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25 June 1890 to 23 April 1959: University of Tasmania Roll Book of Graduates

List University of Tasmania graduates conferred since the university's formation in 1890 to 23 April 1959 In the first few decades it also includes graduates from other universities in the Empire whose degrees were conferred at the University of Tasmania as ad eundem gradum degrees. The first graduates were conferred on 25 June 1890.

University of Tasmania

A : Correspondence and Papers

Letters from descendants of settlers on the East Coast in answer to requests from Dr. Parker for historical information. Some include personal reminiscences or reference to documents or sketches (sometimes offering the loan of them) but others are vague or have no information. Also letters mainly about historical queries and East Coast families, correspondence with Angus Robertson and Miscellaneous invitations. Also included are a copy of the bylaws of the Swansea Rifle Club.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports and Regulations (1867, 1879-1944, 1867-8, 1879, 1882, 1886, 1888-90, 1944) They concern milestones of the School, its financial situation, staffing, donations, and outings or treats. Children who die are usually named.

Girls Industrial School Hobart

Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) documents

  • Series
  • 1959-1998

Documents generated in connection with Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings (ATCM). Includes papers generated for discussion at the ATCM and reports of the meetings. Many of the documents are reproduced in, or referred to in, W M Bush, "Antarctic and International Law: a Collection of Inter-state and National Documents" (volumes I-IV, and binders I-IV).

University of Tasmania

Antarctic Treaty regime documents

  • Series
  • 1861-1991

Documents concerning the formation and operation of the Antarctic Treaty. Includes documents about some of the related agreements and institutions that together comprise the Antarctic Treaty System. Many of the documents are reproduced or referred to in W M Bush, "Antarctic and International Law: a Collection of Inter-state and National Documents" (volumes I-IV, and binders I-IV).

University of Tasmania

B : Historical research notes and drafts

Some records of Great Swanport and the Municipality of Glamorgan 1820-1920 by G. Musgrave Parker' c.1950 . Typed draft, corrected ms., with ms notes and illustrations (snapshots or newspaper cuttings) in 16 chapters and 3 appendices. The draft is in an unfinished state; many gaps have been left for dates or other information to be added, and numerous ms. notes, clippings, etc. have been inserted or left loose in the folders.
Chapter 1 -Early history 1642-1821
Chapter 2 The pioneers 1821-1826
Chapter 3 Under military control 1826-1840
Chapter 4 The native problem in Great Swanport.
Chapter 5 Bushrangers in the district.
Chapter 6 Whaling sealing and some early exports.
Chapter 7 Civilian administration 1841-1859
Chapter 8 The Rural Municipal Council 1860-1920 (police, medical men, coroners, Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages).
Chapter 9 Sheep and wool, wattle bark and agriculture
Chapter 10 Coal, tin, gold and lime.
Chapter 11 Roads, bridges, jetties.
Chapter 12 Shipping on the coast.
Chapter 13 The story of the churches
Chapter 14 Parliament and the local representatives
Chapter 15 Education, postal history, societies & clubs.
Chapter 16 Growth of district and township, notable visitors, wars, other notable events and weather.
Appendix A Grants and location orders [Land].
Appendix B Local persons of note (brief biographical notes in alphabetical order)
Appendix C Diary of Adam Amos 1822-1825.
Illustrations included:
Ch. 1. J.A. Graham, first Warden 1860
Ch 2. Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria, Creek Hut (G. Meredith's first residence), Cambria, Cranbrook House, Glen Gala
Ch 3. Red Banks ~ 1890 and later, Apsley, Apslawn, Milton (J. Allen's residence), Swanwick, 'The White Hut' Little Swanport, Kebreden, Kelvedon Rocky Hills Station (including stereoscopic photos of the ruins of the tread mill and lime kiln.
Ch 4. Aborigines, Muirlands Little Swanport (residence of John Radford) , Waubadebar’s grave Bicheno.
Ch 6. Wineglass Bay, Trumpeter Bay, Schouten Island, Meredith's Fishery, a trypot.
Ch 7. Waterloo Point 1852 (watercolour sketch on grey card copied from original at Cambria by Mary Ann Walker 1928
Ch 8. Wardens (J.A. Graham, F. Shaw, Carmichael Lyne, F.C. Shaw, W.F.G. Calvert (news clippings), Council Chambers, Alfred W. Smith, Robert Gould, F. Lyne, G.F. Storey (Beattie's Studio), Dr. E.W. Pilgrim, Dr. E.C. McCarthy, Dr. G.S. Rundle (c. 1860-70)
Ch 9. Sheep, wool press, Picnic Place from Apsley, Mayfield Mill and outhouses (late 19th cent.), Oyster Bay pine.
Ch 10. Bicheno
Ch 11. Rocky Hills culvert, Spiky Bridge Swansea, Swansea jetty.
Ch 12. Cutter 'Thames', ketches 'Good Intent' - 'Foam'.
Ch 13. All Saints Church, Swansea, Bernard Shaw, Shaw memorial window, Bishops Nixon, Bromby, Sandford, Montgomery, Mercer (news clippings), Frank Morris Gill, Tomb of Rev. Thomas Dove Swansea, Swansea (including Catholic Church), Gala Kirk, Fr. Thomas Kelsh (news clipping).
Ch 14. E.T. Miles, John Lyne, F. Lyne, W.H. Bennett, James White, H. Lamb, W.W. Perkins, J. Murdoch, James Lord, J. Mitchell, J. Meredith, C. Meredith, W.J. McWilliams, A. Hearn.
Ch 16. Swansea views Appendix B Graveyard at Llandaff.


