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Research Notes : Dr M Roe

  • Collection
  • 1971

Research notes relating to articles on Alfred Joseph Taylor (1849-1921) , G.L.A. Thirkell and Tichborne Case. Also tape recording and typescript of interview of Sir Robert Cosgrove, and Letter from Professor Sir Isaiah Berlin

Michael Roe

Max Clark Papers

  • Collection
  • 1963

Confidential correspondence relating to the Orr settlement April - September 1963 Including correspondence with Malcolm McRae, Professor A.K. Stout (Sydney University) and draft terms of settlement.

Avon Maxwell Clark

Koolhof Photograph Collection

  • Collection
  • 1964-1984

Collection consists of photographs and negatives of UTAS buildings, equipment, staff & students , including Launceston. Produced by Fred Koolhof while he was employed by the University of Tasmania as a photographer. Also some material relating to the Uniting Church.

Fred Koolhof

University of Tasmania : Framed Newspaper Headlines

  • AU TAS UTAS SPARC 2022/7-uni
  • Collection
  • c2013

Framed newspaper headlines relating to UTAS, its staff, students, activities and proposed expansion to Launceston, Burnie and Hobart. Headlines from the The Examiner, The Advocate and The Mercury.

University of Tasmania

Exhibition notice

Hand written notice describing drawings made between June and December 1930 after five years of drought had ended at
beginning that year in Central Australia......" They were merely my own pencil records of one section of the many wonders of
nature in the interior of this continent "

Olive Pink

Sarah Benson Mather

Photograph of Sarah Benson Mather. Died on the day she was to be married to Edward Octavius Cotton

Letters E. Frances Cotton: Dr. Story

:Letters from E. Frances Cotton: Dr. Story 1956, 1969-71. Mrs Frances Cotton's correspondence relating to Dr. Story including: letter from Bill Wilson thanking her for bottle and drugs from Dr. Story's surgery
(1969), letter from A.A. Lewis that he had received mss from Mrs Wilson to deliver to University Archives (1970), letters from the Archivist: papers received from Mrs Wilson and Mrs Parker, Dr. Story's "baby" in Anatomy Dept. museum, also letter from Jack Thwaites (1956).

Letters from Mabel Mary Cotton to A.T & E.F Cotton

Letters from Mabel Mary Cotton to A.T & E.F Cotton dated c 1949-1967. Includes letters from Sydney where she was nursing, letters from Kelvedon (including mention of bush fires 1967) while Mr and Mrs Cotton were over seas and some letters from Fiji. Most letters were addressed "Dear Olds", some "Dear
Nern", a few to "Frances" and one or two, c 1949, to "Dad" or "Dad & Mern". In a letter of 27 February [1967] she mentions that Doug. and Joan are letting her live in "the Doctor's old rooms" made into a flat, Doug. & Joan's son Crispin Pip just started at Hutchins School.

James B. Cotton to brother Joseph

Letters James B. Cotton to brother Joseph, dated 1884 & 1885.
From Albury: Kelvedon, new boundary, J.B.C.'s call to preach Gospel, "Hannah Hall still going from place to place and leaving an unmixed blessing", English Friends accused H.H. of being "a Hickite", "Patti" Lyne (6.8.84); From Belmont County, 0 [Ontario, Canada]: winter weather, temperatures much below freezing, eggs freeze and crack, working on Hannah Hall's "great journal", made a "bread

James Backhouse Cotton

Leather writing case

One leather writing case embossed gold lettering " J.B. Cotton from his nephews and nieces"

James Backhouse Cotton

Maggie Mather to Uncle Joseph

Letter from Maggie Mather to Uncle Joseph dated 8 December 1874. regarding the purchase of workbasket, and "wishing you both every happiness"

Joseph Cotton

Rachel Salmon's Will

Copy of Rachel Salmon's Will, dated 1933.Property in trust for three stepdaughters Emma Elizabeth Campbell, Alicia Maria New and Mary Ann Louisa Robinson, bequests to Friends School and nephews and nieces; ms instructions on distribution of household goods to friends.

