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Degree of Associate of Arts

Diploma of degree of Associate of Arts awarded to Henry Lewis Garrett of Hobart Town, who passed in English, Latin(with credit and prize) Greek, French (with credit) and pure mathematics and was placed in the second class Signed by H. Officer, president of the Tasmanian Council of Education. Diploma has decorative border of oak leaves and acorns designed by Henry Hunter and engraved by Alfred Bock.

Henry Lewis Garrett


Three black and white postcards of Askrigg, Yorkshire, England (probably c1910-1920)

Pin holder

Cloth and cardboard pin holder in envelope with note "Made by Sarah Benson Walker"

Brunonia australis

Watercolour and pencil on light green card sketched by Olive Pink at Rodinga, Northern Territory 13/9/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Brunonia australis (Goodeniaceae)

Olive Pink


Watercolour on card sketched by Olive Pink, Stanthorpe, Queensland, September, 1925. Not identified by Olive Pink

Olive Pink


Water colour and pencil on paper sketched by Olive Pink, Alice Springs, 17/1/41. Identified by Olive Pink as Capparis

Olive Pink

Photograph of Quart-Pot and Mangy, and aboriginal guide Jim

Black and white photograph of Olive Muriel Pink standing next to two camels, 'Quart-Pot'and 'Mangy', with her aboriginal guide Jim at a Central Australian waterhole, 1934, with inscription on the back by Olive Pink, 'To dear Mrs Walker - with love from Olive, Jim, (guide), "Quart-Pot, Olive and "Mangy"!!! (in order, from R to L!!) at a C. Aus. water-hole.' Photographs sent with a letter to her friend Joan Walker in Hobart, Tasmania.

Olive Pink

Acacia salicina

Coloured pencil drawing sketched by Olive Pink, Beltana, South Australia 17/7/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Acacia salicina

Olive Pink

Mt. Gould & Du Cane Range

Photograph of Mt. Gould and the DuCane Range from Narcissus Valley, Lake St. Clair taken from camp on the left hand side of Narcissus Valley going up (according to notes on the reverse of the photograph).

Wood's huts

Photograph of Wood's huts at the Springs, Mount Wellington, in 1870 with old couple and younger gentleman and boy sitting outside. On the reverse of the photo post card 'Do you remember them. Huts and old Mr. and Mrs. Wood'.

View of Hobart from West Hobart

Photograph from the collection of James Backhouse Walker of a view of Hobart from West Hobart. Looking down Murray & Harrington Streets. The photographer is Henry Hall Baily who had studios in Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets Hobart from 1865 until 1918.

James Backhouse Walker

All Saints Church Macquarie Street

Photograph of All Saints Church, Macquarie Street, Hobart c. 1880 by Anson Brothers, Portrait and Landscape Photographers, Hobart Town, whose firm was located in Liverpool, Collins and Elizabeth Streets between 1878 and 1891.

Anson Brothers

Photograph of Our Camp

1 sepia photograph of camp at ProfessorLyndhurst Falkiner Giblin's Farm - Cobbler's End, Tasmania

Olive Pink

My camp

Black and white photograph of Olive Pinks camp at Thompsons Rock Hole

Olive Pink

Extracts of officers' logs: part 1

Extracts of the officers' logs of the French naval vessel Mascarin's voyage of exploration led by Captain Nicholas Marion Du Fresne -Tasmanian part of voyage, March 1772.
'Journal du voyage fait sur le vaisseau du Roy Le Mascarin, commande par Mr. Marion, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de st.
Louis, Capitaine de Brulot, accompagne de la Flutte Le Margqis de Castries, pour faire le voyage de l'Isle Taity ou de Cythere, en faissant la decouverte des terrae Australae passant a la Nouvelle Hollande, a la Nouvelle Zelande etc.

Photographs of Archives Nationales, C 7 197, pp. 1, 7-14;

Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne

Letters of J.B. Watchorn

Copies of letters of James Bayly Watchorn (1921-1943) written to his parents in Hobart while he was on active service with the R.A.A.F. The letters are exceptionally well written and reflect his feelings about his life as a fighter pilot and the people he met and include descriptions of the countries where he was stationed - Rhodesia where he trained, U.K. and West Africa - although he discreetly avoided reference to the war or his flying duties.

James Bayly Watchorn

Interview - part one

Part one of an interview with Peter Jones by Ben Ross from the . Recorded February 21st 2019

Peter D Jones

Psoralea patens

Watercolour on paper painted by Olive Pink at Edwards Creek, South Australia, 5/8/30. Notes on paper - "plants grow to about 4ft high". note on flower details "twice actual size or more" Identified by Olive Pink as Psoralea patens.

Olive Pink


Pencil and watercolour on paper sketched by Olive Pink, Macdonnel Range, Northern Territory, 28/11/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Oxylobium

Olive Pink

Grevillea and Calothamnus

Watercolour and pencil on card sketched by Olive Pink, from Kalamunda, Western Australia, 1912. Line drawn diagonally across card separating pictures. Top section "V" identified by Olive Pink as a Grevillea. Bottom section "VI" identified by Olive Pink as a Calothamnus (above has "a grevillea" crossed out)

Olive Pink


Watercolour on card sketched by Olive Pink, (date and location unknown)

Olive Pink

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