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Images of Tasmania as collected by Colin Dennison : University of Tasmania Library Special & Rare Collections Imagen Con objetos digitales
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Cranes repairing Tasman Bridge

Colour photograph shows cranes atop pylons at the site of repair work to Tasman Bridge, damaged by the crash of the ore carrier Lake Illawarra in January 1975; missing pylons being replaced.

Aftermath of train crash at Woodbury

Colour photograph shows aftermath of train crash, with logs and wagons beside track at Woodbury, on a stretch of the government rail line where the track runs parallel with the Midland Highway

Arthur Knight

Waterfall at Pine Tree Creek

Colour photograph shows waterfall flowing across rock face in Central Highlands, with pencil pines surrounding rock pool

Arthur Knight

Table Mountain from Interlaken

Colour photograph shows cattle grazing in paddock near Interlaken, with flat-topped mountain in the distance

Arthur Knight

Carvings on Ross Bridge archway

Colour photograph shows the sandstone relief carving in the keystone and other carvings in the voussoir stones of an arch of the Ross Bridge across the Macquarie River

Arthur Knight

Ross Bridge

Colour photograph shows the arches of the sandstone bridge at Ross that leads across the Macquarie River

Arthur Knight

High water at Ross Bridge

Colour photograph shows fast-flowing water of the Macquarie River at the Ross Bridge

Arthur Knight

Red Bridge at Campbell Town

Colour photograph shows the Red Bridge, a convict built arch bridge across Elizabeth River at Campbell Town

Arthur Knight

Dovecote at Burlington

Colour photograph shows brick birdhouse, or dovecote, on the grounds of Burlington, Cressy

Arthur Knight

Penny farthing cyclists take a corner

Colour photograph shows two cyclists on penny farthing bicycles prepare to take a corner on the course of the penny farthing championships at Evandale, 1984

Arthur Knight

Mud walls at Jericho

Colour photograph shows ruins of former probation station and convict labour accommodation at Jericho, built with rammed mud walls

Arthur Knight

Culvert near Spring Hill

Colour photograph shows sandstone blocks, one inscribed with the date AD 1837, used in construction of a culvert near Spring Hill

Arthur Knight

Chauncy Vale tarn

Colour photograph shows waterhole at Chauncy Vale

Arthur Knight

Treetops near Butlers Hill

Colour photograph depicts northern shoreline of Great Lake and settlement of Breona

Arthur Knight

View of Chauncy Vale

Colour photograph shows treeline and valley at Chauncy Vale

Arthur Knight

Man and horse ploughing at Westerway

Colour photograph shows a farmer ploughing a paddock at Westerway in a field strung with trellis frames for hop cultivation with a draught horse and plough

Rails in the forest

Colour photograph shows rusted International Harvester locomotive on disused rails covered with bracken in a semi-cleared area of land

Bushwalker near Mount Lord

Colour photograph shows man in red and black check bush shirt standing in bush on Mount Lord, looking west. Man is standing amid tall specimens of Pandani, Richea pandanifolia

Hut at Twilight Tarn

Colour photograph shows the rusting red roofing iron on hut visible above trees on the edge of Twilight Tarn

Marker on South Gordon walking track

Colour photograph shows unusual sign for South Gordon walking track turnoff, fashioned out of number plates, with three backpacks resting on ground nearby

Moss and pandani

Colour photograph shows mossy ground surrounding a group of pandani plants

Four men standing around Skagit loader

Colour photograph shows timber workers in hard hats standing around an unladen Skagit loader with an operator visible in the cabin, on a dirt track in the bush

Snow skier plays trick on camera

Colour photograph shows the tracks of a snow skier, dressed in dark clothing, going around both sides of a tree on a snow-covered, lightly wooded hill

Signs at entrance to Mount Field National Park

Colour photograph shows signs posted at entrance of Mount Field National Park, with distances and estimated travel times to Lake Dobson (9 1/4 miles), Lake Fenton (7 1/4 miles), Lady Barron Falls (1 1/2 mile), Camping Ground (250 yds), Rangers Cot...

View of Russell Falls

Colour photograph shows Russell Falls as viewed from elevated vantage point in rainforest

Rigger in the Florentine Valley

Colour photograph shows timber worker wearing hard hat, chaps and holding ropes and an axe, standing on fallen logs in the Florentine Valley

Riding ski tow 1959

Colour photograph shows snow skiers on Mount Mawson, one using a tow rope to climb uphill

Snow skiing at National Park

Colour photograph shows two snow skiiers navigating patchy snow at National Park, a location in Mount Field National Park

Vehicle on road at National Park

Colour photograph shows two-tone green vehicle with driver's fingers visible on steering wheel, on the unsealed road at National Park, with snow covering the higher ground. Tasmanian number plate reads WLA 189 - 19 TAS 56.

Mt Solitary and Lake Pedder

Colour photograph taken from elevated mountain ridge, shows valley floor looking west to Mount Solitary and original shoreline of Lake Pedder

Trees on slope of Mount Mawson

Colour photograph shows mature forest, amid some patches of dead tree cover, on steep slope at base of Mount Mawson

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