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Antarctic Treaty regime documents
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Antarctic Treaty regime documents

  • Series
  • 1861-1991

Documents concerning the formation and operation of the Antarctic Treaty. Includes documents about some of the related agreements and institutions that together comprise the Antarctic Treaty System. Many of the documents are reproduced or referred to in W M Bush, "Antarctic and International Law: a Collection of Inter-state and National Documents" (volumes I-IV, and binders I-IV).

University of Tasmania

Australia, Department of External Affairs, various cablegrams concerning the negotiation of the Antarctic Treaty (especially Article IV), January 1959 to October 1959

Diplomatic communications relevant to the Washington Conference, territorial claims, sovereignty, Soviet Union, USSR, Firubin, Filipov, Daniels, Casey. This group comprises 17 documents related to the development of Article IV of the Treaty. Provides documents or extracts and source information.

Bill Bush

Australian memorandum conveying a report on informal talks in Washington concerning the Antarctic problem

Inter-governmental document relevant to Washington Conference, territorial claims, sovereignty, treaty negotiations, internationalisation, demilitarisation, cooperation, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, United States, Arthur Tange, Paul Daniels, United Nations. Provides document and source information.

Bill Bush

Fourteenth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Rio de Janiero, meeting document ANT/XIV/WP/12 "Punto 6: Funcionamiento del Sistema del Tratado Antartico: una infraestructura del Tratado Antartico"

Inter-governmental document relevant to the operation of the Antarctic Treaty, administrative arrangements, Secretariat, ATCM XIV. Provides document and source information. Note that this Spanish copy of Working Paper 12 is not on the ATS website. English version available at:

Bill Bush

Fourth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (Santiago) Draft recommendation for the voluntary regulation of Antarctic pelagic sealing (Document No 57 Plenary Meeting) (United Kingdom, United States)

Inter-governmental document relevant to marine resources. The provenance of this document is not clear, but it is possibly a non-paper circulated in connection with IV ATCM/WP57, for which see This document is not on the ATS site. Provides document only.

Bill Bush

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, "SCAR Report to the Fourteenth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting" meeting paper ANT/XIV/INF18

Inter-governmental document relevant to protected areas, environment protection, waste management, minerals and mining, ATCM XIV SCAR. Provides document and source information. A similar document is available at:

Bill Bush

Statements made on the adoption of the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals and on instruments of accession

Inter-governmental agreement relevant to sealing, environment protection, marine resources, Chile, Argentina, Soviet Union, USSR, Poland. Includes information n the status of the convention as at 1994. Provides copy of documents or extracts. [Published by Bush as AT11021972B]

Bill Bush

Tenth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (Washington), Working paper 20 "The report of the group of ecological technological and other related experts on mineral exploration and exploitation in Antarctica" (ANT/X/20)

Inter-governmental document relevant to mining, minerals, environment protection, ATCM X. Provides document and source information. Also available at: (where some text is missing on page 1). [Published by Bill Bush as AT101987]

Bill Bush

The Antarctic Treaty

Inter-governmental document relevant to international agreement. Provides document and source information. [Published by Bush as AT01121959C]

Bill Bush