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Private Deposit Collection : University of Tasmania Library Special and Rare Collections University of Tasmania -- Photographs Com objeto digital
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Domain House Staff

Black and white, 35mm slide of teaching staff at Domain House, Hobart, Tasmania. Centre back Dugald Gordon McDougall, appointed as the Professor of Law and Modern History in the University of Tasmania and took up the appointment in the year 19...

Sarah Dunbabin

Black and white 35mm slides of Sarah Dunbabin an early graduate of the University of Tasmania. B.A. March 1909 & M.A. April 1912. One of 11 chidren of Thomas Dunbabin, farmer, and his wife Sarah Ada, née Murdoch of Marchwiel, Bream Creek. Pri...

Domain House Library

Black and white, 35mm slide of the first library at Domain House, located in the Great Hall, c 1905. Registrar, JHR Cruickshank stands in doorway with students