gunn, who so kindly obliged us with a perusal of his’ Hortus Siccus’ and the invaluable descriptions of Dr. Hooker. The labours of Loudon, Brown, Sprengell and others were likewise of much service

James Backhouse

Letter: 5th November 1833

  • Pièce
  • 1833
  • Fait partie de Leake Papers

Letter written by William Wood from Snake Banks dated 5th November 1833 to John Leake regarding volumes of the New Monthy and wifes health

John Leake

Dumaresq Collection

  • Collection
  • 1839

Collection consists of one framed and one folded in book form Map of Van Diemen's Land by George Frankland, dated 1839. Dedicated to the Land Holders of the Colony by their faithful servant, George Frankland, Surveyor General and Sole Commissioner of Crown Lands . The map shows : counties, hundreds, parishes, townships, reserves for townships, roads, houses, names of landholders. Inset plans of Hobart and Launceston (24cm X 21cm) Scale : 20 miles : 7cm Size : 80cm X 130cm

George Frankland

Andrew Downie Papers

  • Collection
  • 1814-1879

Collection consists of mainly financial papers. Includes indenture, correspondence, sheep & wool business papers, bills & accounts

Andrew Downie

Dr George Fordyce Story Collection

  • Collection
  • 1821-1878

Collection consists of personal papers, medical case notes and accounts, student notes and exercises, botanical papers which include some correspondence with Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller, copies of electoral returns etc.

George Fordyce Story

South Africa, Territorial Waters Act, 1963, amendments to 1977, Proclamation applying the Act to the Prince Edward Islands, and related law applying the fisheries legislation

National law relevant to maritime boundaries, territories administration, marine resources, fishing, sub-Antarctic. Provides document, source information and Bill Bush notes. [Referred to by Bush at SA15061970 and SA31101978]

Bill Bush

United States, Report of resolution introduced into the US Senate which would direct the President to claim areas in Antarctica discovered or explored by American citizens

Diplomatic communication relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, United States, exploration, discovery. Provides copy of document or extract, with source information and Bill Bush notes. Document shows several dates. Bush volumes settles on 30 June. [Published by Bush as US30061930]

Bill Bush

United States, Department of State press release concerning the territorial problem of Antarctica, and related commentary

Government document relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, recognition, exploration and discovery, internationalisation, Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand Norway, United Kingdom. Provides documents or extracts, source information and Bill Bush notes.

Bill Bush

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