Rachel Salmon

Schoolgirl's poetry

Poems written by girl about 16 - 17 years old at Collegiate School, many referring to teacher Miss Wise, and girls: Elinor Anne, Nellie, Constance, Kitty etc.

News cuttings

News cuttings regarding John Walker, Tenby view, "the microphone" (1878), "experiences in Tasmania" letter from Mr Speadborough ND, "Ramble on the old Huon track" ND etc; shipping time tables, Tas. Steam Navigation Co. 1877, Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. 1883, Wellington N.Z. tramways 1882; child's drawings; book mark.

Letter to JB Cotton from Thomas Sutton

Letters to James Backhouse Cotton from Thomas Sutton, Palmerston, New Zealand, dated 1881. Sorry to have missed seeing J.B.C. on his way to America with Hannah Hall, family, Society of Friends, asks J.B.C. when in England to visit his mother at Banbury.

Thomas Sutton

J.B. Cotton - accounts and miscellaneous

Accounts and miscellaneous documents of James Backhouse Cotton dated 1845 to 1880. Hobart Savings Bank: bank book 1858-83; letter of credit Union Bank of Australia 1880; Extract from Robert Lindsey's letter for J.B.C. with his parents love, 1854; poem; drawing of tree for Father's birthday 6.10.1845.

James Backhouse Cotton

Letter to JB Cotton from Frederick Mackie

Letter to James Backhouse Cotton from Frederick Mackie, Mount Barker, South Australia, dated 7 October 1873.
Spiritual, Tilney Cotton beginning to prosper, Lucy Coleman

Frederick Mackie

Letter to JB Cotton from J.H. Gray

Letter to James Backhouse Cotton from J.H. Gray, Balclutha dated 3 March 1883. Addressed to "Bro. Cotton": J.B.C.'s visit to New Zealand, Christian love to J.B.C. and Hannah Hall.

James Backhouse Cotton

Letter to JB Cotton from Edward Sayce

Letter to James Backhouse Cotton from Edward Sayce, Hawthorn, Victoria, dated 9 February 1878. regarding the death of wife, Deborah Ann, memorial card enclosed

James Backhouse Cotton

Letters from Edward Octavius Cotton to brother James

Letters from Edward Octavius Cotton to his brother James dated 1882 - 1883, regarding, family, Yearly Meeting (21.5.82), Schoutens, family, death of Capt. King (21.5.82), Mother and Father's deaths and will (1883), instrument with angled mirror, love to Hannah Hall.

James Backhouse Cotton

Letters to JB Cotton from J.B. Mather

Letters to James Backhouse Cotton from Joseph Benson Mather, brother-in-law dated 1877, 1881, and 1882. Regarding Isaac Sharp's visit, Melbourne Annual Meeting (1877); sending a certificate by San Francisco mail as J.B.C. had his stolen with his clothes (29.9.81 ), his return to Kelvedon, death of mother.

Joseph Benson Mather

Letter to JB Cotton from Alma Rachel Cotton

Letter to James Backhouse Cotton from Alma Rachel Cotton daughter of Francis and Helen (McLeod) Cotton, 'Belmont' to her uncle James Cotton, Tasmania 1877 thanking him for a desk and talking about herself and Ethel taking dinner to Arthur and Ernest who are clearing the gorse.

Summons to John Cotton

Summons dated 16 October 1874. To John Cotton of Spring Bay to answer the charge by Henry George Quodling.

John Cotton

Reaping machine

Letter dated 1863 from Robert Ransome of Ransome & Co., Ipswich U.K.: regarding a reaping machine and J.B.C.'s idea of
alternate sliding motion to cutters already tried, recommends American Eagle mowing machine.

James Backhouse Cotton

Letter from Mrs Webb

Letter from Mrs. Webb to Mrs. Cotton dated 21 October 1973 about George Cotton of George's River (Pyengana)

George Cotton : Superintendent of Police, Glamorgan

George Cotton - Superintendent of Police Glamorgan, 1870. Draft petition concerning a witness in case of R. v Baynon, the witness being a servant of the warden of Longford, from G. Cotton who was appointed Superintendent of Police in the Municipality of Glamorgan in 1864. Also copy of character of George Cotton by John Mitchell: a good detective and unsurpassed as bushman (16
Dec. 1870). Also letter from Mrs Webb to Mrs Cotton (21.10.1973) about George Cotton of George's River (Pyengana) and notes by Mrs Cotton.

