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Photographs: Clive Sansom

Eleven photographs of Sansom taken at stages of his life from 1932 to the 1970s. Several photographs are of Sansom at home (Mt Stuart), one is taken on board a P&O liner and at least one is a passport photograph.

Clive Sansom

Photographs: Ruth Sansom

Sixteen photographs taken at times between 1934 and the 1970s. One is of Ruth at Sandy Bay presumably before leaving for England. Later photographs show Ruth on her honeymoon, horse riding (presumably in England) and, later still, at Eaglehawk Neck and Orford. There are several passport photographs and one studio portrait taken in England in 1945.

Clive Sansom

Photographs: Clive & Ruth Sansom

Apart from photographs taken in the l 970s, these eleven photographs show the Sansoms in England, on journeys to Ceylon
(1950) and the Middle East and in London during the War years. One is a passport photograph of both husband and wife.

Clive Sansom

Photographs: Sansoms with other people

Seven photographs show either one or both of the Sansoms with Walter Stiasny and his wife, with members of the London verse speaking choir at a choir reunion in London in 1961 and with other groups of unidentified people.

Clive Sansom

Photographs: Miscellaneous & postcards

• A studio portrait of an unknown lady - an old photograph probably of a forebear.
• Two photographs of unidentified individuals, one annotated 'Tiesie Austria'.
• Postcard of Reigate Wray Common Windmill.
• Postcard of Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau.
• Pictorial folding letter card of scenes from Reigate.
• Two postcards of Reigate.
• Seven postcards of Winchmore Hill.
• Photograph of the cover designed for the Argo recording of ‘The Witnesses’.
• Envelope containing negatives of photographs.

Clive Sansom

Letters to Clive Sansom

Letters to Clive Sansom from The London Speech Fellowship, Leslie Daiker, Joan Bennett, Madame Helen George, Marjorie Gullan, Margaret Willey, Geoffrey Clarke, Aunt Bee, Dorothy Ackman, Len Sansom, Gladys Sansom, Kathleen Needham-Hurst, Arthur Fayne, Hermann Pleschmann, Constance Rennie, D.H. Tribolet, Allan Keeling, Margaret Arnott, Edward Milligan, Martin Davies, Herbert Howells, Richard Graves, Arthur Thompson, and Uncle Harry. There are also two letters from the publishers A.C. Black, one from the editor of John O 'London's Weekly, and one from Dr R. Vaughan Hudson who treated Clive Sansom during his illness in 1948. There are several letters are from unidentified writers.

Clive Sansom

Copies of letters from Clive Sansom

Copies of letters from Clive Sansom to:
• A.G. Prys-Jones of Aberystwyth Press (3/9/49)
• The News Chronicle about speech education (27/9/48) and supporting the building of a replica of the Globe Theatre (25/1/49)
• The Spectator about poetry (2/9/49)
• The Times Literary Supplement about the Arts Council's support for poetry (22/1/49), choral speaking (26/3/29), Gerard Manly Hopkins (20/5/49), and the broadcasting of poetry (1/12/50)
• The Observer about the publishing of poetry (7 /8/4?)
• John O' London's Weekly about the use of the word 'pretty' (21/1/49)
• The Listener about Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral (31/3/49)
• The Friend about the concept of vocation in work (28/5/48) and the meaning of Divine Guidance (22/10/48)
• The Sunday Times about book publishing (7/11/48)
• Muriel Spark about adjudicating and an article on T.S. Eliot (21/2/48)
• Mr Foules about a verse-speaking syllabus (5/3/49)
• Ruth Sansom on personal matters (at least five letters undated and apparently written before the Sansoms married)
• To unidentified correspondents about changing patterns in pronunciation, Quakerism, and Murder in the Cathedral (all undated)

Clive Sansom

Newspaper and journal clippings

Newspaper and journal clippings include
• photograph of J.R.O. Bartram,
• photograph of the comedians 'Ada and Elsie',
• 'For Sale' notice and photograph of the house at 31 Gordon Avenue, Lenah Valley, which the Sansoms subsequently bought,
• report on Sansom's publication Choric Drama,
• article from Speech News announcing the resignation of Clive and Ruth Sansom and paying tribute to their work for the Speech Institute (January 1951),
• item from the Surrey News about the crowning of the May Queen ceremony (undated).

