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Youth Cricket Team at Gretna

Youth Club Cricket Team taken at Gretna. Back Row: Mr Easther, Jack Cliffe, Stan Ransley, Frank Butler. Middle Row: Alan Easther, Alan Hyland (captain) Dudley Coleman, Spud Ransley, Basil Easther. Front: Brian Richardson, Walter Thomas. Boy: Harry Smith.

Women on a break

Women seated on grass, Left to right. Back row: Gladys Watson, Lil Barwick, Bealtie Smith. Middle row: Joyce Barwick, others unknown. Front row: unknown

Tokens of Gratitude

Tokens of Gratitude. (Left) Miss N Sweeney (Works Librarian) supervises the packing of some of the books which have been sent to the Cadbury Fry Pascall factory at Claremont, Tasmania, as an expression of thanks for food parcels from Claremont. (Right) Some of the books chosen.

South Australian sales staff competition winners

South Australian sales staff – winners of moulded competition 1935. Left to right. Back: BC Johnston, WA Hopkins, MN Hopgood, AJ Phoenix, LK Packham, Front: S Smith, AH Seaton(Manager for South Australia), HL Cocks, E Laver. Photograph taken by WH Pridmore 93 Bathurst St Hobart.

Sales Managers Conference Claremont March 16th-19th, 1953

Sales Managers Conference Claremont March 16th-19th, 1953. Taken outside at Social Hall, Derwent River in background. Left to right. Back: RM Conway, TO Kelly, MG Wells, JWC Wyett, AB Eastaugh, DR Atkins, RB Thistlethwayte, WA Hopkins. Front: DS Newman, AH Seaton, EF McDade, HV McKernan, BC Johnston, I van Assche.

Sales Conference at Claremont 1922

Sales Conference at Claremont 1922. Left to right. Back: DC Vernon, AE Clarke, JH Cooper, W Lees, N Benson, JP Whitworth, WH Plamer, S Lees, VC Smith, JP Wilson. Front: H Theobald, WH Clarke, EH Colleyshaw, W Cooper, TE Cooper, WA Cadbury, T Coley, TJ Jeffrey, AE Lodge. Sitting: H Hives, JC Tankard, F Erskine.

Sales Conference April 17th to 21st, 1950

Sales Conference April 17th to 21st, 1950, advertising material in background . Left to right: RM Conway, MG Wells, AB Eastaugh, EF McDade, I van Assche, NF Mitchell (standing TO Kelly) WA Smith, HV McKernan, JWC Wyett, DS Newman, BC Johnston, AH Seaton, WA Hoopkins, RB Thistlethwayte. Photograph taken by Courtney Cains, Photographic Illustrator, Hobart

Representatives Conference, Cadbury 1922

Representatives Conference 1922. Left to right. Back: JC Tankard, JF Jeffrey, JP Wilson, JH Cooper, VC Smith, JE Cooper, DC Vernon, H Hives, JP Whitworth, WH Clark. Front: JA Ersjine, J Coley, WH Palmer, EA Clarke, N Benson, WH Lees, S Lees, W Cooper, WA Cadbury.

Representatives Conference Garden Party at Thos. E. Coopers residence “Chigwell”

Representatives Conference Garden Party at Thos. E. Coopers residence “Chigwell” Left to right. Back: JP Wilson, HE Theobold, J Cooley, DC Vernon, A Hackett, W Lees, N Benson, JC Tankard, F Erskine, AE Lodge, S Lees, JP Whitworth, WH Palmer, H Hives, JH Cooper, JT Jeffrey, (.) Front: EH Colleyshaw, Mrs Colleyshaw, Mrs Clarke, Mrs W Cooper, Miss Joy Cadbury, D. Cooper, William Cadbury, Mrs Cadbury, TE Cooper, Mrs TE Cooper, Miss Gallimore. Seated: WH clarke, Miss Russell, Miss Joyce Cooper, Mrs HV McKernn, Miss H Cooper, Mrs Coley, VC Smith. 1922?

Representatives Conference Claremont, 1965

Representatives Conference 1965. Left to right. Front Row: BA Manners, GF Fox, RA Smith, HV McKernan, JPD Lloyd, VG Burley, F Stock, AB Adkins. 2nd Row: IA Pollard, DB Mathieson, GC Lees, FA Banyard, DM Abbott, AB Tinner, AE Meaker. 3rd Row: K Mitton, KR Chipman, GE Munday, SI Morse, JP Ford, R Leggett. Back Row: DS Newman, LD O'Connor, JP Sedgebeer, RJ Rees, JP Webb, JA Brough, DI Owen, WA Hopkins.

Representatives Conference Claremont, 13th-19th October 1957

Representatives Conference 13th-19th October, 1957. Left to right. Back: AJ Chapman (Vic) MG Wells, KA Watkins (NSW) DH Dunwell (NSW) RF Carruthers (WA) WA Bergan (NSW) H Dent (NSW) AJ Uglow. Standing: JWC Wyett, AB Eastaugh, GCP Falloom DS Newman, RO Coomber (Vic) WA Hopkins, PA Gargett (SA) JC Nisbet (Tas) Seated: SL Williams (Qld) BJ Wicks (SA) HC Gehring (Vic) HV McKernan, JPL Lloyd, VG Burley, RA Smith, LH Fredline (qld) ID Roberts (Vic)

Representatives Conference Claremont October, 1963

Representatives Conference Claremont October, 1963. Left to right. Back Row: DS Newnam (Claremont) BD King (Vic) DR Butler (South Aust) BKH Masters (NSW) BJ Facer (NSW) KA Watkins (NSW) FH Benson (Vic) Third Row: RF Carruthers (WA) P Thompson (South Aust) RN Makins (NSW) DJ Roberts (WA) RL Thompson (NSW) LH Fredline (Qld) WA Hopkins (Claremont) Second Row: CP Stephen (Qld) DB Orr (Vic) KW Murray (Qld) RG Allen (NSW) CJ Gibson (Vic) DW Boal (Qld) IS Lowrey (Vic) NL Thorsen (Vic) Front Row: RS Poke (Tas) KG Woods (NSW) VG Burley (Claremont) JPD Lloyd (Claremont) HV Mckernan (Claremont) RA Smith (Claremont) JS Oldrey (NSW) AJ Chapman (Vic)

Poster advertising Fruit Bonbons

Poster advertising Pascall Fruit Bonbons, including the following flavours - orange, pineapple, banana, strawberry, mandarin, apricot, lemon, black currant and raspberry. Sak Pak priced at one shilling and sixpence

Colin Dennison (Curator)

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