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Representatives Conference, Cadbury 1922

Representatives Conference 1922. Left to right. Back: JC Tankard, JF Jeffrey, JP Wilson, JH Cooper, VC Smith, JE Cooper, DC Vernon, H Hives, JP Whitworth, WH Clark. Front: JA Ersjine, J Coley, WH Palmer, EA Clarke, N Benson, WH Lees, S Lees, W Cooper, WA Cadbury.

Representatives Conference Garden Party at Thos. E. Coopers residence “Chigwell”

Representatives Conference Garden Party at Thos. E. Coopers residence “Chigwell” Left to right. Back: JP Wilson, HE Theobold, J Cooley, DC Vernon, A Hackett, W Lees, N Benson, JC Tankard, F Erskine, AE Lodge, S Lees, JP Whitworth, WH Palmer, H Hives, JH Cooper, JT Jeffrey, (.) Front: EH Colleyshaw, Mrs Colleyshaw, Mrs Clarke, Mrs W Cooper, Miss Joy Cadbury, D. Cooper, William Cadbury, Mrs Cadbury, TE Cooper, Mrs TE Cooper, Miss Gallimore. Seated: WH clarke, Miss Russell, Miss Joyce Cooper, Mrs HV McKernn, Miss H Cooper, Mrs Coley, VC Smith. 1922?

Directors ‘A’ Staff & State & Sales Managers. Claremont March 12th, 1951

Directors ‘A’ Staff & State & Sales Managers. Photographed Claremont March 12th, 1951. Left to right. Back: VA Benjafield, DR Campbell, JWC Wyett, Miss DA Wyly, KWG Mason, WA Smith, BA Wells. Middle: A Watts, DS Newman (Victoria) AH Seaton (S.Aus.) BC Johnston (Queensland) EF McDade (NSW) I van Assche (W. Aus) WA Hopkins (Tasmania) Front: VG Burley, JPD Lloyd, VC Smith, HV Mckernan.

Sales Managers Conference Claremont March 16th-19th, 1953

Sales Managers Conference Claremont March 16th-19th, 1953. Taken outside at Social Hall, Derwent River in background. Left to right. Back: RM Conway, TO Kelly, MG Wells, JWC Wyett, AB Eastaugh, DR Atkins, RB Thistlethwayte, WA Hopkins. Front: DS Newman, AH Seaton, EF McDade, HV McKernan, BC Johnston, I van Assche.

ASM's Conference February 1961

ASM's Conference February 1961. Back: TO Kelly, FA Pollard, EM Firth, MG Wells, RB Thistlethwayte, RV Palesy, DR Atkins, DC Whiter, G Blay, NF Mitchell. Centre: RM Conway, DE McEnvoy, HG Partridge, M Glanville, FW Thomas, GJ Budd, JP Quayle. Front: AB Eastaugh, I van Assche, WA Hopkins, AH Seaton, HV Mckernan, BC Johnston, JWC Wyett, DS Newman.

Representatives Conference Claremont, 1965

Representatives Conference 1965. Left to right. Front Row: BA Manners, GF Fox, RA Smith, HV McKernan, JPD Lloyd, VG Burley, F Stock, AB Adkins. 2nd Row: IA Pollard, DB Mathieson, GC Lees, FA Banyard, DM Abbott, AB Tinner, AE Meaker. 3rd Row: K Mitton, KR Chipman, GE Munday, SI Morse, JP Ford, R Leggett. Back Row: DS Newman, LD O'Connor, JP Sedgebeer, RJ Rees, JP Webb, JA Brough, DI Owen, WA Hopkins.

Cricket team

Cricket team: W Cooper, HG Kelly, C Freido, J Williams, Eddie Frappell, Basil Wells, H Colbourne, TE Cooper, L Davis, Willis ? Poor quality photograph.

Women on a break

Women seated on grass, Left to right. Back row: Gladys Watson, Lil Barwick, Bealtie Smith. Middle row: Joyce Barwick, others unknown. Front row: unknown

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