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Watercolour on card with some pencil painted by Olive Pink at Edwards Creek, South Australia 5/8/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Zygophyllum

Olive Pink

Youth Cricket Team at Gretna

Youth Club Cricket Team taken at Gretna. Back Row: Mr Easther, Jack Cliffe, Stan Ransley, Frank Butler. Middle Row: Alan Easther, Alan Hyland (captain) Dudley Coleman, Spud Ransley, Basil Easther. Front: Brian Richardson, Walter Thomas. Boy: Harry Smith.

Yam flower

Watercolour on card sketched by Olive Pink 27/12/57 (location unknown). Identified by Olive Pink as "Yam flower? badly done"

Olive Pink

Wynyard Regatta 1957

Colour photograph, taken from eastern bank of Inglis River, depicts four yachts sailing, breakwater on opposite bank, with small child running in sand on foreground riverbank.

Hal Wyatt

Wrest Point Hotel 1952

Photograph depicts forecourt of Wrest Point Hotel, Sandy Bay, showing front door with decorative masonry, with five dolphins, ship with St George Cross atop front door. Man in brown uniform standing alongside a Holden FX with dark body paintwork and a yellow painted roof, a taxi affiliated with Hobart's Yellow Cabs, Tasmanian licence plate WXG 772.

Hal Wyatt

Wreck on beach near Mars Bluff

Colour photograph of rotting timbers from wreck of boat, half-buried in the sand near shallow creek on beach near Mars Bluff, Bruny Island, Photograph possibly taken 1963.

World Resources Institute "Report on Antarctica" Lee Kimball

Non-governmental organisations document relevant to the Fifteenth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, ATCM XV, Paris, environment protection, mining ban, minerals convention, Ninth Special Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, SATCM IX, Tinker Foundation. Provides document and source information.

Bill Bush

Wood's huts

Photograph of Wood's huts at the Springs, Mount Wellington, in 1870 with old couple and younger gentleman and boy sitting outside. On the reverse of the photo post card 'Do you remember them. Huts and old Mr. and Mrs. Wood'.

Women on a break

Women seated on grass, Left to right. Back row: Gladys Watson, Lil Barwick, Bealtie Smith. Middle row: Joyce Barwick, others unknown. Front row: unknown

William Sorell : Journal

  • Collection
  • 1823-1825

Collection consists of type written transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. for the years 1823-1825.
In his journal Sorell made brief daily entries of his voyage out, his reception at Government House, the arrival of Lt. Governor Arthur, his new post as Registrar of the Supreme Court. The entries are brief but of particular interest are his references to the arrival of ships and his meeting officers and other people of note landing at Hobart. He makes occasional references to his work and cases in court and to Judge Pedder and his wife. Apart from his work Sorell's chief activities, as noted, were riding, walking, reading and dining with 'friends and officers of the Barracks and Convict Department. He attended church regularly on Sunday and mentions the arrival of an organ subscribed for by the in habitants (13, 14 April 1825). He took occasional shooting trips, mainly to the Coal River (Richmond). Most of the entries are, however, brief and lacking in detail or descriptive accounts as may be illustrated by his reference to a proposal to transfer the capital to Brighton: 'Meeting at Government House. Removal to Brighton in a large Meeting. I attended. I think the Lt. Governor has made up his mind upon the removal.' (19 May 1825)
Transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. made by L. Rodda and P.S. King. ( 83 pages) Photocopy only now held. Also a typed name index to diary to diary - on catalogue cards made by L. Rodda.

William Sorell

William Henry Williams

In 1894 William Henry Williams became a lecturer and in 1896 the foundation professor of Classics and English Literature at the newly established University of Tasmania. He occupied the chair until his retirement in 1925. During part of that time he was dean of the faculty of arts and chairman of the professorial board. In March 1926 he was made professor emeritus. He was also a trustee of the State Library of Tasmania from 1921 to 1936. Copy of indenture of Professor Williams to the position of Professor of Classics and English literature, dated 1902. Appointment Indenture for William Henry Williams, dated 1901, 1902 &1904. Professor of Classics and English Literature (1901 draft); Professor of Classics and English Literature (17 February 1902); Supplement to agreement (2 February 1904); Professor of Classics and English Literature (19 August1904 and draft).