Clive Sansom

Sansom's poems

Copies of Sansom's poems (some typewritten, others by hand): 'Woods under Grass'; 'Colombo, November 1949', 'My love we have been one so utterly... '; 'On hearing Celtic Lament'; 'Epitaph'; 'Invocation'; 'Because the sun clears in the valleys ... '; and an extract from one of Sansom's poems printed in an obituary notice for Jennie E. Milligan.

Clive Sansom

Miscellaneous items

Miscellaneous items including
• freehand sketches of Sansom and John Bradford,
• photograph of Sansom on board ship,
• Christmas card from 'Mother',
• invitation from St John's Infant School to attend the crowning of the May Queen,
• photograph of a building named 'Green Gates',
• printed Christmas card from the Sansoms that contains Sansom' s poem 'Carol of Three'.

Clive Sansom

Two prose pieces

Two prose pieces by Sansom: 'A Discussion of Ministry' and 'Sermon in Stones and Trivia on Everything, or Mr Pearsall Smith visits his Chiropodist -a parody'.

Clive Sansom

Travel to Tasmania

Documents relating to the Sansoms' travel to Tasmania on the Orion in 1950 including their formal application for a passage on the ship and medical testimonials supporting this.

Clive Sansom


Correspondence and information about WOODBROOKE, a 'missionary' college or 'settlement ... designed primarily to give members of the Society of Friends an opportunity of preparing for the variety of service required in the cause of Christ today': letter from the Warden, Henry T. Cadbury, with an application form (l 8/3/40); Sansom's reply (19/3/40); copy of the Prospectus, syllabus and timetable from the Secretary, D. Best, (20/3/40 and 6/4/40).

Clive Sansom

Conscription Committee

Circular letter from David Jenkin of the London Friends Local
Conscription Committee offering advice and assistance to prospective conscientious objectors (30/4/40). Sansom's letter to Edgar Dunstan about a draft statement to the War Tribunal. Letters from Edgar Dunstan (8/6/40 and 12/6/40) suggesting appropriate work both the Sansoms could offer to undertake in lieu of active service. Sansom's letter of26/6/40 proposing to establish a house and property in Kent as a centre for conscientious objectors. A further letter to Capper Johnson containing a similar proposal applying to Bunce Court, Otterden (1/7/40) and Johnson's reply (17/7/40).

Clive Sansom

Conscientious objector

Letters relating to Sansom's application for registration as a conscientious objector for service with the armed forces in the Second World War (see his application to the Tribunal in 3.26 above). These include formal notice of the hearing of Sansom's application to be registered as a conscientious objector, copy of a reference from the President of the London Speech Fellowship and Institute to accompany Sansom's application, and letters of advice about his application from Eric Savage and Edgar D. Dunstan. Documents from the Ministry of Labour and National Service advising Sansom that the Tribunal 'was satisfied ... that there was a genuine conscientious objection to combatant military service; but it was not satisfied as to non-combatant service' and that Sansom must therefore undertake full­time 'ARP or AFS work'. Letters including those to and from the City of Birmingham, the Air Raid Precautions Headquarters, the Guildhall Portsmouth, the City and County of Bristol, and the London County Council about the possibility of such employment. Copies of letters from Sansom to the Ministry of Labour indicating that he was seeking admission to the Spicelands Training Centre.

Clive Sansom

Spiceland Training Centre

Letters and documents about Spiceland Training Centre. Circulars outlining the purpose of the Centre. Sansom' s application to undertake a training course at the Centre. Two letters from the Centre's Warden and typed extracts from 'The Fifty-Fifth Column' the Centre's newsletter compiled by the residents (including Sansom). Further letters from Sansom to the Labour Exchange, Chipping Norton, to 'Peter' describing Spicelands Centre building and the daily routines, and to Mr Foulis about LAMDA matters. Two letters from Jonathon Field to Sansom about plans to jointly operate a market garden at 'Tinker's Orchard'.

