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Belt-driven baling with steam engine

Colour photograph shows how a belt is connected to drive wheel of a steam engine and a baler, at a demonstration held near central arena at Elphin Showground, Launceston, also set up for sheepdog trials

Hal Wyatt

Bath Inn at Oatlands

Colour photograph of sandstone building with tin roof, geraniums blooming in front garden, Bath Inn, at Oatlands, Tasmania

Hal Wyatt

Billowing sails on Derwent

Colour photograph of yachts racing on Derwent River with cargo ships berthed at Port of Hobart in background; foothills on land are dry

Hal Wyatt

Paddock of lupins at Sassafras

Colour photograph of blue lupins, flowering in a paddock at Sassafras. Picture taken from a driveway entrance with a sheep and cattle grid.

Hal Wyatt

Repair work on Tasman Bridge continues

Colour photograph shows site of repair work to Tasman Bridge, damaged by the crash of the ore carrier Lake Illawarra in January 1975; missing pylons being replaced

Hal Wyatt

Horse and carriage at Launceston Show 1972

Colour photograph of dark bay or black horse in harness, with a black carriage at Launceston Show, 1972. Groom or driver also dressed in black. Other carriages in background.

Hal Wyatt

Bird’s eye view of Burnie wharf

Colour photograph, taken overhead, of three-masted ship berthed at pier on Burnie wharf, undated; timber stacked on concrete surface of wharf, motor vehicles parked on wharf; five smaller single-masted vessels and dinghies, also tied to nearby jetty.

Hal Wyatt

Burnie wharves 1962

Colour photograph taken from Upper Burnie, looking north to Burnie waterfront on Emu Bay, with reclamation works at Port of Burnie; a ship berthed

Hal Wyatt

Rusting Burrell steam engine overgrown by hawthorn at Bridgewater 1970

Colour photograph shows a Chas Burrell and Sons steam engine, abandoned and rusting, in a paddock, partially overgrown by runaway hawthorn hedge, in fruit, at Bridgewater. The maker’s name plate is partially visible on the front of the boiler. Visible at top right of photograph is western gantry of vertical lift roadway of Bridgewater bridge on eastern shore of Derwent River, where Bridgewater bridge and causeway joins towns of Bridgewater and Granton.

Hal Wyatt

Callington Mill Oatlands

Colour photograph of the stone base of the Callington Mill at Oatlands, a windmill originally built 1837, which fell into disuse through 20th century and was partially dismantled.

Hal Wyatt

Railway carriage at Deloraine

Colour photograph of red painted railway carriage hooked up behind wagon laden with cut and split timber in a railway siding at Deloraine. Two men standing beside the carriage (with DB10 painted on the side), one man wearing hat, studying a viewfinder camera, the other is looking up the track.

Hal Wyatt

Centenary train stops at Westbury

Colour photograph of schoolchildren and sightseers crowding onto the track and climbing onto another train to look at the passing Centenary Train, pulled by two steam locomotives on the Tasmanian Government Railways line, at Westbury Station.

Hal Wyatt

Commercial Hotel Richmond 1970

Colour photograph shows street view of Commercial Hotel, Richmond, a double-storey sandstone structure with decorative ironwork on the veranda posts, taken in 1970

Hal Wyatt

Construction of Tasman Bridge 1961

Colour photograph taken from Derwent River shows construction of Tasman Bridge, 1961, shows scaffolding and crane gantry in place near shoreline.

Hal Wyatt

Representatives Conference, Cadbury 1922

Representatives Conference 1922. Left to right. Back: JC Tankard, JF Jeffrey, JP Wilson, JH Cooper, VC Smith, JE Cooper, DC Vernon, H Hives, JP Whitworth, WH Clark. Front: JA Ersjine, J Coley, WH Palmer, EA Clarke, N Benson, WH Lees, S Lees, W Cooper, WA Cadbury.

Representatives Conference Garden Party at Thos. E. Coopers residence “Chigwell”

Representatives Conference Garden Party at Thos. E. Coopers residence “Chigwell” Left to right. Back: JP Wilson, HE Theobold, J Cooley, DC Vernon, A Hackett, W Lees, N Benson, JC Tankard, F Erskine, AE Lodge, S Lees, JP Whitworth, WH Palmer, H Hives, JH Cooper, JT Jeffrey, (.) Front: EH Colleyshaw, Mrs Colleyshaw, Mrs Clarke, Mrs W Cooper, Miss Joy Cadbury, D. Cooper, William Cadbury, Mrs Cadbury, TE Cooper, Mrs TE Cooper, Miss Gallimore. Seated: WH clarke, Miss Russell, Miss Joyce Cooper, Mrs HV McKernn, Miss H Cooper, Mrs Coley, VC Smith. 1922?

Directors ‘A’ Staff & State & Sales Managers. Claremont March 12th, 1951

Directors ‘A’ Staff & State & Sales Managers. Photographed Claremont March 12th, 1951. Left to right. Back: VA Benjafield, DR Campbell, JWC Wyett, Miss DA Wyly, KWG Mason, WA Smith, BA Wells. Middle: A Watts, DS Newman (Victoria) AH Seaton (S.Aus.) BC Johnston (Queensland) EF McDade (NSW) I van Assche (W. Aus) WA Hopkins (Tasmania) Front: VG Burley, JPD Lloyd, VC Smith, HV Mckernan.

Sales Managers Conference Claremont March 16th-19th, 1953

Sales Managers Conference Claremont March 16th-19th, 1953. Taken outside at Social Hall, Derwent River in background. Left to right. Back: RM Conway, TO Kelly, MG Wells, JWC Wyett, AB Eastaugh, DR Atkins, RB Thistlethwayte, WA Hopkins. Front: DS Newman, AH Seaton, EF McDade, HV McKernan, BC Johnston, I van Assche.

ASM's Conference February 1961

ASM's Conference February 1961. Back: TO Kelly, FA Pollard, EM Firth, MG Wells, RB Thistlethwayte, RV Palesy, DR Atkins, DC Whiter, G Blay, NF Mitchell. Centre: RM Conway, DE McEnvoy, HG Partridge, M Glanville, FW Thomas, GJ Budd, JP Quayle. Front: AB Eastaugh, I van Assche, WA Hopkins, AH Seaton, HV Mckernan, BC Johnston, JWC Wyett, DS Newman.

Representatives Conference Claremont, 1965

Representatives Conference 1965. Left to right. Front Row: BA Manners, GF Fox, RA Smith, HV McKernan, JPD Lloyd, VG Burley, F Stock, AB Adkins. 2nd Row: IA Pollard, DB Mathieson, GC Lees, FA Banyard, DM Abbott, AB Tinner, AE Meaker. 3rd Row: K Mitton, KR Chipman, GE Munday, SI Morse, JP Ford, R Leggett. Back Row: DS Newman, LD O'Connor, JP Sedgebeer, RJ Rees, JP Webb, JA Brough, DI Owen, WA Hopkins.

King River Gorge, Mt Lyell Railway

The image appears on a printed playing card (7 of Spades) with legend in text at the bottom. The cards were part of a tourism promotion campaign by the Northern Tasmanian Tourist Association, printed and distributed just after the Great War (World War I).

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