George Cotton

Stephen Henry Grueber (father of Helen) - family history

Family history written in 1891 by Stephen Henry Grueber (father of Helen). Outline of family history and his own life written for his daughter, with poetry and reflections. Enclosed: letter from Rev Henry B. Bromby to Grueber family: thanks for memorial of confirmation (1871 ); St. John's Association members ticket: Miss Grueber 1871; note on "way to build a turf bank, S.H. Grueber"; photo of seal of Marcus Greuber 1575

Elizabeth Helen Grueber

Letters from friends to Helen Grueber

Letters from friends to Helen Grueber
• 203 - Allie Fairly 11 Nov. ND
• 204 - Bunnie LachIan 1880 -San Francisco: Papa's shipping not doing well
• 205 - Ann Mather (?Mrs. R.A. Mather) 1879, 1881- Thanks for kindness to daughter. (5 docs.)
• 206 - Fanny Meredith ND
• 207 - Jessie R. Meredith, Cambria, Aug. 1879 - Mary [Mace]'s babies
• 208 - Alice [? Ransome] 1 May ND - From Killymoon: children, Mama, concert - programme chiefly Ransomes
• 209 - Selina A. von Stieglitz 1880 From U.K. (2 docs.)
• 210 - Jeannie _ 6 Sept. 1981
• 211 - George W. B. Story 1879 – 1881 -Written from Thorncliff, Saltwater River, Tasman's Peninsula: travels with stock, thanks for newspapers, pipe. Also piece of hearts playing card; pair of small, lady's white kid gloves, unworn (still attached together) in envelope addressed to George Story from Messrs Smith & Porte. Also note by Mrs Frances Cotton (?1970s or 80s): "no relation to Doctor, came from England with his mother, H.G. grew very fond of him and hoped for a proposal - it did not eventuate as he had little to offer at that time". (6 docs.)
• 212 - James Story to Helen and Jessie 25 Oct. 1879 - From "Serpentine" enclosing photograph. Photograph: young man, head and shoulders, c. de. v. by W. Cawston, Launceston (See 266(10)
• 213 - Maria Story (wife of James Story) c 1879-1880 - From "Serpentine" and one from Booabula, N.S.W.: marriage to James, small house, farm, old Mrs. Story

Elizabeth Helen Grueber

Helen Grueber (Mrs E.0. Cotton) - poetry

Helen Grueber (Mrs. E.0. Cotton) - poetry ND [ 1870s-1880s]. Poetry (ms in school exercise book) and cuttings of printed poems. Enclosed small tintype photo of Helen Cotton (c 1890-1900)

Elizabeth Helen Grueber

Helen Grueber - Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous documents relating to Helen Grueber - Confirmation card: St. John Baptist Church 2 June 1871 by C. H. Tasmania
[Bishop Charles Henry Bromby], prepared by Rev. H.B. Bromby; pink envelope containing a photo of girl's head (tiny tin type} and locks of hair; list of presents (ms) including toilet set, large centre cruet and five corner cruets, toast rack, wool antimacassar; news cutting notice of death of Elizabeth Grueber, wife of Stephen Henry Grueber sen. at her son's residence, Ormley, on 28 April [1891 ];
temperance notes (ms).

Elizabeth Helen Grueber


Birth certificate (Quaker) 1838; marriage certificate (Quaker} Edward Octavius Cotton, agriculturist, son of Francis Cotton, agriculturist, of Kelvedon and Anna Maria, and Elizabeth Helen Grueber, daughter of Stephen Henry Grueber of Ormley, Fingal, gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife, 30.11.1881.

Edward Octavius Cotton


Pocket book and diary - entries only for 24 5 December 1881, including marriage.

