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Australia Com objeto digital
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Marriotts Falls

Colour portrait format photograph shows the vertical drop of Marriotts Falls

Snow skiing at National Park

Colour photograph shows two snow skiiers navigating patchy snow at National Park, a location in Mount Field National Park

Vehicle on road at National Park

Colour photograph shows two-tone green vehicle with driver's fingers visible on steering wheel, on the unsealed road at National Park, with snow covering the higher ground. Tasmanian number plate reads WLA 189 - 19 TAS 56.

Ice on Lake Dobson

Colour photograph shows a person standing on ice at Lake Dobson, with ridge of snow above treeline

Climbing Naturalist Peak in snow

Colour photograph shows five figures in the snow, walking or skiing to the top of Naturalist Peak near Mount Field West, in Mount Field National Park. Some marks on original physical scanned image

Walkers in fog

Colour photograph shows three walkers on heathland climbing in fog

Tree felling in Florentine Valley

Colour photograph shows three bushmen, one operating a chainsaw, cutting into the butt of a mature eucalyptus tree, working in the Florentine Valley

Moving firewood at Lake Dobson

Colour photographs shows three people in a small boat laden with firewood being moved from one side of Lake Dobson to another. Hut visible on shore and cleared path of zig-zag track up hill visible in background

Silhouette of Mount Anne

Colour photograph shows afternoon reflection of Mount Anne on the surface of water of Lake Timk

Pool of Bethesda

Colour photograph shows snow covering the Pool of Siloam near The Temple below Mount Jerusalem

Black jay on a rock

Colour photograph shows a black jay, or black currawong, resting on a rock near Lake Dobson

Hut at Lake Meston 1977

Colour photograph shows hut at Lake Meston built of logs, shingles and with tin plate chimney People sitting outside hut eating

Knyvet Falls 1984

Colour photograph of limited water flow across Knyvet Falls 1984 GIS: Latitude -4159 Longitude 14593 Gazetteer Australia Record_ID TAS06008

Carvings on Ross Bridge archway

Colour photograph shows the sandstone relief carving in the keystone and other carvings in the voussoir stones of an arch of the Ross Bridge across the Macquarie River

Arthur Knight

Waterfall at Pine Tree Creek

Colour photograph shows waterfall flowing across rock face in Central Highlands, with pencil pines surrounding rock pool

Arthur Knight

Rigger in the Florentine Valley

Colour photograph shows timber worker wearing hard hat, chaps and holding ropes and an axe, standing on fallen logs in the Florentine Valley

View of Russell Falls

Colour photograph shows Russell Falls as viewed from elevated vantage point in rainforest

Moss and pandani

Colour photograph shows mossy ground surrounding a group of pandani plants

Main reading area

Photograph of the main reading area of the Library, Domain, House . Taken in November 1960 showing students working at desks. Fire place and mantel on rear wall.

University of Tasmania

Loans desk

Photograph of the Librarian, D H Borchardt at Loans desk with Mrs Kemp 1960

University of Tasmania

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