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Images of Tasmania as collected by Colin Dennison : University of Tasmania Library Special & Rare Collections With digital objects
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View of shop, B Bird Butcher with proprietor outside, Queenstown Tasmania

Image shows street scene with partial images of adjacent shops. B Bird Butcher's shop depicted, with man in apron standing in doorway, dog on footpath nearby, plus horse under saddle standing in road. Contains contemporaneous hand written text 'Toranado' (sic) Queenstown Oct 22 1918 - A shop in town. The Photographer's name is also on the image, in the same script 'Nankivell'. Toranado may refer to a storm experienced by the town in October 1918 and described as a tornado.

View of the All Nations Hotel, Zeehan, Tasmania

Image is likely sourced from a newspaper or publication as it shows title at the bottom: Roe's All Nations Hotel, Zeehan. It also identifies the photographer and states "Sands & McDougall Ltd Collotype". The view is very early as there are tree stumps in the foreground.


View of the Central Hotel, Zeehan, Tasmania

Image is an advertisement with the Hotel in the centre and text above and below providing the name, address, proprietor and telephone number. Image also records that the "Photo taken during stay of Royal Welsh Male Choir at the Hotel."

View of the Central Hotel, Zeehan, Tasmania

Image likely sourced from a newspaper or publication as it has a printed legend at the bottom stating that the "Photo taken during stay of Royal Welsh Male Choir at the Hotel." Label added later identifying the subject and date.

King River Gorge, Mt Lyell Railway

The image appears on a printed playing card (7 of Spades) with legend in text at the bottom. The cards were part of a tourism promotion campaign by the Northern Tasmanian Tourist Association, printed and distributed just after the Great War (World War I).

Farming area

Black and white photograph taken from hillside, looking down on two-storey house with numerous outbuildings. Fenced paddocks visible.

Graeme Raphael

Ford taxi

Ford taxi cab, marked Car 1309, Area 2. Car sporting red plastic nose, possibly in support of Red Nose Day which aims to raise awareness of SIDS

Graeme Raphael

Historic house

Photograph of two-storey rendered house, Georgian in style, with trees, lawn and flower garden at front, behind fence with old lichen-covered fenceposts, strands of rusty barbed wire and wire mesh.

Graeme Raphael

Reflections on artificial lake

Three people stand near a car parked beside an artificial lake, in front of a dwelling with a steep pitched A-frame roofline, gum trees on surrounding rise, with old farming equipment and freshly painted wagon wheels in garden. Australian flag flying on flagpole.

Graeme Raphael

Loading apples on the wharf

Cases of Tasmanian apples being loaded on board a ship, with a man driving a wagon with packing cases stamped with the number 393. A cyclist is riding past on the wharf with a ship moored nearby.

Graeme Raphael

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