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Apprenticeship Indentures

Draft and some printed and signed indentures (some having been annotated and re-used as a draft indenture for another apprentice). A parent or guardian (the father or stepfather unless the mother was a widow) was always the first party to the agreement for apprenticeship of a minor (under 21), but for clarity the list gives the name of the apprentice with a note "son of" etc. The age of a minor is recorded, the average being 15 or 15-18, a few (noted in the list) were 13-14. Most apprenticeships were for a term of 5 years, a few longer and occasionally shorter.

Names of apprentices in alphabetical order (some indentures include a draft of another indenture):

  1. William Aldridge, son of Mary Aldridge to Jeremiah Coffey, boot closer 1878
  2. John Alexander, son of Hannah, to William Golding, watchmaker & jeweller 1876
  3. Mary Ann Argee to Julius Carl Hubert Koeppen, dressmaker, machinist 1879, daughter of Joseph Argee, baker.
  4. William Bollow, stonemason to Thomas Augustus Reynolds, builder 1883, 2 years as stonemason and bricklayer.
  5. Andrew Crawford, son of John Crawford to Henry Cook, tailor 1887
  6. John Graham Dart, son of Sarah to William Golding, watchmaker & jeweller 1886
  7. John Douglas Davidson, son of Ann to Patrick Cronly, carpenter & joiner 1878 (draft on copy of 31)
  8. Michael Dillon, son of John Dillon to Patrick Cronly, stonemason 1881
  9. Amebe Driver, daughter of Peter Driver to John Carl Hubert Koeppen 1876, age 16, dessmaker, machinist.
  10. Sarah Jane & Elizabeth Emery 1890, daughters of Mary Emery, widow of Oatlands to J.C.H. & Louisa Marie Alexandrina Koeppen, dressmaker.
  11. Charles Ford to Patrick Cronly, stonemason 1875, age 14, son of ? Ford, widow.
  12. Frederick Garrod to Joseph Edwards & Joshua Moore, wheelwright 1877, age 14, brother of Robert Garrod.
  13. Thomas Gibbons to Henry Cook, junior tailor 1889, son of Henry Gibbons, carpenter.
    18, 24. Lousia Grainger to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1877, age 13, daughter of Thomas Grainger, licensed victualler. See also 51 for draft - L.G. to be instructed by Louisa Marie Alexandrina, wife of J.C.H.K.
  14. Elizabeth Guy to Margaret Hopson, milliner and dressmaker 1865, age 16, stepdaughter of Thomas Riley, apprenticed for 2 years to Margaret, wife of Francis Hopson. Also letter on unsatisfactory conduct.
  15. Charles Hamilton to James Harris & James Henry Ward, cabinet makers 1875, son of Thomas Hamilton.
  16. Maria Hardisty, daughter of Charlotte Hardisty to J.C.H. Koeppen, machinist 1877
  17. Alice Hargraves to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1879, daughter of John Hargraves, carpenter.
  18. William Harper to Henry Cook, tailor 1889, son of John Harper of New Town, milkman.
  19. Mary Ann Harris to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1878, daughter of Samuel Harris of Hobart, blacksmith.
  20. William Harvey to John Holdcroft & William McDonald 1867, son of William Harvey, licensed victualler of Green Ponds, apprenticed to J.H. and W.M. farm implement makers.
  21. William Hawkesford to Arthur P. Walker, bootmaker 1874, son of Abraham Hawkesford, of Hobart, mariner.
  22. Emily Ann Johnson to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker 1881, age 13, daughter of Elizabeth Johnson, widow (see also 34)
