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Meston Historical Research Papers

  • Collection
  • 1933-1958

Papers relating to the historical research of Archibald Lawrence Meston (1890-1951), including notes, drafts and copies of articles for publication, transcripts or photocopies of documents, and newspaper cuttings.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Notes on genealogy

Notes on genealogy: Including families of Luttrell (ancestors of Mrs. A.L. (Winifred) Meston; Rockwell, including typed copy of letter written by J. Rockwell, an officer on H.M.S. Dreadnought, describing the battle of Trafalgar, photograph of Captain Rockwell, Master of P.S. "Kangaroo"; Churchill and Crocker families.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Printed works

Printed works removed from Collection and placed in Library's Rare Book Collection or in Staff Publications:
• Howard, M.C. West Coast mineral areas, 1947.
• Miller, E.M. Literary beginnings in Tasmania. (Educational Record, Oct.15, 1948)
• Miller, E.M. The Tasmanian, Launceston's first newspaper.(Biblionews, vol.2, No.8, 1949). 2 copies and typed ms.
• Preshaw, A.S. The University of Tasmania throughout half a century. (Tasmanian Institute of Educational Research. Bull.No.6, 1940).
• Triebel, L.A. Whaling in Australasian Seas a century ago. (Educational Record, Feb. 1949).

Archibald Lawrence Meston

News clippings

Collection of miscellaneous news clippings, history, animals, obituaries and reminiscences in notebooks and binder

Archibald Lawrence Meston


Collection of miscellaneous news clippings, dated 1930-31. History, animals, Frenchman's Cap, obituaries, reminiscences, ships. Arranged in a spring binder.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Literary matters

Collection of miscellaneous news clippings, dated 1928. Literary matters, in quarto note book, partly unused.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Van Diemen's Land Company documents

Collection of printed papers
• Van Diemen's Land Company: British Acts relating to the Company, 1825, 1847, 1863, 1877, 1916.
• Tasmanian Parliamentary Papers in re V.D.L. Co., 1859, 1889, 1911.
• Circular advertising land for sale 1858.
• Report of Emu Bay Railway Co. 1937
• V.D.L. Co. Annual Report, 1868/69, 1931/37.
• Report to V.D.L. Co. by James Bailey on the State of their properties, 10 Aug. 1881.
• Report on properties by Capt. James Rowe, 1886.

Archibald Lawrence Meston


"Tasmania" File containing:
• Transcript from headstone on grave of Bart. B. Thomas, 1831;
• letter from Ronald Smith 1929;
• letters from W. Walker, 1927;
• note by A.W.S. Hume re J.H. Wedge;
• letter from Thomas Dunbabin, 1928, re Jorgen Jorgensen, with transcripts from Jorgensen's Diary;
• photograph of W.W. Elliston, photocopy of his handwriting and Coat of Arms;
• photograph of Stanley and The Nut;
• drawing of The Nut, Plan of Settlement Island (Sarah Island) Macquarie Harbour.

Archibald Lawrence Meston


"Archives" - Folder containing:
• "University of Tasmania. History Department.
• Brief General Survey of Tasmanian Historical Material in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
• Launceston Public Library. "List of Books in the Library on the Early History of Australia and Tasmania, Almanacs, and Tasmanian Newspaper ... Files." 1942. Duplicated.
• Hartwell, R.M. "Early Tasmanian Records and Problems, University of Sydney, 1947. 4p.
• "Tasmanian Newspaper Files in the Chief Secretary's Department, Hobart". Duplicated.
• "Shelf list of Early Tasmanian Newspapers in the State Library, Hobart, Tasmania". 6p. Typescript.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Ross v. Gurr

"Ross v. Gurr": transcripts from Hobart Town Courier and Van Diemens Land Almanac. 1833-35.

Archibald Lawrence Meston


"Sheep". Transcripts including letter to Pastoral Review, by R.S. Sanderson, 8 June 1928; "Early History of Saxony Sheep in Australia", by A.W.L. (Pastoral Review, 16 July 1928); transcripts from Historical Records of N.S.W. concerning John Macarthur's sheep interests.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Trip to the Frenchman Cap

Description of a trip to the Frenchman Cap, in February 1887 by Mr. T.B. Moore. Copied from Mr. Moore's mss. in January 1915. (Published in Hobart Mercury, 14 Apr. 1887. See RS5/9).

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Macquarie's Journals

"Macquarie's Journals". Typed copy of diaries of visit to V.D.L., 1811-1821. From manuscript held in Mitchell Library, published in full, 1956.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Research material on the Van Diemen's Land Co.

