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Frederick K. Astell

  • Collection
  • 1897

Letter written by Frederick K. Astell a miner from Zeehan to his uncle, referring to a downfall in the share market, friends and family, the Waratah to Zeehan railway would be a boon to the coast if constructed, house on Argent Tram property, changes and building at Zeehan, Zeehan and Queen mines lodes good, working underground at Western, then underground boss at North East Dundas.

Frederick K. Astell

Amos Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1774-1845

Microfilm includes - Diary of Adam Amos (1774-1845), May 1822 - December 1825. A record of chief happenings in the district of Great Swan Port of which Adam Amos was Chief District Constable, including notes of musters and convict passes, with names. 1931.
"History of the Amos and Lyne families", by C(larendon) Amos, also duplicated notes for members of the family (later published privately as 'Family history of Adam Amos of 'Glen Gala' and William Lyne of Apsley'. manuscript list of memorials in the Amos burial ground, Cranbrook, Tasmania

Amos Family

Microfilm : Amos family papers

  1. Diary of Adam Amos (1774-1845), May 1822 - Dec 1825. A record of chief happenings in the district of Great Swan Port of which he was Chief District Constable, including notes of musters and convict passes, with names.
  2. Adam Amos (1774-1845), letters outward, 1807-1844, mostly to his sons.
  3. Adam Amos (1774-1845, letters inward, 1833-1841, including receipts. 4. James Amos (1804-1864), letters inward, 1837-1850.
  4. James Amos (1804-1864), will.
  5. Letters from George Meredith to his wife Mary, nee Evans, 2 Mar 1823 & 25 Apr 1825.
  6. Letter from George Meredith jun. to Mary Meredith (nee Evans), 6 Aug 1833.
  7. Letter from Maria, Mrs John Meredith (nee Hammond), to her daughter Jessie Meredith, 3 May 1885.
  8. Letter to Captain Thomas Watson sen. From niece EN Rayner (?), 13 Oct 1835.
  9. Letters to Capt. T Watson sen. From George Vaux, 18 Mar 1837 & 10 Nov 1838.
  10. Bill of lading for the shipment from Leith of 4 harrows and 2 ploughs, 23 Jul 1814.
  11. Copy of map in Survey Office signed by J H Wedge, 7 Oct 1826, of grant of George Meredith for 2,000acres at Great Swanport, and a description in handwriting of George Frankland, of additional grant of 1,000 acres.
  12. Letter to Mrs Mary Lyne from Jessie Amos (?), 10 May, 2 Oct.
  13. Letter from Elizabeth Lyne to Mary Amos, n.d.
  14. Letter to Mary Amos from?, 5 May 1839.
  15. Letters from Mrs Louisa Bell (nee Meredith) to Margaret Amos (1809-1896), 26 Aug 1885 & 2 Apr 1886.
    I 7. Letter from Adam Amos to ? , 19 Oct 1872.
  16. Adam Amos to ? Mrs Amos, 1873.
  17. Diary of John Amos, 1 Jan 1840-May1843.
  18. Manuscript copy in 1880-1900 style writing, of "Grandfather Amos' Diary", 1 Jan 1854-21 Jan 1858.

Amos Family

Apsley house

Photograph of Apsley House. Originally a single storey sandstone Georgian house built in the 1840's on land granted to John Lyne who was MHA for Glamorgan in the period 1843-1865. Small kodak prints. ?G.M.P photographer thought to be taken c1920's - (See also book ch.3, P1/35 (262)

George Musgrave Parker

Swansea: Resthaven House

2 storied brick building, no veranda - mounted photo
Now known as Oyster Bay Guest House and located at 10 Franklin Street, Resthaven was built in 1841 and operated initially as the Black Swan Inn. In 1870 it became a store and then became a private residence which was occupied by a number of different doctors.

George Musgrave Parker

Swansea: Resthaven House

2 storied brick house
Now known as Oyster Bay Guest House and located at 10 Franklin Street, Resthaven was built in 1841 and operated initially as the Black Swan Inn. In 1870 it became a store and then became a private residence which was occupied by a number of different doctors.