  23. Mary Ann Kilroy to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1880, sister of William Kilroy of Hobart, boot & shoe maker.
  24. Catherine Larkins to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1877, age 13, daughter of Thomas Larkins.
  25. James Leahey, stonemason to Patrick Cronly, stonemason & bricklayer 1878
  26. John Leahey, son of James Leahey, baker, to Patrick Cronly, stonemason 1876
  27. Daniel Leary, son of Margaret Leary to Patrick Cronly, stonemason 1881
  28. Margaret Leary to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1882, age 18, daughter of Margaret Leary, widow.
  29. Frederick Thomas William Lewis to Clifford W. Chatterton, boot, shoemaker 1875, son of Frederick Wiliam Lewis, tailor, of Hobart.
  30. Augustus McGlosson to Patrick Bolgar, boot & shoemaker 1861
  31. John Michael McKay to Owen Coyle, baker of Sandy Bay 1877
  32. Edwin Mance, son of Julia Mance to Patrick Cronly, stonemason 1876
  33. Mary Ann Mullen to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1881, daughter of Patrick Mullen.
  34. Agnes Munn to J.C.H. Koeppen, plain & fancy work 1885, stepdaughter of James Matches, for 1 year.
  35. Edward O'Brien to James O'Brien, boot & shoemaker of Hobart 1872, son of Thomas O'Brien, of Snug, farmer.
  36. Thomas Walter Petterd to William Frederick Petterd 1878, age 18, brother in law of Thomas Augustus Reynolds of Hobart, bricklayer, apprenticed as undertaker & carpenter.
  37. William Purcell to Edward Maher, plumber, painter & glazier 1877, son of Edward Purcell.
  38. Percy Reid Osmund Ray to Henry Cook junior, tailor 1890
  39. Emma Rose, daughter of Theresa Rose, widow, to J. Bidencope, tailor 1901
  40. John Ryan to Edward Drake, chemist & druggist 1881, son of Patrick Ryan, shoemaker of Hobart.
  41. Edwin Ernest Sargeant to William Golding, watchmaker 1878
  42. Henry Sharp to Henry Cook, tailor 1886, son of John Sharp, dentist of Hobart.
  43. William Sims to John Cronly, painter 1889, son of Jane Eliza Sims, widow.
  44. Henry Smith to Joseph Bidencope, tailor & draper 1879, age 13, ward of Charles Miller, boat builder, for 8 years.
  45. Clara Stewart to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1881
  46. Thomas Tilyard to Thomas Augustus Reynolds, builder 1882, stepson of Moses Lyons, bootmaker.
  47. John Trewhella to Edward Maher, plumber, painter, glazier 1877, son of John Grenfell Trewhella, painter of Hobart.
  48. Stephen Varian to James Cuthbertson, boot & shoemaker of Hobart 1878, age 17, son of Ellen Varian of Campbell Town, widow.
  49. Richard William Walker to Frances Monk, widow 1876, son of Richard Walker, police constable, as wheelwright & carriage maker (note only)
  50. Stanley James Salter Wilbram to John Cronly 1876, age 14, son of Charles Wilbram, as painter, paperhanger, glazier (note only)
  51. Frances Wells to J.C.H. Koeppen, dressmaker & machinist 1877, daughter of John Wells of Sorell, storekeeper.
  52. James Wells to Patrick Cronly, stonemason 1883, son of John Wells, storekeeper of Sorell.
  53. Susan Annie Wigmore to J.C.H. Koeppen, machinist and wife L.M.A.K. 1876, daughter of Joseph Shirer Wigmore.
  54. Henry Willing to Edward Maher, painter, glazier, plumber 1866, son of Richard Willing, butcher of Hobart.
  55. Form of indenture of apprenticeship 1884. Form for indenture of apprenticeship for the Governors of St. Joseph's Orphanage & Industrial School, proof & printed copy.

