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Alexander Cheyne Papers

  • Collection
  • 1777-1861

Collection contains a written diary of Alexander Cheyne and microfilms of diaries and papers belonging to the family

Alexander Cheyne

Architectural Plans

  • Collection
  • 1837-1840

Small photographs of plans and proposed designs held In the Tasmanian State Archives. Includes, Government House: Watch House, New Town: Gaol and Court House, Longford: Public School, Hobart, (i.e. 'Hutchins'): Watch House, Kensington, Antill Ponds: Court House, Bagdad : Watch House, Kangaroo Point.

James Blackburn

Diaries and memoranda

Microfilm copy of papers of Alexander Cheyne held in the Battye Library, Perth. Mainly concerned with Tasmania with brief entries at King George Sound 1834-1835. Survey work. Notes on shipping.

a. Diary (King George's Sound, W.A.) 14 Nov. 1834 -18 Nov. 1835
Memoranda (scattered entries and notes) 1833-1842; 1841-1847
Diary (Hobart). Jan. 1845 - Dec. 1847
These memoranda booklets, and papers consist chiefly of scattered and intermittent memoranda (possibly 'noted for later use in writing up a 'journal beginning with 'a note: 'Nov. 9; 1833 left Scotland in steamer for London; Feb. 9 1834 Left Portsmouth … on the James Pattison, Middleton Master'. Notes of his appointments, journeys, and other memoranda, sometimes written more than once in different forms on different pages continue up to 1847, with an odd page possibly for 1852. There are also notes of the dates of birth or death of brothers and sisters etc. In the middle is a complete detailed diary of his life and work at King George Sound, W.A., 14 November 1834 - 18 November 1835, referring to road works, shipping arrivals, Mr Douglas' sale, John Cheyne (?brother), letters from Dr. Turnbull Governor Arthur's private secretary and on 18 November his departure for Hobart. A note amongst the memoranda states: April - August 1841 'see small memoranda book', but this diary is missing. However the diary begins again in July 1842 and continues until December 1842 and from July 1843 until July 1844 and January 1845 until. I December 1847. This diary includes general entries of his daily life and especially his financial situation and claims for dismissal from his post, with some notes of travelling and references to Scots Church and Rev. Dr. Lillie. In October 1846 Captain Swanston showed Cheyne the plan for the reservoir. This diary is continued, with only a short gap in the manuscript diary C.3/1. . Many of the pages are dark and discoloured and in July 1844 many are torn and scraps only of some pages remain. The quality of the microfilm print is poor.

b. Diary 29 Apr. 1852 - 6 Aug. 1853; 1 Jan. 1855 - 22 Mar. 1855
Written on large narrow folio pages, which have been filmed sideways (necessary to use a reader which can be turned) and the quality of the microfilm print is poor. This diary includes general entries of Cheyne's daily life - referring to preachers at Scots Church, visitors (James Turner's child pulled a coffee pot over itself and scalded itself); and also road works at Ross, Campbell Town etc

Alexander Cheyne


Diary of Alexander Cheyne, dated 22 Feb 1848 to 3 December 1850, in Hobart (lodging first in Fitzroy Place and later in Macquarie Street). He notes his attendance at church - and comments on the preacher; the pain in his leg and wearing a lacing 'case'; and Captain Swanston preparing a case for his claim in re his dismissal from the waterworks contract. He also refers to the arrival of ships, the weather including snow in the streets of Hobart on 29 September 1849; to friends such as Dr. Lillie' , and James Thomson; the drowning of Mr Montague brother of 'the late Puisne Judge' (8 Jan. 1849); a duel fought by Edward Macdowell and F. Smith (1849) and his application for the post of town Surveyor in Melbourne.

Alexander Cheyne

Miscellaneous Cheyne family papers

Microfilm copy of papers relating to the Cheyne and Wilkinson families including:
1 ) Family of John Cheyne, surgeon, Leith (father of Alexander) and his wife, the daughter of Wm. Edmonston
2) Extract from the life of Dr. John Cheyne (1777-1836) physician general to the forces in Ireland and brother of Alexander
3) 'Royal descent of Colonel Humphry Graham' claimant to the earldom of Monteith, and Elizabeth (Farquhar) , his wife.
4) Printed Pedigree of Colonel Humphrey Graham, claimant to the earldom of Monteith, showing the double descent of his descendants from the Douglases.
5) Marriage certificate of Captain William Wilkinson and Elizabeth Cheyne, 1803, witnessed by Alexander Cheyne her brother.
6) Letter from J.D. Thomson, Admiralty, to Dr John Cheyne, Leith, 28 August- ,1805 informing him of the appointment of Captain W. Wilkinson as commander of the 'Nightingale'.
7) Alexander Cheyne's commissions as: 2nd Lieutenant 1 May 1806; 1st Lieutenant 1 July 1806; 2nd Captain Royal Engineers' Corps, 1 May 1811.
8) Letter from Lt. Col. B. Cheyne to William Cheyne (brothers of Alexander) 28 March 1828
9) Letter from Alexander Cheyne to his niece Cecilia Wilkinson, 9 October 1852
10) Copy of will of Alexander Cheyne 22 April 1858
11) Copy of letter from Westbrook and Butler, solicitors, Hobart, to Mrs W.N.D. Sheppard, Dublin, about Cheyne's will, 18 August 1858.
12) Letter from S. W. Westbrook of the late firm of Westbrook and Butler to Mrs Sheppard, Dublin, 15 July 1861
13) Directions to the cook (? in the residence of John Cheyne, Leith) nd.
14) Copies of letters from Captain W. Wilkinson to his brother John from 'Goliath' off mouth of Nile, Egypt, 13 August 1798 and from 'Elephant', Copenhagen, 4 April 1801.
15) Copy of letter from Lord Nelson to Captain W. Wilkinson, from H.M.S 'Victory', 1805.
16) Letters from Captain W. Wilkinson to his wife Elizabeth (nee Cheyne) 21 March 1805, 20 Jan. 10 Oct. 22 Nov. 1814.
17) Letter from T. Wilkinson to Captain W. Wilkinson 28 Dec. 1830.

Alexander Cheyne