Collection consists of material relating to Fullers bookshop : accounts, catalogues card and bookmarks, newspaper cuttings and book proofs

William Edwin Fuller

Box 1

Twelve black notebooks dated between 1939 and 1941. Notes for the subjects of Physics, Pure Mathematics and Radio

Ronald Turner Ralph

Box 2

Handwritten notes for assignments, exams and classwork for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering

Ronald Turner Ralph

Box 5

Collection of Uni Review programs, miscellaneous study materials, applications and correspondence and photographs

Ronald Turner Ralph

Burnie : postcards

Eight small captioned black and white postcards in proprietary envelope. From envelope - For your Album, Murray's Snapshots - Series No. 2. produced by Murray Views Gympie, Queensland. Photographs like these allowed tourists to send many images of their holiday destination or hometown in the one small package.

Murray Views

Burnie : postcards

Eight small captioned black and white postcards in proprietary envelope. From envelope - For your Album, Murray's Snapshots - Series No. 1. produced by Murray Views Gympie, Queensland. Photographs like these allowed tourists to send many images of their holiday destination or hometown in the one small package.

C : Press cuttings and pamphlets

Cuttings of historical interest from newspapers, chiefly Mercury, Australasian & Argus and The Critic, stuck in albums made from old catalogues (e.g. Army & Navy Stores) or old medical diaries. There are rough indexes to each volume except the first two. The volumes were originally numbered 16 - 42; no volumes 1 - 15 were received, possibly the numbers were left for the cuttings still loose in envelopes (see P.l/20) or they may refer to other notebooks and files. -1 - Indexes to newspaper cutting volumes 18 - 42
16 -1883 - 1907 Australasian, Argus & Mercury, including obituaries of Louisa Meredith (1895), Sir William Clarke (1897), James Bonwick, photos of Port Arthur by Dr. Fox, 1895; peal of bells from Port Arthur transferred to New Norfolk, 1897; visit of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall , 1901, including photographs of welcoming arches.)
17 - 1921 - 1924 'Notes by the Way' & 'historic land grants' by 'Historicus' in The Critic.
18 - c 1914 - 1924 'Notes by the Way' especially on aborigines and bushrangers. (partly indexed - see above)
19 – c. 1914 - 1924. As above, including extracts from Knopwood's journal. (Rough index)
20 - c 1914 - 1924 As above
21 - 1903 - 4, 1907, 1923 Miscellaneous cuttings (rough index) (Including centenary celebrations)
22 - 1924 - 1928 (includes Lyne family centenary 1926)
23 - 1928 Also includes some early cuttings including a description of Hobart, 1846
24 - 1929 - 1930
25 - 1930 - 1933
26 - 1933 to 1935
27 - 1935 to 1938
28 1942 to 1945
29 - 1945 to 1947
30 - 1948 to 1950
31 - 1950 to 1952 (including Buckland window mystery)
32 - 1952 to 1954
33 1954 to 1955
34 - 1955 - 1956
35 - 1957
36 - 1957 to 1958
37 - 1958 to 1959
38 1959 to 1960
39 - 1960 to 1961
40 - 1962
41 - 1962 to 1963
42 - 1963 to 1965

Case papers

Includes record of cases, apprenticeship indentures, mortgages, leases and land titles

Thomas Sheehy

Children and Grandchildren

  • Series
  • 1883-1955
  • Part of Leake Papers

Papers concerning the children and grandchildren of John and Elizabeth Leake

John Leake

Committee Papers

Miscellaneous Committee Papers (c1910-1945) containing a draft of amended rules and a proposal for teaching cookery; a letter of resignation from Assistant Matron Spotswood in 1910 because 'I do not feel equal to the duties'; a letter to the Matron from Ada Hume about the health of a girl employed by her; an offer of damaged goods from an ironmonger; letters about the estate of Miss CA Fry (1921 and 1946): a list of girls in 1941; a notice of the meeting to confirm the transfer of the School to the Salvation Army in February 1944; inventories (1939 and 1945); and a newspaper cutting about the transfer of the School (1 February 1945).