Thomas Sheehy

Bankruptcy cases

Alphabetical file of Bankruptcy cases for the years 1872 to 1894. Miscellaneous papers, including correspondence, notices of creditors' meeting, claims, etc. Arranged in order of the name of client.

  1. Michael Henry Boutcher of Sheffield, carpenter (J. Powell solr.) 1894
  2. George Boyes of Hobart, gent 1874
  3. William Henry Cheverton, timber merchant 1880
  4. William James Cleary, builder, Hobart 1884
  5. Henry Coulson 1877
  6. Robert Davey, storekeeper, Weldborough 1880
  7. Thomas Dillon, carpenter, Hobart 1880
  8. Henry Butler Downie & William Robert Woodgate of Launceston & Evandale 1874
  9. Rose Alice Eastwood, licensed victualler, Black Prince, Elizabeth St. Hobart 1880
  10. Charles Edmunds, house painter, Hobart 1881
  11. Richard James Edwards, tobacconist, Hobart 1872
  12. Hubert Beard Evans, ship owner & timber merchant, Hobart 1880
  13. Theodore Foster, tanner & fellmonger 1880-81
  14. John Gill, farmer, Sorell 1876
  15. Herbert Wade Gower, picture frame maker, Hobart 1883-85
  16. Henry Harvey, licensed victualler, Green Ponds 1872-73
  17. Charles Horton, druggist, formerly of Oatlands 1881
  18. Richard Hill 1879
  19. Andrew Luckman 1882
  20. John O'Boyle 1881
  21. Frederick Augustus Gow Packer 1879
  22. John Pennyston 1894
  23. William Parkins 1878
  24. William Henry Rowe 1879
  25. Windle Hill St. Hill 1890
  26. Sydney Edward Underwood 1880-81
  27. R.H. Wilmore 1878-79

Thomas Sheehy

Case papers

Includes record of cases, apprenticeship indentures, mortgages, leases and land titles

Thomas Sheehy

Cases in Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Probate)

Papers relating to probate, claims against estates of deceased, cases and opinions concerning the execution of wills and also applications for administration of intestate estates. Papers in alphabetical order.

  1. Rose Bennett: intestate 1879
  2. Joseph Bridge: intestate 1875
  3. Thomas Brown 1888-89, of Oatlands (d. 13 March 1887), inc. correspondence with daughter M.A. Harding, trusts for daughters' families etc.
  4. William Birchall 1894, late of Launceston (inc. will of Henry Marshall of Blind Burn, Glamorgan)
  5. Michael John Clarke, builder, of Hobart 1889
  6. Richard James Edwards of Hobart, tobacconist 1892
  7. Cornelius Finn of Ridgeway 1876
  8. Mary Fitzpatrick of Hobart, widow 1877
  9. Richard Gerald Fitzsimmons of Richmond, gent 1886
  10. John Richard Garth of Sandy Bay, farmer 1878
  11. Martin Goram of Hobart 1899
  12. George Grey otherwise George Bale: intestate 1884
  13. Fortune Guillois of Hobart, mattress maker 1885-86
  14. Ellen Mary Gurling 1898
  15. Thomas Harrison: intestate 1878
  16. Abraham Hawkesford of Hobart, mariner 1883-85
  17. Michael Hayes of Hobart, licensed victualler 1886
  18. Ellen Hefferan 1886
  19. Patrick Hefferan of Hobart, dairyman 1877
  20. Anne, wife of Edward Heslop of Launceston, grocer 1894
  21. Patrick Hewitt 1886, Catholic priest of New Town N.S.W. died in Hobart, Rev. Philip Ryan Hennebry executor.
  22. Charles Henry Hodges of Oatlands 1887
  23. Thomas George Holdsworth of Oatlands, farmer 1887
  24. Richard Howard of Hobart, licensed victualler 1886
  25. Adam Howell of Launceston, shoemaker 1883
  26. James Hurst of Hobart, coal & wood merchant 1877
  27. Edward Carroll Marum, Catholic priest of Brighton 1881, including Roberts Stewart catalogue of books of estate of Archdeacon E.C. Marum.
  28. John Ryan of Oatlands, storekeeper (d. 1878) 1877-91 and Ellen Ryan (d. 1882), including particulars of sale of property and abstract of title of Rev. John Feehan and Andrew Morrison to land at Oatlands bequeathed by Mrs Ellen Ryan.
  29. Ebenezer Sims: intestate 1885
  30. William Smith: intestate 1876, of Auckland, New Zealand, formerly of Hobart, carpenter
  31. Ellen Whitford, factory manageress of Hobart 1905, including inventory of goods

Thomas Sheehy

Civil Causes

Including suits for debt or payment of wages, offences against the diseases of animals acts, etc. Papers arranged in alphabetical order.

