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Appointment Indentures Collection University of Tasmania -- Staff
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Appointment Indentures Collection

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  • 1892-1932

Appointment Indentures for early University of Tasmania lecturers, 1892-1932, including some correspondence.

University of Tasmania

Peter Joseph McLeod

Appointment Indenture for Peter Joseph McLeod. Lecturer in Chemistry and Geolgy (24 November 1904) with supplement (19 September 1907)

University of Tasmania

Hermann Balthazar Ritz

Appointment Indenture for Hermann Balthazar Ritz, dated 19 November 1913. Lecturer in Modem Languages (supplement to indenture only)

University of Tasmania

Robert Neil Smith

Appointment Indenture for Robert Neil Smith, dated 10 February 1902. Professor of Mining Engineering (2 copies and draft)

University of Tasmania

Herbert Heaton

Appointment Indenture for Herbert Heaton dated 1915. Lecturer in History and Economics (2 copies).

University of Tasmania

John Hilton Mackay

Appointment Indenture for John Hilton Mackay, dated 1904. Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Drawing and Physics I and Demonstrator in Physics (24 Nov. 1904); Supplement to indenture (1907); Professor of Engineering (25 July 1917 and 2 drafts)

University of Tasmania

Robert Leslie Dunbabin

Appointment Indenture for Robert Leslie Dunbabin, Indenture and amendments: Lecturer in English & Constitutional History, Latin
Greek (1904); English and Constitutional History, Latin & Greek and Mental & Moral Science (1906); History, Latin, Greek, Logic & Psychology (1907); Lecturer in Classics and English History (1913); Assistant Professor of Classics (1914); Professor of Classics (1917).

University of Tasmania

Alexander McAulay

Appointment Indenture for Alexander McAulay, dated 1892 - 1913. Lecturer in Mathematics (1892 & draft); Professor of Mathematics and Physics (1904, 3 copies); Professor of Mathematics (1913, 2 copies).

University of Tasmania

Douglas Berry Copland

Appointment Indenture for Douglas Berry Copland, lecturer in History, Economics and Tutorial Classes (draft)

University of Tasmania

Dugald Gordon McDougall

Appointment Indenture for Dugald Gordon McDougall, dated 1902 - 1932. Professor of Law and Modern History (15 Mar. 1902 & draft); supplement to indenture (2 Feb. 1904); Professor of Law and Modern History (19 Aug. 1904 and draft).

University of Tasmania

Edmund Morris Miller

Appointment Indenture for Edmund Morris Miller, dated 1913 & 1917. Lecturer in Philosophy & Economics (19 November 1913); Lecturer in Philosphy (1917, draft and unsigned indenture)

University of Tasmania

William Henry Williams

In 1894 William Henry Williams became a lecturer and in 1896 the foundation professor of Classics and English Literature at the newly established University of Tasmania. He occupied the chair until his retirement in 1925. During part of that time he was dean of the faculty of arts and chairman of the professorial board. In March 1926 he was made professor emeritus. He was also a trustee of the State Library of Tasmania from 1921 to 1936. Copy of indenture of Professor Williams to the position of Professor of Classics and English literature, dated 1902. Appointment Indenture for William Henry Williams, dated 1901, 1902 &1904. Professor of Classics and English Literature (1901 draft); Professor of Classics and English Literature (17 February 1902); Supplement to agreement (2 February 1904); Professor of Classics and English Literature (19 August1904 and draft).

University of Tasmania