Research material on Van Diemen's Land Company including:
• Brochure advertising land for sale, ca.1920;
• Sydney Stock Exchange, Investment Service. [Report] on Emu Railway Co., 1938;
• Mining Services [Report] on Mount Lyell Mining &Railway Co., Nov. 1939;
• copies of letters from J. Norton Smith, V.D.L. Co. to James Smith re Mt. Bischoff Tin Mine, 1873-79;
• Transcripts from Bigge's Report, 1820;
• Baptist Magazine, 1832; "Authentic Information regarding Van Diemen's Land Company" by F. Boucher, 1859 (Ferguson no. 7296).

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Ships 1816-1823

Typescript copy, alphabetically arranged, of arrival of vessels at Hobart Town and their departure from 1st June 1816 to the 31st December 1823.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Letter from R.S. Sanderson

Letter from R.S. Sanderson, Burnie, dated 10 September 1930, enclosing copy of "Notes on the life of Edward Curr by his Grandson, Frederick Curr."

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Letters re exploration of N.W. Tasmania from R.S. Sanderson

Folder containing 25 letters from R. Stuart Sanderson, Burnie, to A.L.Meston re
• exploration of N.W. Tasmania, 1927-1932.
• Copies of 2 letters from A.L.M. to Sanderson, 1930, 1932.
• "Brief History of the Port of Burnie", compiled by
R.S. Sanderson. Typescript 21p. 1921.
• "Notes on the North-West of Tasmania" by J. Sanderson. 5p. Typescript. 26 October 1948.
• "Discovery of tin at Mt.Bischoff" by R.S.Sanderson. 2p. Typescript.
• Extracts from personal diaries of R.D.Sanderson, Burnie. 6p.1884-1928.
• 3 photostats of maps of V.D.L's land grants from Lands Department, Hobart.
• 9 photographs, including 2 of Stonehenge, near Pruana South and 1 of Hellyer's tomb.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Letters from A.L. Wayn

Eight letters from A.L. Wayn, State Secretary's Department, in reply to queries from A.L.M.; 2 articles by A.L.Wayn from Educational Record: "0use in the State Records"; from the State Records, second article. 1947.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Lectures and talks

Folder containing manuscripts of lectures and talks.
• "Introductory Talk to a Course on Australian Literature" (W. E.A. Launceston);
• two press cuttings and notes on English and Scottish localities;
• "Lost Cities of Southern Rhodesia" (Schools Broadcast, 9th February 1938);
• W.H. Hudson (Schools Broadcast, 4th December 1939);
• "A Visit to Kruger National Park", 7th July 1939;
• "Geology of Tasmania"; Talk to Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club 1949.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Early days of the Tamar

Folder containing "Early Days on the Tamar"; 2 copies of a photograph of Launceston; photocopy of "Plan of Launceston" (from Ross: Hobart Town Almanack, 1832); printed broadside, "Ackerman's Exhibition", Launceston.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Research Notes : Dr M Roe

  • Collection
  • 1971

Research notes relating to articles on Alfred Joseph Taylor (1849-1921) , G.L.A. Thirkell and Tichborne Case. Also tape recording and typescript of interview of Sir Robert Cosgrove, and Letter from Professor Sir Isaiah Berlin

Michael Roe

Max Clark Papers

  • Collection
  • 1963

Confidential correspondence relating to the Orr settlement April - September 1963 Including correspondence with Malcolm McRae, Professor A.K. Stout (Sydney University) and draft terms of settlement.

Avon Maxwell Clark

Koolhof Photograph Collection

  • Collection
  • 1964-1984

Collection consists of photographs and negatives of UTAS buildings, equipment, staff & students , including Launceston. Produced by Fred Koolhof while he was employed by the University of Tasmania as a photographer. Also some material relating to the Uniting Church.

Fred Koolhof

University of Tasmania : Framed Newspaper Headlines

  • AU TAS UTAS SPARC 2022/7-uni
  • Collection
  • c2013

Framed newspaper headlines relating to UTAS, its staff, students, activities and proposed expansion to Launceston, Burnie and Hobart. Headlines from the The Examiner, The Advocate and The Mercury.

University of Tasmania

Exhibition notice

Hand written notice describing drawings made between June and December 1930 after five years of drought had ended at
beginning that year in Central Australia......" They were merely my own pencil records of one section of the many wonders of
nature in the interior of this continent "

Olive Pink

Sarah Benson Mather

Photograph of Sarah Benson Mather. Died on the day she was to be married to Edward Octavius Cotton

Letters E. Frances Cotton: Dr. Story

:Letters from E. Frances Cotton: Dr. Story 1956, 1969-71. Mrs Frances Cotton's correspondence relating to Dr. Story including: letter from Bill Wilson thanking her for bottle and drugs from Dr. Story's surgery
(1969), letter from A.A. Lewis that he had received mss from Mrs Wilson to deliver to University Archives (1970), letters from the Archivist: papers received from Mrs Wilson and Mrs Parker, Dr. Story's "baby" in Anatomy Dept. museum, also letter from Jack Thwaites (1956).

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