George Musgrave Parker

Swansea: grave of Rev. Thomas Dove MA

Anglican Cemetery . Photograph taken by George Musgrave Parker
Front Inscription
In memoriam Rev Thomas Dove M.A. First Minister of this church born in Glasgow Scotland April 24th 1803
Arrived in Swanport in August 1844
And after labouring in this District as a Christian Minister for 38 years, he died at Swansea August 27th 1882 aged 79 years
Erected by his congregation.

George Musgrave Parker

Harbottle's cottage at Swansea

Postcard produced by Swansea photographer, Miss F.M. Kennedy, (c1880-c1950s) of titled Harbottle's at Swansea, Tasmania.
This Cottage has also been know as Harbottle's Cottage and Caulfield Cottage. This single storey, sandstone rubble building with a corrugated iron hipped roof was listed by the National Trust in 1976 as it demonstrated the principal characteristics of a single storey, sandstone Victorian Georgian domestic building . Located at 45 Shaw Street, Swansea, Tasmania

George Musgrave Parker

Apslawn House

Photograph of front view of Apslawn House. A sandstone Georgian house built in the 1840's on 640 acres of land granted to John Lyne, MHA for Glamorgan ,1843-1865. Located on the Tasman Highway, Apslawn, 13km south-west of Bicheno.

George Musgrave Parker

Apsley Log Cabin

Photograph of Apsley original log cabin dating from 1826 on the property granted to William Lyne by Governor Arthur on order from Lord Apsley, eldest son of Lord Bathurst. Copy made by J.W. Beattie of an original of J. Lyne

George Musgrave Parker

Jorgen Jorgenson

Material relating to Jorgen Jorgenson including copies of diaries

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Photograph of Olive Pink and friends

1 sepia photograph of camp at Professor Lyndhurst Falkiner Giblin's Farm - Cobbler's End, Tasmania. Picturing Olive Pink, Florence Rodway, with mop and basin, Mildred Lovett with grid iron as harp, and Ursula Walker

Olive Pink

Mercer Farm Accounts

  • Collection
  • 1861-1876

Collection consists of five ledgers containing details of wages and accounts, rations and shearing for two properties, Morningside and Riccarton. Located at Campbell Town in northern Tasmania and owned and managed by James Mercer.

James Mercer

William Knibb Morris Collection

  • Collection
  • 1855-1920

Collection consists of papers, personal correspondence and photographs relating to William Knibb Morris and his family.

William Knibb Morris

Henry Hellyer Letter

Copy of a letter from Henry Hellyer to Edward Curr, dated 29 November 1828, describing a journey to Mt. Farrell, the Fury Gorge, Barn Bluff and Cradle Mountain, and the discovery of river Mackintosh and Eldon Range

Henry Hellyer

The Great National Crisis

One booklet entitled "Letters and press comments on the actions of the Hon. John Earle in the Great National Crisis, selected from a mass of correspondence by R.D. Lord 13 Feb. 1917. Printed by Stationary Co. Hobart

John Earle

The Mercury - 21 June 1887

One newspaper, The Mercury, published by Charles Ellis Davies, Macquarie St., Hobart . This edition : Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria Supplement dated 21 June 1887

Charles Ellis Davies

The Bothwell Centenarian

One newspaper, The Bothwell centenarian : 1830-1930. Printed and published by the Critic Pty. Ltd. for the Centenary Committee of the Bothwell Presbyterian Church, 1930 . Saturday, May 24, 1930.
4 p. : ill. ; 69 cm.

Bothwell Presbyterian Church : Centenary Committee

The Examiner - 19th December 1900

One newspaper, The Examiner, Christmas Supplement, published Wednesday 19th December 1900, includes historical articles and illustration on Port Arthur, Launceston and others.

The Examiner Newspaper

Correspondence 1917-1918

Letters to children (including letter to Margaret for her birthday enclosing cigarette card), certificate that Sapper W. Fuller was employed in the ordnance department, A.I.F.

