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Frederick K. Astell

  • Collection
  • 1897

Letter written by Frederick K. Astell a miner from Zeehan to his uncle, referring to a downfall in the share market, friends and family, the Waratah to Zeehan railway would be a boon to the coast if constructed, house on Argent Tram property, changes and building at Zeehan, Zeehan and Queen mines lodes good, working underground at Western, then underground boss at North East Dundas.

Frederick K. Astell

Amos Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1774-1845

Microfilm includes - Diary of Adam Amos (1774-1845), May 1822 - December 1825. A record of chief happenings in the district of Great Swan Port of which Adam Amos was Chief District Constable, including notes of musters and convict passes, with names. 1931.
"History of the Amos and Lyne families", by C(larendon) Amos, also duplicated notes for members of the family (later published privately as 'Family history of Adam Amos of 'Glen Gala' and William Lyne of Apsley'. manuscript list of memorials in the Amos burial ground, Cranbrook, Tasmania

Amos Family

Microfilm : Amos family papers

  1. Diary of Adam Amos (1774-1845), May 1822 - Dec 1825. A record of chief happenings in the district of Great Swan Port of which he was Chief District Constable, including notes of musters and convict passes, with names.
  2. Adam Amos (1774-1845), letters outward, 1807-1844, mostly to his sons.
  3. Adam Amos (1774-1845, letters inward, 1833-1841, including receipts. 4. James Amos (1804-1864), letters inward, 1837-1850.
  4. James Amos (1804-1864), will.
  5. Letters from George Meredith to his wife Mary, nee Evans, 2 Mar 1823 & 25 Apr 1825.
  6. Letter from George Meredith jun. to Mary Meredith (nee Evans), 6 Aug 1833.
  7. Letter from Maria, Mrs John Meredith (nee Hammond), to her daughter Jessie Meredith, 3 May 1885.
  8. Letter to Captain Thomas Watson sen. From niece EN Rayner (?), 13 Oct 1835.
  9. Letters to Capt. T Watson sen. From George Vaux, 18 Mar 1837 & 10 Nov 1838.
  10. Bill of lading for the shipment from Leith of 4 harrows and 2 ploughs, 23 Jul 1814.
  11. Copy of map in Survey Office signed by J H Wedge, 7 Oct 1826, of grant of George Meredith for 2,000acres at Great Swanport, and a description in handwriting of George Frankland, of additional grant of 1,000 acres.
  12. Letter to Mrs Mary Lyne from Jessie Amos (?), 10 May, 2 Oct.
  13. Letter from Elizabeth Lyne to Mary Amos, n.d.
  14. Letter to Mary Amos from?, 5 May 1839.
  15. Letters from Mrs Louisa Bell (nee Meredith) to Margaret Amos (1809-1896), 26 Aug 1885 & 2 Apr 1886.
    I 7. Letter from Adam Amos to ? , 19 Oct 1872.
  16. Adam Amos to ? Mrs Amos, 1873.
  17. Diary of John Amos, 1 Jan 1840-May1843.
  18. Manuscript copy in 1880-1900 style writing, of "Grandfather Amos' Diary", 1 Jan 1854-21 Jan 1858.

Amos Family

1919 - Diary

Diary belonging to Steward James Anderson of Black River, Stanley, dated 1919.

Stewart James Anderson

London, Board of Trade : Notices to Mariners

  • Collection
  • 1881-1886

Printed papers, notices to mariners from the Board of Trade, London, warning of shoals, alterations to harbour and warning lights and other hazards for marking admiralty charts, dated 1881 to 1886

Board of Trade, London

Extracts of officers' logs - French naval vessel Mascarin

  • Collection
  • 1772

Extracts of the officers' logs of the French naval vessel Mascarin's voyage of exploration led by Captain Nicholas Marion Du Fresne -Tasmanian part of voyage to Australia and New Zealand under Marion-Dufresne, March 1772.
'Journal du voyage fait sur le vaisseau du Roy Le Mascarin, commande par Mr. Marion, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de st.
Louis, Capitaine de Brulot, accompagne de la Flutte Le Margqis de Castries, pour faire le voyage de l'Isle Taity ou de Cythere, en faissant la decouverte des terrae Australae passant a la Nouvelle Hollande, a la Nouvelle Zelande etc.

Photographs of Archives Nationales, C 7 197, pp. 1, 7-14; Marine 4 JJ, 192, no. 19, pp. 1, 12-18
Extra copies of C 7 197, pp. 1,7-14 (3 sets); p. 1 (4 copies); p. 10 (4 copies)

Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne

Miscellaneous memoranda & circulars

  • Collection
  • 1866

Governor's memoranda & circulars, signed by J.W. Agnew (cost of shipping), C. Gellebrand (constitution and electoral acts), George C. Strahan (printed) Governor's leave of absence. Also envelope address to Walter Harrison containing: Photograph of Natural History Museum, London; photograph of Sir William Crowther standing next to a memorial, Highfield, Circular Head (1967); colour photograph of portrait (? Mrs Crowther)

James Willson Agnew

Annual Reports

Printed copies of annual reports and balance sheets for the company, dated 1945 to 1952.
Chairman: C. Alcorso;
Directors: O. Alcorso, J.T. Vinton Smith, E. Hearnshaw;
Managing Director: P. Sonnino.

Silk and Textile Printers Pty. Ltd

Mary Bedford letter

Mary Bedford dated 27 August (no year). From Streanshalh: sympathy from herself and "Willie". Signed "Your affectionate sister".