  1. Michael Austin Cleary, newspaper proprietor, Launceston, v. John Swan, sheriff, and James Harris: seizure of furniture and goods for debt 1877-78 (papers include Punch folio vol.1 no.1 17 April 1878)
  2. Alexander Clerke, civil engineer, Launceston, v. David Powell, Launceston 1874 debt.
  3. Henry S. Gleadow & John Martin v. D. Powell, licensed victualler, Prospect 1894 debt.
  4. Thomas Haley v. James McMahon 1879, suit for payment of wages against T. Haley manager of Glenora Tin Mining Co.
  5. William Harrison of Bagdad v. Joshua John Hayes of Bagdad 1875, diseased sheep.
  6. Margaret Morris v. Charles Davis 1877.
  7. Josiah Powell, Ernest Lethbridge, Lloyd Chambers v. James Baker 1894.
  8. William Ritchie, Frederick Fysh v. David Powell 1894.
  9. Eleanor Sculthorpe v. Samuel Dove 1875.
  10. Sarah Tierney v. Henry Davies 1872.
  11. Union Bank of Australia v. David Powell 1894.
  12. John Webb v. William Taylor 1877.
  13. Alfred Winter v. John & Margaret Bomford 1886.

Thomas Sheehy

Convent at Colebrook (Jerusalem)

Convent at Colebrook (Jerusalem) 1895-1898. Correspondence with Rev. John Feehan of Oatlands concerning the school and convent (Sisters of Charity) at Colebrook, including architect's and contractor's bills and tenders for building a cottage at Brandy Bottom.

Thomas Sheehy

Equity Case

John Gason & others v. Robert Jones: special case in re will of Thomas Brown of Oatlands, farmer.

Thomas Sheehy


Journals or business diaries dated 1865 to 1896, recording consultations given to visitors, action taken etc. The diary for 1865 is a manuscript folio, the others in "Letts" printed diaries.

  1. October-November 1865
  2. 1866
  3. 1867
  4. 1868
  5. 1869 (incomplete)
  6. 1872
  7. 1873
  8. 1888-90
  9. 1892-96

Thomas Sheehy

Land Title Transfers

Memoranda of transfers of land titles and registration at Lands Titles Office:-

  1. Robert Barnett to John Gregory Edwards, 8 p. Hobart 1901.
  2. Henry John Buckland to Matthew O'Shaughnessy 1879, Hamilton: 8 ac. 5 p.
  3. James Isaac Lepitit Cameron & Susan Palmable Cameron his wife, to William Douglas Laing 36 p. in Queenborough 1906.
  4. George Coombe to Alexander McA. Johnston per Alfred Harrap 1892 Campbell Town.
  5. Louisa Crane to Robert Daly, 25 ac. Longley 1900.
  6. John Dally to Job Dally 1894.
  7. James Dillon to Virginia Ebdon 1882.
  8. Sarah Dillon to James Geappen, Hobart 1884.
  9. Edward Dowling to Thomas Dowling 1893.
  10. Joseph Feltham to William Douglas Laing, Hobart 1904.
  11. Martin Goram to Michael Spohn 1886.
  12. James Gunton to Martial Louis Frederic Mary 1888. Branxholm: 15 ac. to M.L.F. Mary, Catholic Chaplain, inc. letter from Fr. Mary.
  13. John Hager to William John Dunne 1881. Waratah: 34 p. to W.J. Dunne, Catholic Chaplain and others.
  14. Peter Harrington to John Scammell, St. Helens 1882-86.
  15. William Hawkins to Charles McMahan, Honeywood 1882.
  16. Vernon William Hookey to Julia Develyn, Cygnet 1884.
  17. Mary Ellen Innis to John Charles Williams 1888.
  18. William Henry Kellow to Isabella Kellow 1893.
  19. William Langford to William Pearson, Hobart 1890-94.
  20. Robert P. & George P. Roberts to William Douglas Laing 1904.
  21. Thomas Sheehy to Walter Lewis 1898.
  22. Joseph Sidwell to William Douglas Laing 1903.
  23. William Sullivan to John Sullivan 1898.
  24. Fr. Van der Heyden to Thomas Kelsh 1905. Derby: land near Catholic Church from Fr. Van der Heyden, Catholic priest, formerly of Derby, Tasmania, now residing at North Brabant, Netherlands, to Rev. T. Kelsh of Westbury and others, Governors of St. Joseph's Orphanage.