University of Tasmania

William Grubb

Framed caricature of William Grubb. Wood and coal merchant known to Hobart as Billy. A keen yachtsman and fisherman.

Thomas Claude Wade Midwood

Wilkes Land whaling licenses

References to information relevant to Wilkes Land, Australian Antarctic Territory, fishing, marine resources. Provides only references to source information.

Bill Bush

Wild Orange

Pencil on paper sketched by Olive Pink, at Barrow Creek, 1949. Identified by Olive Pink as Wild Orange. "pale lemon petal and stamens green end to pistil - bright green leaves of leathery texture"

Olive Pink

Whitewood (Tallow wood)

Coloured pencil on card sketched by Olive Pink, Thompsons Rock Hole, 1943. Identified by Olive Pink as Whitewood ( Tallow wood)

Olive Pink

White Gum

Illustration from Henry Hellyers diary - " Large white gum tree on road 2 miles from shore

White caps on Lake Myrtle

Colour photograph shows waves and white caps on the surface of Lake Myrtle GIS: Latitude -4188 Longitude 14618 Gazetteer Australia Record_ID TAS02073


Photograph of Elizabeth Street, Hobart, looking towards the harbour with Westella and the Memorial Congregational Church in the foreground. Taken prior to The photographer was Alfred Winter who had studios in Bathurst, Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets from 1869 until 1891.

Alfred Winter

Wedding cards in envelope

Two wedding cards with decorative scalloped edges attached together with metallic beaded clip, one smaller, inscribed Mrs D.F. Jobson and D.F. Jobson in a silver embossed envelope with decorative seal addressed Mr & Mrs G.W. Walker

Wedding cards

Two wedding cards, one smaller, inscribed Mr & Mrs W.E. Shoobridge in envelope addressed Mrs Walker. On verso of envelope flap written nee Annie B Mather.

Webb's Hotel

Photograph of Webb's Hotel, later Hadley's, Murray Street, Hobart, in about 1877. The photographer was Henry Hall Baily who had studios in Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets, Hobart, from 1865 until 1918.

Henry Hall Baily


Pencil on paper sketched by Olive Pink at Edwards Creek, South Australia, 25/7/30 "near cottages". Identified by Olive Pink as Watsonia

Olive Pink

Waterworks Valley

Photograph of Stony Steps or Waterworks Valley, Hobart, Tasmania with Livingstone's house Marydale in the foreground and the Waterworks dam in the background, c.1870.

James Backhouse Walker

Waterloo House

Photograph of Waterloo House on the corner of Murray and Davey Streets, Hobart, Tasmania in 1880. The photographers were Anson Brothers whose firm was located in Liverpool, Collins and Elizabeth Streets between 1878 and 1891.

Anson Brothers

Waterfall Bay to Cape Huay

Panorama from Waterfall Bay to Cape Huay on the Tasman Peninsula. The photographer is John Watt Beattie.

John Watt Beattie

Waterfall at Pine Tree Creek

Colour photograph shows waterfall flowing across rock face in Central Highlands, with pencil pines surrounding rock pool

Arthur Knight

Watercolour of Christ's College at Bishopbourne

Watercolour of Christ's College at Bishopbourne, Tasmania by Bishop Francis Russell Nixon founder of the College.
Modern typed note accompany painting.
Inscription on the back of the watercolour (in Gell's handwriting)
"The little pointed roof to the extreme left is the stand in the cricket ground. In the centre the Coll: Warden's rooms the left end, then the library, then the North buildings in which re the Sub-warden's rooms, terminated by the bell-tower.
To the right, barns, stables and out-houses.
The Western Mountains with Christ's College Jan .24th 1854"

Francis Russell Nixon

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