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

Friends and relatives

Letters from friends and relatives dated 1851 to 1890. Lucy Charles (?) from Sydney: congratulations on approaching marriage, mutual friends (30 October 1851).
Cousin Emily E. Maddox, from Launceston: children Loui and Baby, friends, George going to Melbourne to play the cricket match, local match natives [born] against English, death of Miss Barnard (17 Mar. 1852).
C. Benson: sending crochet pincushion as token of friendship, heard of M's marriage, M's brother's return from Scotland (2 September 1853).
Sydney Charles Waller (?): allegorical poem on roses and poppies (1874).
Winston C. Simmons, from Richmond: cheque enclosed, balance owed (1883, 1884).
Julia A. Connell, Glen Connell: sympathy on death of Issie (11 April 1885), the old lady's death - 92 a long span, Biddie and children (9 October

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

Susan Allison to son Henry

Letter, Susan Allison to son Henry dated 18 March 1855. From Streanshalh: William, welcome rain after drought, Henry's sale, death of William Gatenby, hopes to see the "dear little boy", will invite herself to stay with Margaret, election, poor Dry dying, love from father, Mary and all at home.

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

Farm and orchard work

Correspondence with son Percy (or "Val") about the farm and orchard, planting trees in new orchard, the mare, potatoes, grass, etc. Also letter from R. Brown about farm work.

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

Sons and daughters

Letters to Mum and Dad, signed G, Leila (or Lil), Ray (Rachel), Maggie, A.J. (Jack) and A.J.'s children Gwen and Jean: work - girls in domestic service, Leila in New Zealand - had to leave hospital as could not afford the books to study so now waitress in hotel, Maggie in Melbourne, reference to a "flying machine" at Caulfield (1913).

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

W.W. & Maud Lamb to Frank and Mrs Allison

Letters, W.W. & Maud Lamb to Frank and Mrs Allison dated 1911. From Victoria about Maggie: unwilling to let her stay longer owing to the awkwardness and scandal of her position, her baby a seven months and so too delicate to be removed from its mother but not expected to live, references to the nurse and undertaker.

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

Letters to Mrs Allison from friends

Letters to Mrs Allison from friends 1915 and undated. Miscellaneous letters from friends, mostly signed with initials only or Ada, Emily or H.J. Scott referring to weather, shopping etc. Also two letters of sympathy on loss of "brave son" (1915).

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

Frank Allison summons for debt

Summons dated 1895 for small debts owed by Frank Allison to Jane Hogg of Broadland House School for expenses in educating his daughter, and to the Executors of Dunning, draper of Launceston, for children's clothing.

Margaret (Gunn) Allison

Henry Brune Atkinson : Botanical Papers

  • Collection
  • c1920 -1946

The papers consist of Atkinson's notes and sketches of orchids also letters, notes and articles received from other orchidologists.

Henry Brune Atkinson

Australian Cambridge Graduates

  • Collection
  • n.d.

List of Australians who graduated at Cambridge from 1811-1948. Manuscript list in chronological order. Compiled by Hilary Webster from the publication - Alumni Cantabrigienses: A Biographical List of All Known Students, Graduates and Holders of Office at the University of Cambridge, from the Earliest Times to 1900 . Edited by John Venn (1834–1923) and his son John Archibald Venn (1883–1958) supplemented by records of some colleges.

Hilary Webster

Images of West Coast Tasmania

  • AU TAS UTAS ITCCD 2017/1
  • Collection
  • 1890s

This collection is a sample of images of Queenstown, Zeehan and Macquarie Harbour, sourced from the Colin Dennison image collection. Most of the images were originally created prior to 1956 and have been sourced from private Tasmanian collections. Most of the images have been obtained by scanning photographs either donated to or purchased by Mr Dennison or copied by him with the permission of families, one or more of whose members took the photographs. Some of the images can be identified as copies of original images created by government departments which were discarded and destroyed.

Colin Dennison (Curator)

View of boats on the Franklin River, Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania

Image possibly taken from original glass plate. Shows two vessals on the river with hills behind and occupied row boat in the foreground. Image appears twice, side by side with narrow shadow down the centre. When compared with image Boats on the Gordon.tif it is possible the view is of the Gordon River.

Hal Wyatt Collection

  • AU TAS UTAS ITCCD 2017/3
  • Collection
  • 1950 - 2000

Hal Wyatt

Sastrugi on Naturalist Peak

Colour photograph of waves of ice, known as sastrugi, formed near the top of Naturalist Peak, photographed in 1971

Climbers near site of avalanches

Colour photograph of party of snow climbers nearing a ridge with evidence of recent avalanches, possibly near Mount Field National Park, photograph taken 1968

Wrest Point Hotel 1952

Photograph depicts forecourt of Wrest Point Hotel, Sandy Bay, showing front door with decorative masonry, with five dolphins, ship with St George Cross atop front door. Man in brown uniform standing alongside a Holden FX with dark body paintwork and a yellow painted roof, a taxi affiliated with Hobart's Yellow Cabs, Tasmanian licence plate WXG 772.

Hal Wyatt

A & P Roller with Baler 1972

Colour photograph of Aveling & Porter Limited steam engine, painted green, towing yellow and red baler in a paddock with people and other machinery on display.

Centenary train steams into Relbia Station

Colour photograph depicts red C Class steam locomotive, steaming on line approaching Relbia Station railway platform, near Launceston, between Western Junction and Inveresk. The words: ?CENTENARY TRAIN 1871-1971? emblazoned on front of boiler.

Hal Wyatt

Machinery at Launceston Show

Colour photograph shows men sitting on hay bales amid farm machinery display at Launceston Show, near Webster Woolgrowers sign and W logo.

Hal Wyatt

At the Yacht Club

Colour photograph shows yachts at Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and cars parked beside waterfront

Hal Wyatt

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