William Edwin Fuller

Correspondence 1929-1942

Correspondence dated 1929 - 1942. Including letters from Solicitor and agreement with Oldham & Morris, notice of opening of W. E. Fuller's "The Bookshelf" 48 Elizabeth Street, (underneath Goodwill Store), plan of basement of 48 Elizabeth Street; letters from Joan McLennan, Governor's private secretary, Government House; correspondence with A.B.C. and 7HO relation to broadcasts, plays submitted, etc. (including A.B.C. contracts).

William Edwin Fuller

Correspondence 1932-1952

Personal correspondence with friends, but including some letters from booksellers and publishers, etc. referring to bookselling business, broadcasting, etc. Also letters concerning Repertory Theatre Society.

William Edwin Fuller

Scripts of articles, talks and plays

Scripts of articles, broadcast talks, plays, etc.
(a) talks: "50 years of bookselling", "Trollope in Tasmania", ''Marie Corelli", "Roy Bridges", "Travellers Tales" and other talks on books and bookselling.
(b) stories, including: "Over the footlights:, "My tongue is my Undoing", "Doff & Jan", "Quoth the Raven".
(c) plays (10 -20 minutes) including: - ''Murder premeditated", "The 2nd Stool", "Decree Nice Eye", "The Spanish Armada".
(d) W.E. Fuller, " Love London & Lynette", London, 1919.

William Edwin Fuller

Youth Triumphant" by Roy Bridges

Cuttings of Roy Bridges serial published in the Saturday Evening Mercury 14 August 1954 to 13 November 1954 entitled ''Youth

William Edwin Fuller


Collection of newspapers and magazines
• The Mercury, 1 May 1935 (Royal Jubilee supplement), 1 June 1935 and 20 February 1954 (Queen's visit).
• Illustrated Tasmanian Mail - 6 November 1929.
• Clemes College Souvenir Magazine December 1945 (including tribute to W. H. Clemes with photograph and history of the school)
• Cutting of 'Memories of Queenstown No.1" by C. R. Pearce.
• ''The Lover's Correspondent", London, N.D. [18--]

William Edwin Fuller

Theatrical photographs

Collection of photographs including Group in musical entertainment, including W. E. and Frances Fuller, c. 1912, with programme of "Entertainment by the Mountebanks", Moonah Mission Hall, 1912. W. E. Fuller portraying various parts (especially a rural character) for Hobart Repertory c. 1921 - 1940. Mary Fuller as Little Peter Saunders "Passers By", Theatre Royal 19~(part photograph, part
drawing by Jack Cato, framed.) Photos of broadcast for A.B.C. of "Mari.e Celeste" made on board "Lenna" in Derwent (1930s).

William Edwin Fuller

Bookshop photographs

Book shop photographs. Library, probably Angus & Robertson, Sydney c. 1909 including Miss Frances Ruby Evans (later Mrs. W. E. Fuller) Collins Street, Arcade, W. E. and Mrs. Fuller and Miss C. Parker standing in front of opening in brickwork, 1930 (also cutting of Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 3 December 1930). Snapshots of books being loaded on truck outside house and unloading outside
"Goodwill Store", Elizabeth Street (Fullers was in basement under "Goodwill") with negatives. c. 1932 - 1935 Tasmanian Book Club display, J. Walch &Sons. N.D. W. E. Fuller in Bookshelf Gallery.- Views in bookshop c. 1940 - 50. Booksellers' Conference
N.D. (c. 1930):­ Photo C. J. Frazer, Melbourne Photo (framed N.D. (?1930-40) Also snapshots of Booksellers' Conference,Hobart, (with negatives.)

William Edwin Fuller

Diary, pocketbooks and letters

Diary and other material relating to Edwin Charles Fuller (1885-1921) father of W.E. Fuller
Diary dated 1888. Probably kept by E. C. Fuller. Occasional entries only. Refers to "Mother and Marion (e.g. took Mother & Marion to Black Bush), Charley, Bessie, Ada, Margaret and Mary (Margaret plans Mary disposes"); also to mining shares and mine claim especially "Castle Carey", and to council meetings ('.'attended council meeting in morning going through assessment roll").