Thomas Sheehy


Leases dated 1893 & 1903. William Ferguson to Thomas Austin 1893. Stables and yard in Hobart, comprising 1 r. 8 p. in Murray St. behind the Derwent Hotel and Hobart Rivulet (mortgaged) leased for 10 years from William Ferguson, merchant, to Thomas Austin, livery stable keeper.

  1. Denis Normoyle to Bernard McKenna 1902. Land in Heybridge, 66 acres from Denis Normoyle, farmer, to Bernard McKenna of Heybridge, for 6 years at £25 pa.

Thomas Sheehy

Letter book

Copies of letters to clients, signed by Stephen Sheehy and Thomas Sheehy. Index of names at front.

Thomas Sheehy

Miscellaneous documents

Miscellaneous documents

  1. F.J. Holingsworth to James Martin: notice to file bill of sale 1894.
  2. Case and opinion in re action to be taken for Mrs. L.M.A. Koeppen 1877, over question of greyhound which strayed on to their premises from time to time and was cared for by L.M.A.K. and her complaint of a search warrant being issued to a police constable to search for the dog on Koeppen premises.
  3. Indenture (draft) between Sarah Ann Brent & Thomas Murphy 1883.
  4. Notes on objections & requisitions on title of George Jackson to premises in Melville St., Hobart, no date.

Thomas Sheehy


Mortgages dated 1881 to 1901.

  1. Henry Hall of Hobart to Patrick Joseph Develyn of Cygnet, storekeeper 1894, £150 on land in Hobart.
  2. Joseph Hill of Queenborough to Charles Parkinson Frodsham, solicitor 1881, £30.
  3. Martha Martin to Mary Stanley Low 1901.
  4. Denis Murphy of Cygnet, farmer, to Patrick Joseph Develyn, storekeeper 1893, £75.

Thomas Sheehy

Oath of Allegiance

Oath of Allegiance to Queen of Roman Catholic dated 2 March 1865. Taken by T. Sheehy on admission to Tasmanian Bar.

Thomas Sheehy

Property: Applications under various Acts

Applications under various Acts dated 1872-1894 arranged in alphabetical order of applicant.

  1. Simon Arnett & William Mason 1894, application under Real Property Act and caveat of Robert Whiteway.
  2. Michael Francis Daly & Edward Maher 1884, application under Real Property Act.
  3. Thomas Fitzgerald 1887, application for a certification of title.
  4. P.O. Fysh & William Ferguson 1890, application for certificate of title.
  5. Bridget Harrington 1892, application as proprietor under the Real Property Act.
  6. Ann Hobden 1878, application for certificate of title: land at Cambridge.
  7. Abraham Houlton Kennedy 1883, application for certificate of title.
  8. James Thomas Roberts & Edward Maher 1880, application for certificate of title.
  9. Frederick Benjamin Williams 1898, application for land.
  10. Charles Peter Woods to Ellen Hefferan 1886, application to be registered proprietor of a mortgage.

Thomas Sheehy

Testamentary Causes

Testamentary cause dated 1893-1894 - Patrick Boyce Coglin (d. 1892): administration of estate, including property in South Australia and Melbourne, administered by J. Powell, solicitor: accounts, etc.

Thomas Sheehy

Thomas Sheehy Collection

  • Collection
  • 1858-1906

Collection consists of business correspondence and case papers of Thomas Sheehy, solicitor, barrister and proctor of Collins Street,

Thomas Sheehy