Edward Octavius Cotton

Letters from S.H. Grueber and his wife to daughter Helen

Letters from Stephen Henry Grueber and his wife to daughter Helen dated 1881. The letters mainly relate to Edward Cotton, her proposed marriage, and religion, her mother hopes she will not leave the old Church (Anglican], including a letter from S.H.G. to Edward and F. Cotton to S.H.G. and a reply, also a piece of dried heather.

Memoranda pocket book

Memoranda pocket book kept by E.O.Cotton for the years 1898 to 1906. Rough notes of roads (1898), trip in boat (1906) etc.

Edward Octavius Cotton

Miscellaneous papers

Miscellaneous papers of Edward Octavius Cotton. Includes: incomplete letter headed "Brock's Buildings" addressed "Dear
Edward" from Quaker woman, ?relative: Harry, many condemned her, many afraid to side with her for fear of grieving Ma, young man looking for job in Melbourne but might go to New Zealand after writing to Uncle Thomas Lidbetter, Arthur had called at Uncle A.G. Pollard's (11.3.81 }; incomplete letter from "Earlham": E.0.C. could not have made better choice [of bride], Helen Grueber had been "one of my patients" when others despaired of her, Lincoln and Duke broken in for ploughing, foster care for Ruby and foal, 3.6.1881 (letter incomplete from ? Edith c. daughter of John and Mary Ann (Wills) Cotton); notes for obituary of Francis Cotton 1883; draft letters
or articles, including: "national recreation grounds", "Quakerism"; typed article for the Courier, "The Schoutens" by E.0.C. 1905; poem, "Meredith Fishery Bay 1879"; note about income: "just manage to keep out of debt and provide my family with the bare necessaries of life ... more than 99 out of 100 farmers can say" 1895; New Year card: "Edward with Helen's love"; notebook containing miscellaneous memoranda in pencil, including "metallic shingles", paints needed, expenses, shorthand notes, verse on "passing of the sweetest soul", etc. (no name but probably by E.O. Cotton ). Also printed book transferred to Library: "Curfew must not ring tonight" (verse and illustrations, John Walker & Co. London, printed in Holland} inscribed ms: "with Helen's love to Edward" 1888 .

Edward Octavius Cotton

Letters from Edward 0. Cotton to E. Helen Grueber

Letters from Edward 0. Cotton to E. Helen Grueber dated 20 February - 20 November 1881, and 1883-1884
Affectionate letters written before marriage (1881) and a few later. Including a letter written on the back of a letter from J. Lyne to Councillor E.0. Cotton: Road Board's thanks for his trouble over main roads dated 13 July 81 (15.7.81). Letters addressed to Helen (as Dear Helen or Helen Love) at W.E. Shoobridge, New Norfolk. Letter of 8.5.81 gives views on plain weddings - he and Sarah had wanted "damper
wedding" (as in simple or "damper" picnics), Helen helped with the birth of Annie Shoobridge's baby (31.8.81) - mother Ann Mather grateful, rough plan of the interior of Kelvedon (23.8.81 ), reference to Eliza - brought up by Cottons but "bolted with the handsome Portuguese negro Gomez" - a "fine animal and no more (23.10.81 & 28.10.81 ).

Legatees : Samuel Ouston Lovell and Elizabeth (Story) Lovell

Correspomdence from Samuel Ouston Lovell and Elizabeth (Story) Lovell dated 1864 – 1879.
Letters mainly from S.0. Lovell, and some from Elizabeth Lovell addressed "Dear Cousin", about the execution of the estate and the property:- farm at Launceston to be auctioned with reserve of 35s per acre - a comfortable stone cottage and barn and 100 acres in cultivation; Ponsonby Vale also to be sold by public auction but could wait until Burbury's lease ran out (1864); E.L.: wait for good price for sake of her and her sister's children - £2 or 35s per acre (Apr. 68) ; fences reasonable, house as old residence of J.W.S. fair for weatherboard building except for stables, Stone House neglected, fencing on farm decayed.leases - tenders received but below value (2/7/68); Tabart's offer to rent old homestead and Long Marsh with allowance for repairs, rent low; Hamilton's offer on behalf of Fisher, suggested reducing legacies to Martha and Emma to allow something for Story family (18/9/68); Stone House lease to George Nichols not pursued, Ashton, Fletcher of Maria Island, Tabart and repairs (1869); E.L.: wait for better market (6/3/71 ), Mrs Beams drunk, quarrelled with daughter and Mr Heathorn; S.0.L.: 1874 death of Mrs Ann Story in Melbourne, her furniture formerly left to Elizabeth Lovell, inventory (15/9n4); railway might enhance value of property, F.C. too influenced by solicitors, not sell under 30s per acre; E.L.: death of S.0.L. from blood poisoning, son William, daughter intends opening school (11 /12/78), children all of age - 3 in Hobart one at Huon, living with unmarried son George who is keeping a grocer's shop (28/9/79).

