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Australia Steam locomotives -- Tasmania -- Photographs Con objetos digitales
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Centenary train steams into Relbia Station

Colour photograph depicts red C Class steam locomotive, steaming on line approaching Relbia Station railway platform, near Launceston, between Western Junction and Inveresk. The words: ?CENTENARY TRAIN 1871-1971? emblazoned on front of boiler.

Hal Wyatt

A5 Garratt steam locomotive at Conara Junction

Colour photograph of A5 Garratt steam locomotive on tracks at Conara Junction. Graffiti visible on side of locomotive. Small boy wearing blue in foreground.

Hal Wyatt

Steam train arrives at Hobart Station

Colour photograph of steam locomotive, with green livery, pulled into platform at Hobart Station, with passengers on platform.

Hal Wyatt

C class locomotive at Hobart Station platform

Colour photograph shows C Class steam locomotive with green livery, pulling red and cream carriages, at Hobart Station. Child looking out driver/engineer cabin window.

Hal Wyatt