Clive Sansom

Miscellaneous notes and letters

Miscellaneous notes and letters relating to the search for accommodation. Letter from Sansom to the Editor of Poetry Review on the subject of poetry and beauty (14/11/40) and one from an unidentified writer [perhaps either Rodney Bennett or Robert Gittings?] on the teaching of oral English and Keats's connection with Dorset (5/12/61).

Clive Sansom

Sketch of John Batman : photograph

Photograph of a sketch of John Batman by Charles Nuttall from old print in possession of his grandson Mr. A.B. Weire.
Inscribed "with the compliments of L. Batman Weire 11.11.34"

Portrait Photographs

Eight portrait photographs - Unknown - Hull, Denison? all males . 4 from Allport Library & 2 from Don Stephens Lindisfarnes (Repro)

Beautiful Hobart and Surroundings

Souvenir booklet entitled 'Beautiful Hobart and surroundings. 81 views by J.C. Breaden'. It contains a series of black and white photographs of Hobart and places nearby

Miscellaneous : photographs

Miscellaneous photographs - 19 negatives ,13 in MSS, 2 standing portraits 'Postcard' set., 11 views of Entally House internal and external x 2.

Franklin : photograph

Photograph of Sir John Franklin from Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts

History of Bass Strait

BHP "History of Bass Strait" series Nos. 1-12 : reproductions of maps and pictures issued each month with The Australian Financial Review, Jan-Dec. 1972.

Calder plan of Hobart

Photograph of Calder plan of Hobart and an unidentified house - Mitchell Library (A. 603).

Governor Hampton : photograph

Photograph of Governor John Stephen Hampton comptroller-general of convicts in V.D.L 1846 & Governor of Western Australia 1862

Sketches from the Calder Papers

Photograph of three sketches from the Calder Papers : tent, camp and Mt. Olympus. Originals held in the Mitchell Library

Letters from A. Biggs

Letters from A. Biggs (astronomical instruments, 1933)

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Draft letter on Aborigines

Draft of a letter by A.L. Meston on aborigines and the naming of V.D.L. undated

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Draft and typescript

  • Sub-item
  • c1958
  • Parte de Meston Papers

Draft and typescript of chapters 1-5, 7, conclusion and also introduction by K.M. Dallas of "The history of the V.D.L. Co."

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Copies of dispatches

  • Sub-item
  • c1958
  • Parte de Meston Papers

Copies of dispatches etc. of the V.D.L. Co.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Copy of Minutes

Copy of Minutes of Council of the Van Diemen's Land Company

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Miscellaneous notes

Miscellaneous indexed notes regarding Van Diemen's Land Company

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Notes on the V.D.L. Co. & aborigines

Loose leaf Notebook containing notes on the Van Diemen's Land Company & aborigines

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Notes on an incident

Notes on an incident when aboriginal women were killed at Emu Bay. Includes copy of letter from G.A. Robinson to Rev. William Bedford, 1829-1832.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Notes relating to economic background in U.K.

Notes compiled by A.L. Meston, mainly relating to the economic background in U.K. which affected foundation of Van Diemens Land Company

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Diaries of Jorgen Jorgensen

  • Sub-item
  • 1826-1827
  • Parte de Meston Papers

Copies of diaries of Jorgen Jorgensen, including Journey to Ouse Plateau, Repat of Jorgensen to V.D.L. Co. on route between Hobart and Circular Head, and Journal kept while exploring from Circular Head to the Pieman River, 1826-7.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Articles on Jorgensen

Two articles written by by A.L. Meston on Jorgen Jorgensen.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Cradle Mountain by R.E. Smith

Manuscript of "Cradle Mountain" by R.E. Smith, with notes on wild life and climate by Gustav Weindorfer. dated 7 August

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Cradle Mountain miscellaneous papers

Miscellaneous papers re Cradle Mountain comprising correspondence regarding Franz Malcher, translation from Malcher's account of his trip to Tasmania, March 1914, notes on wild animals by G. Weindorfer and copy of his birth certificate, and copy of "Trip to the Summit of Cradle Mountain" by W.O. Weston, published in Examiner, Feb-March 1891 and miscellaneous notes.

Archibald Lawrence Meston


Three black and white postcards of Askrigg, Yorkshire, England (probably c1910-1920)

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