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Arthur Knight Snow -- Tasmania -- Photographs Con objetos digitales
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Man with skis on Mount Barrow

Colour photograph shows heavy snow cover on Mount Barrow with man carrying skis next to guideposts alongside road

Snow skiing below Legges Tor

Colour photograph shows Legges Tor, the highest peak of Ben Lomond, with skiers visible on the nearby ski field

Skier at trappers hut

Colour photograph shows three snow skiers outside a trapper's hut in the snow

Igloo at Mount Field West

Colour photograph shows two bearded men posing on the top or in doorway of an igloo built at Mount Field West, 1975

Vehicle on road at National Park

Colour photograph shows two-tone green vehicle with driver's fingers visible on steering wheel, on the unsealed road at National Park, with snow covering the higher ground. Tasmanian number plate reads WLA 189 - 19 TAS 56.

Skiing shelter

Colour photograph shows two sets of skis and backpacks outside an alpine hut, covered in a snowdrift

Skier at Piesse Vale

Colour photograph of view from snow capped Cradle Mountain looking north

Trappers hut in snow

Colour photograph shows alpine vegetation and snowcover below Mount Ophel

West Wall 1978

Colour photograph shows snow cover surround Lake Thor and Western Bluff

Building a snow cave

Colour photograph shows person excavating blocks of snow to build a snow cave

Ridge of Florentine Peak

Colour photograph shows ridge line of Florentine Peak, with small patches of snow in foreground

Snow on Florentine Peak

Colour photograph shows partial snow cover on Florentine Peak, looking west across mountains in distance

Hobart Walking Club hut

Colour photograph shows smoke curling out of the flue from a woodheater or fireplace of the Hobart Walking Club timber hut at Mount Field National Park, with snowdrifts banked halfway up the walls of the hut

Ice on Lake Dobson

Colour photograph shows a person standing on ice at Lake Dobson, with ridge of snow above treeline

Riding ski tow 1959

Colour photograph shows snow skiers on Mount Mawson, one using a tow rope to climb uphill

Snow near Mount Ophel

Colour photograph shows snow cover above thick alpine forest at the Wailing Wall near Mount Jerusalem

Blossom and snow at Fitzgerald

Colour photograph shows yellow blossoms on a stand of wattle trees in foreground and snow on hills behind, at Fitzgerald, near Maydena

Climbing Naturalist Peak in snow

Colour photograph shows five figures in the snow, walking or skiing to the top of Naturalist Peak near Mount Field West, in Mount Field National Park. Some marks on original physical scanned image

Ben Lomond plateau

Colour photograph shows Ben Lomond plateau with partial snow cover and blackened ground

Morning mist on Ben Lomond 1962

Colour photograph shows pair of gloves on a set of ski poles pitched into snow atop Ben Lomond, with mist covering the sun

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