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A.L. Gordon

Items relating to Adam Lindsay Gordon. "Gordon Memorial Committee annual pilgrimage" souvenirs (1920 & ND); newscutting of "Lay me Low" poem by A.L. Gordon (ND); bookmark inscribed "with pleasant memories from Amy". all found enclosed in Poems of Adam
Lindsay Gordon.

Susanna Jane Earle

Books transfered to the Library

Books of Mrs Earle transferred to Library:
• Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon, ed. F.M. Robb, Oxford V.P. (1912) (inscribed in pencil "S. Earle")
• Sagitta Says, Enid Moodie Heddle, Adelaide (Hassell Press, 1943)
• Vanity Fair, W.M. Thackery, London (Ward, Lock & Bowden 1895)
• Popular Verses, Henry Lawson, Sydney (1937)
• Kalevala, vol. 1, (Everyman 1907)

Susanna Jane Earle

Earle Collection

  • Collection
  • 1909-1931

Material relating to John Earles parliamentary career including his appointment as attorney general, photographs and material belonging to his wife Susanna Earle nee Blackmore

John Earle

Family scrapbooks

  • Collection
  • 1913-1965

Collection consists of two family scrapbooks compiled by sisters of Ivy Moseley (formerly Blackmore), Susanna Jane Earle and Myrtle Walker.
Both scrapbooks contain mostly undated cuttings from unidentified but chiefly local newspapers (e.g Hobart Mercury and Tasmanian Mail), and magazines (e.g Sydney Bulletin and Mirror). Often cuttings are from Saturday supplements or the 'Pink Page' of the Bulletin. Topics reflect women's interests: anecdotes and folklore; poems and stories by Australian authors {e.g article about Marie Bjelke Peterson, Tasmania, novelist(; local history (e.g paragraph about descendents living in Tasmania of Capt. Michael Connor of the First Fleet); news of members of the family (e.g brother, A R Blackmore enlists and resigns from teaching at Adventure bay School).
A few cuttings annotated in the hand of Ivy Moseley, identifying "Lassie from Nugent" and "vino of Nugent" as herself. (e.g "Labour Unity" by 'Lassie').

Myrtle Walker

Peace on Earth

One handbill entitled "Peace on Earth ..." published by the Millenium Guild.

Susanna Jane Earle

Scrapbook of Susanna Jane Earle

• (a) Scrapbook of Susanna Jane Earle (nee Blackmore c1880), c.1913 -1932 -News cuttings. Earlier pages contain cuttings about John Earle (e.g "Senator J Earle c1916).
• (b) Scrapbook also contains baptismal and confirmation certificate of Susanna Blackmore and letter written to her by Mark H Hawthorne, theosophist, May 1910.

Susanna Jane Earle

Susanna Earle

Material belonging to Susanna Jane Earle nee Blackmore, wife of John Earle relating to vegetarianism and vivisection and other miscellaneous items

Susanna Jane Earle

The case for vegetarianism

One pamphlet entitled The case for vegetarianism by Geoffrey Hodson, published by the New Zealand Vegetarian
Society (revised ed. ND);

Susanna Jane Earle

The real truth about vivisection

One pamphlet entitled 'The real truth about vivisection', published in 1933 by Walter R. Hadwen. Reprinted in Melbourne by the Melbourne branch of the British Union for abolition of vivisection.

Susanna Jane Earle