Legatee : Martha (Beams) Martin

Correspondence from Martha (Beams) Martin 1867, 1872 – 1874
Daughter of Ann (Beams) Story, born about 1845, married John Martin in 1864. Requests for money, Emma (1872), send money weekly not quarterly, working at dress makers - sometimes 9s a week (Apr. 1874), mother's death (Aug. 1874), 3 children (Sept. 74), mother's will (Oct.74), going to New Zealand - sewing business (Dec. 1874). Also copy of authority to raise £100 on her expectations (1871), and letters from lawyers on behalf of M.M. requesting payment of or advances of her legacy or an account of trust moneys from : Elliston & Burbury (1867), R. Fitzgerald (1869), John B. Hull (1870), A. Inglis Clark (1878).

Legatee : Ann Story

Ann Story, otherwise Mrs Beams, resided with J.W. Story as his wife, inherited an annuity under his will and was empowered to direct the sale or disposal of household furniture and effects "whether she shall be married or sole".
Ann had a daughter Martha Beams, later Mrs Martin, born about 1845, and Ann and J.W. Story had a daughter Emma, probably born about 1848, who married Charles Heathorn.
Ann Story died in 1874 in Melbourne. Her letters to Francis Cotton relate to her legacy, the property, family, etc.:- Mount Pleasant farm, near Launceston, sold by auction at Launceston (22/11/64, 5/12/64); Ponsonby vale property: tenant Burbury never paid rent until wool sold (1864), fencing (1866, 1871 ), family suggested trying at sale as Burbury's lease near termination with reserve of 35s (1868-9); Stone House repairs: agreement mislaid, house had given way in one of the gables before they left 13 years before, T. Burbury rented it for shepherd or servant, left it in shocking state, arranged matters with Ashton (1871); other legatees: J.W.S. had said George had had his share and neither son had claims on the property (3/1/65), George always in need of money, S.O. and Mrs Lovell, Lovell "here and there selling guano" (18/7/71 ), Mrs Liardet; A.S. would be willing to earn living but had to think of Martha and her children, thinking of taking post as housekeeper (2/9/71, 17 /11 /71); Martha troublesome (1870), Martha fell down stairs, recovered (7/1/71 ), Martha's husband released from prison so she "goes in fear" (7/1/71 ), Martha in debt (1873); Emma obliged to leave husband, gone to New Zealand (28/12/72); joined Emma in Victoria, Emma taking music pupils (?1873) .

Legatee : George Arthur Story

Correspondence from George Arthur Story dated Sept.1864 - Aug. 1874. Son of J.W. Story, settled South Yarra, Victoria, married Theresa Mary Elizabeth Watson, daughter of Samuel W. Watson. He died 31 May 1876 and was buried in St. Kilda Cemetery.
Letters relating to the disposal of the property: considered his father's will unjust as the legacy to Mrs Story and her daughters plus the mortgage on the property would take all the proceeds of a sale leaving nothing for the residuary legatees - the sons and daughters of the first marriage, rough plan of the two farms (Ponsonby Vale and Stone House run) enclosed (13/9/64); the Launceston property auction - surrounded by wealthy men, good land - a sheep to the acre (8/10/64, 11/10/64); Ponsonby Vale property sale: advertise in Melbourne (1868); trying to get £100 from Mrs Story, been very ill (8/6/74); death of Mrs Story, visited Emma (1874). Also letter from Samuel W. Watson on behalf of his daughter, Elizabeth Theresa wife of G.A.S.: G.A.S. had died 31 May 1876, copy of will enclosed (6/6/76) and letters from Mrs G.A. Story enquiring about legacy (June 1878).