William Edwin Fuller

Tourist map of Tasmania

One tourist map of Tasmania dated 1934. Inset map of Hobart. Produced by the Government Printer Tasmania. Scale 1 in: 10 mls , - Linen backed map, folded

William Edwin Fuller

Buttons, badges and medals

Commemorative button c 1914 -1947, Appeal buttons (mainly World War
I) including Red Cross, Wattle Day, child welfare,0 A S.,Tin Hat Appeal, Musical Day 1917.
Also uniform badges and buttons, Australian Commonwealth Forces, A I F badge issued to women of Australia for duty done.
Also Franklin and Tasman Centenary Regatta 1938

William Edwin Fuller

Script "Africa calling"

Script of a play entitled "Africa calling" written by M Gibson and W E Fuller

William Edwin Fuller

Cuttings etc.

Loose in file. Notes, cuttings, etc. relating mainly to Fuller's Bookshop; also banquet menu, 1954. National Booksellers' League cricket dinner; poem: "24 hour leave" by H.B. from Punch 8 October 1941; account; of the wreck of the George III (Govt. House, 1939)

William Edwin Fuller

Degree of Associate of Arts

Diploma of degree of Associate of Arts awarded to Henry Lewis Garrett of Hobart Town, who passed in English, Latin(with credit and prize) Greek, French (with credit) and pure mathematics and was placed in the second class Signed by H. Officer, president of the Tasmanian Council of Education. Diploma has decorative border of oak leaves and acorns designed by Henry Hunter and engraved by Alfred Bock.

Henry Lewis Garrett

George and Mary Ann Meredith

Consist of George and Mary Meredith's family correspondence, correspondence with their children, children's schooling, friends and neighbours, household and servants, and George Meredith's business and magistracy correspondence

George Meredith

Correspondence : George and Mary Ann Meredith

Letters from George Meredith to his wife, Mary, his "confidant", from Hobart: journey from Hobart, stay at Jericho, Dickons & cattle (1822); John's folly, Gregson, Archer, Oyster Bay, law case, land grant, John to receive £100 for Mary, garden, fruit trees, prospects not as good as expected, privations for family, China silk to distribute [to children] according to "good behaviour list", discipline of family (1822-3); business, politics, bushranger Tilley etc. (2 Apr. 1825, Mar., Apr.1833); family: F. Champion requested sanction to pay addresses to daughter Sarah, G.M. asked wife to draft reply from a mother's point of view (28 Apr. 1825); bushrangers (1826); brickmaking (ND 1830s); "Billy Austin affair" (12 Feb. 1832); girls keeping house for George Meredith in town and hope Mrs Meredith would come to town to install them in their new residence (4 Sept 1832), Sarah and Miss Bell bridesmaids (8 Mar. 1833); Mary Meredith's "domestic complaints" but she was head of the house even if 2 of the daughters were married (30 Mar. 1833); Henry and John in town to get trousers, "dear little Fanny's" illness (3 Apr. 1833); garden, Charles to advise on farm in G.M.'s absence; friends and business associates: Dickons, Emmett, Gregson (pledged reformation of his habits, 3 Apr. 1833, got Scotch governess for his children, ND.), Poynter, Boyes; interview with Col. Arthur (ND.); Bryant: wife to Hobart, children to Orphan School (ND.). G.M. from Sydney: Mr Oxley, Major Goulburn (28 Mar. 1823). From Mary M.: the farm, merino flock, fat stock in prime condition (6 Mar. 1823 & ND.); expecting the Misses Hammond, schooner seen, men in custody in George Town, may yet recover the little gun, letter from Governor about grant, tender for stores (ND. ?1825).

George Meredith

George Meredith jun. to stepmother

Letter dated 17th June 1829 from George Meredith Jnr from Red banks asking for supplies, including spirit, spades, bags,
Windsor soap, quills, knife and fork, tobacco, iron for chains- Mr King's smith a chain maker.