Girls Industrial School Hobart


Miscellaneous correspondence and notes also correspondence relating to Philatelic Societies and stamps

John Reynolds


Series consists of personal correspondence and with the ABC , picture postcards, and the opening of the Bookshelf . One file of correspondence between Hilda Bridges to Frances Fuller, dated 1958 - 1964

William Edwin Fuller

D : Photographs, Prints and Drawings

Photographs of Swansea and the East Coast of Tasmania and other parts of Tasmania, etc., including some photographs taken by Dr. G.M. Parker, himself, between 1915 and 1950 (some with negatives) and others, including some earlier 19th century photographs and picture postcards, collected by Dr Parker from friends etc. There are also one or two drawings or news cuttings.

George Musgrave Parker

Devonport : postcard

Eight small captioned coloured fold out images in proprietary post-able envelope. From envelope - Camera Views, Devonport, Tas. On reverse - Produced by Murray Views, Gympie. Q, Copyright, Samuel Lee & Co. Printers

Diaries of Sarah E.E. Mitchell

From the age of 13 Sarah Mitchell daily noted in her journal the state of the weather, her routine activities about the house and property, visits of friends, an occasional trip to Hobart, as in August 1872, and her visit to Europe in 1900-1. The first three diaries are written in home made notebooks, the remainder in printed 'Letts' diaries. Some entries are 'cross written'. There is no diary for 1936.
Some of the journals include monthly cash accounts, mostly of small payments for such items as petticoats and gloves; also, for example in 1830, 'butter account' (including receipts, payments for carriage, etc.) and 'Kennedia' account (rent received, sheep bought
from father, taxes, rates etc.).

Sarah E.E. Mitchell

Diary, pocketbooks and letters

Diary and other material relating to Edwin Charles Fuller (1885-1921) father of W.E. Fuller
Diary dated 1888. Probably kept by E. C. Fuller. Occasional entries only. Refers to "Mother and Marion (e.g. took Mother & Marion to Black Bush), Charley, Bessie, Ada, Margaret and Mary (Margaret plans Mary disposes"); also to mining shares and mine claim especially "Castle Carey", and to council meetings ('.'attended council meeting in morning going through assessment roll").

William Edwin Fuller

Donated by Olive Pink's nieces in 2016

This series includes Olive Pink's book collection, photographs, paintings, letters, items of clothing and other ephemera and memorabilia, some of which are nationally significant in their own right - such as the book plate made by Adrian Feint, notes and sketches done whilst camping with Daisy Bates, and photographs documenting life in Central Australia.

Dorothy Elizabeth (Dolly) Foster

Papers of Dorothy Elizabeth (Dolly) Foster (1893-1964) daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Clara Leake (Bessie) and John D. Foster

John Leake

Earnest Ewart Unwin

Consists of minutes, associated papers and reports of E.E. Unwin relating to education.

Earnest Ewart Unwin

East Coast : postcard

Twelve small captioned coloured fold out images in proprietary post-able envelope. From envelope - A Souvenir of Beautiful East Coast Tasmania, 12 Specially selected views in full color. Published by Nucolorvue Productions, Victoria. From inside "The East Coast, Tasmania. The tourist referes to the East Coast a the section from scottsdale in the north to Sorell in the south of the island. This route provides an immense array of natures most lavish scenery. The rich fertile valleys of Scottsdale and Derby, rugged alpine areas near Pyengana, beautiful george Bay at St. Helens are in themselves a sheer delight.
Lovely beaches, quiet lagoons, rugged granite peaks of Coles Bay and Bicheno, restful Swansea and Triabunna, vie with may other picturesque parts of this lovely coastline.
Excellent fishing, swimming, hiking and boating are easily available. Relics of the early pioneer days are readily found in many parts of the coast."

Nucolorvue Productions

Edwin Charles Fuller

Diary and other material relating to Edwin Charles Fuller (1885-1921) father of W.E. Fuller

William Edwin Fuller

Family and Household

Series contains letter books of business correspondence, letters of introduction and correspondence with family, friends, neighbours, societies and charities

John Leake

Farm : 22 to 65

Diaries, Journals, memoranda and pocketbooks relating to farming activities

Cotton Family

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