Legatees : Ann (Story) Liardet and Frederick Evelyn Liardet

Correspondence from Ann (Story) Liardet and Frederick Evelyn Liardet Aug. 1864 - June 1880
Ann, daughter of J.W. Story, married Frederick Evelyn Liardet, a coach and boat proprietor of Sandridge, Victoria, and later, after an unsuccessful attempt to run a coffee plantation in Raratonga, he was employed as a stationmaster on the N.S.W. Railways. They had a son, Charles, accidentally shot in 1879 at the age of 15 and other children. Ann's letters, and 2 from F.E.L. and 1 from a son, relate mainly to the property and their expectations. Ann described her life in Raratonga, Society Islands, where F.E.L. had purchased half a coffee plantation: wet, warm, mosquitoes, no meat, natives lazy and Ann unhappy (25/5/65, 26/2/66) and by September 1866 they were in Sydney in distressed circumstances - "the missionary paid our passages . .. to see us safe" before returning to Germany (25/9/66); appeal for help - father meant own daughters to have something (1868); husband head porter at Narulan Railway Station 115 miles from Sydney at £115 pa., 2 eldest sons married but out of employment (26/1/71); letter from son (3/8/76); death of her brother - many faults but kind "to my dear dying children", only sister left (19/2/77); thanks for £49 . 14 . 11, death of 15 year old son Charles, memorial • Charles Evelyn Liardet railway telegraph operator at Jordan's Crossing and youngest son of Frederick Evelyn Liardet stationmaster at Macdonald Town died from gunshot wound at house of his brother-in-law James Fletcher on 16 February (7/7/79).

Legatee : Helen Petrie

Correspondence from Helen Petrie Sept. - Dec. 1864
Claim of the children of Mary Ann (Story) Petrie (died 1855), Helen, John Story, Mary Ann, Henry, to a share of their grandfather's estate in spite of "cruel" codicil to will, never received any help from grandfather, H.P. and sister struggled to maintain themselves respectably by keeping a school, query about trust accounts of estate of father John Petrie deceased - half years rent of cottage received by Uncle Joseph [J.W.S. jr.] just before his insolvency not acounted for; copies of account statements with queries. Also letter from Mrs A. Story, 100 Feb. 1865: checked accounts with Lovell, no vouchers for Mrs Petrie's funeral expenses (1855) done by J.W.S. jr.

Legatee : Emma Heathorn

Correspondence from Emma Heathorn Dec. 1868 - July 1880
Daughter of J. W. Story and Ann Beams (probably born about 1848), married Charles Heathorn of Glenorchy on 2 April 1868. Letters inquiring about money due from her father's estate, etc.: Ballarat: son a week old (13/4/69), baby died (8/6/69); Hobart: baby girl 6 months old (15/6/71 }, Charlie gone to Sydney to find work (11/11/71 }, another daughter, Minnie (25/3/72); mother's illness (1873), moving to Melbourne to find a situation as governess, children with grandparents (1873); not willing to divide property (1874); mother's illness and death (Aug. 1874); mother's furniture, will, Martha (Aug.,Sept. 1874); taking youngest child back to Melbourne (Nov. 74); property- card of agent James Aarons, G. Brown (1874); Martha's conduct, New Zealand, Helen Petrie dying (17/3/75); husband claimed to be reformed (8/6/75); in South Australia with Mrs Rogers, not like S.A., Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Port Adelaide (15.10/75- 22/12/76); illness and husband's debts (20/3/76); heard Charlie drinking again - his father had to send him away again to New Zealand (8/10/77); Melbourne: hoping to take pupils and have her 2 girls with her, needed loan (19/4/77-78); settlement of estate - sorry Ponsonby Vale sold for so little, unfortunate for "first family" (1878-80); sending box for her "little ones" in Hobart (20/7/79). Also letter from A.O. Laing, merchant of Ballarat: debt owed by Charles Heathorn (26/2/71 ).

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