George Meredith Jnr

Charles Meredith to parents

Letters from Charles Meredith (1811-1880) to his mother and father, from Maria Island: whale blubber, needed casks, calico etc. (6 Aug. 1833); from Hobart wool prices, John Amos' grant, Allport's circular (Aug. 1834); from N.S.W.: visiting farms (Sept. l834); from Hobart: Colonist, Robertson editor, libel case- Robertson sentenced to 13 months in prison and £200 fine for libel on Col. Arthur &
Rowlands (Feb.-Mar. 1835), Boyes, schooner stores, wool prices; Montague & Col. Arthur - Arthur trying to aggravate family; Allport advised against action against Rowlands, advised father to return servants to Government and confine pursuits to sheep, price of sugar, rice etc., interview with Frankland in re McDonald's grant; from N.S.W.: purchased sheep run at "Tuggranery" on Murrumbidgee River, Capt Sturt arrived from England married and selected "Gininginingderry" [Ginninderra] 16 miles from Tuggranery
and 22 miles from Charles's section.

Charles Meredith

Henry Meredith to parents

Letters from school at New Town Academy from Henry Meredith (1821-1836): went to races- boat on four wheels drawn by horses, new school being erected, holidays with Master Butcher and Master Smith, hopes Mother recovered from her "long illness" (1832-1833); from Hobart: business matters, Boyes, Richards and Smith's bills, vessel nearly discharged and Bell kept sober (5 Dec. 1834).

Henry Meredith

Sabina Meredith to parents

Letters from Sabina Meredith (Mrs Boyes) to parents dated 1831-1841, some undated. "Papa" from Sabina Meredith (1810-1877, married John Boyes 9 Mar. 1833), from Hobart: articles needed for abode with her sisters in town including snuffers, tea kettle, turkeys, bottled gooseberries, account of breakages, mother's illness (1832-3); as Mrs Boyes: pregnancies, children, christening (1835), children's party for little Louisa's birthday (12 Dec.1839), Sabina's 4th birthday (Nov. 1840); baby boy fatter than ever- Dr Bedford advised weaning but not yet 9 months (28 June 1839); miscarriage (10 Jan.1840); sister Sarah's health and midwife (6 Nov. 1840); her quinsy and Dr. Bedford's treatment (28 June 1839); Boyes' illness- ordered shower baths (30 Nov. 1836); Bell's illness (1839-40); death of Boyes mother from stroke at 72 (12 Dec. 1839); shopping for mother, young stepsisters at school (1833, Jan. I839); visit to Swanport (Nov .1840, Jan. 1841); Mrs Charles [Louisa Twamley Meredith] (Oct 1839); friends: Swanstons, Youngs, Gregsons, Dr Bedford to marry Miss Selby at end of year (June 1835), dance at Barracks, visit to Government House (ND), stone of Government House laid at Govt
Garden Pt. with elegant lunch in pavilion (5 Nov.1840); servants- wages high for respectable couple (25 Oct. 1839).

Sabina Meredith

M.A. Brown

Letter from M.A. Brown dated 15 December 1827, recommending Mrs Clary as washerwoman.

Mary Ann Meredith

James Allport

Letter from James Allport dated 16 January 1835. Cartwright & Allport : Charles Meredith's claim for compensation from Government for loss of schooner; Brown's account with Colonist.

George Meredith

J. Lewis

Letter from J. Lewis dated 23 December 1835. Arrived in Launceslon, price of Gellibrand's land, Amos' land, William Bryan, his brother's letter to Lord Glenelg, seeds

George Meredith


Letter from J.T.Gellibrand dated 31 December 1835. Surveyor General's account of the 640 acres bought by Meredith.

George Meredith

Thomas Bannister

Letter from Thomas Bannister dated 16 December 1835. Richard Harrison gaoler at Norfolk Plains - conduct good, Col. Arthur "too much familiarity".

George Meredith

John Meredith

Some correspondence of John Meredith , cousin of George Meredith who accompanied the Meredith family to Van Dieman's land.

John Meredith

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