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Magna Carta

  • Collection
  • 1215

Facsimile of the 'Magna Carta' of King John, dated 15 June 1215, Runnymede, from the original manuscript held in the British Museum, (Shelfmark :Cotton MS. Augustus II 106,) with transcription and translation.

John, King of England

Deeds relating to land in England

  • Collection
  • 1352-1830

Parchment relating to deeds for land in the counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxford & Somerset. Dated 1352-1560. Also certificates of public audit of the account of Samuel Smart, Acting Governor of Sierra Leone, 1829 & 1830

Miscellaneous information on Chile and Antarctica, 1480 to 1959

A collection of papers containing historical time-lines, geographical information, references to other documents, exploration and discovery, acts of possession, territories administration, recognition, includes Chilean interests in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands.

Bill Bush

National Antarctic documents

  • Série
  • 1480-2003

Documents concerning national governments active in Antarctic affairs. Documents relevant to national interests in Antarctica and the application of national law. Comprises of documents produced by a nation or about that nation. Many of the documents are reproduced or referred to in W M Bush, "Antarctic and International Law: a Collection of Inter-state and National Documents".

University of Tasmania

Papal Bull Inter Caetera (extract)

Historical document relevant to territorial claims, sovereignty, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, UK. Provides document or extract with source information. [Published by Bush as AR04051493]

Bill Bush

British journals, pamphlets and speeches

  • Collection
  • c1640-1800

Examples of historic British journals, pamphlets, speeches etc. The collection consists of miscellaneous examples and loose sheets, most in poor condition, torn and fragile. Includes, British Mercury, British Journal, London Journal, Flying Post, The Medley, Intelligencer, The Observator, Mercurius Caledonius, Mercator or Commerce Retrieved, The Weekly Journal of British Gazeteer, etc

Miscellaneous deed

  • Collection
  • 1681

Parchment document, photographic copy and transcription of the final concord made between (1) Francis Bent & Richard Philips, complainants & (2) Elitzur Stockton, Joseph Flude, Nicholas Smith and William Bishop, deforciants, confirming grant to the first parties of 20 acres of land, etc., in Cosby, Little Thorpe, Dunton Basset and Gilmorton [Co. Leicestershire, UK].
A fine of lands, also called a final concord, or simply a fine, was a species of property conveyance which existed in England (and later in Wales) from at least the 12th century until its abolition in 1833 by the Fines and Recoveries Act. The advantage of obtaining title to property through a fine (as opposed to, for example, a simple feoffment or deed of gift) was that it provided the transaction with the additional legal authority of a royal or court judgment and ensured that a record of the conveyance would be preserved among the court archives.

Francis Bent

Extracts of officers' logs - French naval vessel Mascarin

  • Collection
  • 1772

Extracts of the officers' logs of the French naval vessel Mascarin's voyage of exploration led by Captain Nicholas Marion Du Fresne -Tasmanian part of voyage to Australia and New Zealand under Marion-Dufresne, March 1772.
'Journal du voyage fait sur le vaisseau du Roy Le Mascarin, commande par Mr. Marion, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de st.
Louis, Capitaine de Brulot, accompagne de la Flutte Le Margqis de Castries, pour faire le voyage de l'Isle Taity ou de Cythere, en faissant la decouverte des terrae Australae passant a la Nouvelle Hollande, a la Nouvelle Zelande etc.

Photographs of Archives Nationales, C 7 197, pp. 1, 7-14; Marine 4 JJ, 192, no. 19, pp. 1, 12-18
Extra copies of C 7 197, pp. 1,7-14 (3 sets); p. 1 (4 copies); p. 10 (4 copies)

Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne

Extracts of officers' logs: part 1

Extracts of the officers' logs of the French naval vessel Mascarin's voyage of exploration led by Captain Nicholas Marion Du Fresne -Tasmanian part of voyage, March 1772.
'Journal du voyage fait sur le vaisseau du Roy Le Mascarin, commande par Mr. Marion, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de st.
Louis, Capitaine de Brulot, accompagne de la Flutte Le Margqis de Castries, pour faire le voyage de l'Isle Taity ou de Cythere, en faissant la decouverte des terrae Australae passant a la Nouvelle Hollande, a la Nouvelle Zelande etc.

Photographs of Archives Nationales, C 7 197, pp. 1, 7-14;

Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne

John Cockburn: Miscellaneous legal documents

  • Collection
  • 1772-1773

Collection consists of a collection of miscellaneous legal documents relating to the property of John Cockburn, Berwick on Tweed, United Kingdom

John Cockburn

Extracts of officers' logs: part 2

Extracts of the officers' logs of the French naval vessel Mascarin's voyage of exploration led by Captain Nicholas Marion Du Fresne -Tasmanian part of voyage, March 1772.
'Journal du voyage fait sur le vaisseau du Roy Le Mascarin, commande par Mr. Marion, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de st.
Louis, Capitaine de Brulot, accompagne de la Flutte Le Margqis de Castries, pour faire le voyage de l'Isle Taity ou de Cythere, en faissant la decouverte des terrae Australae passant a la Nouvelle Hollande, a la Nouvelle Zelande etc.

Photographs of Archives Nationales, Marine 4 JJ, 192, no. 19, pp. 1, 12-18

Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne

Great Britain, Admiralty instructions to Captain James Cook RN

Government document relevant to HMS Resolution, HMS Adventure, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, Bouvet Island, territorial claims, sovereignty, the sub-Antarctic. Provides document or extract, with source information and Bill Bush notes. [Published by Bush as UK25061772]

Bill Bush

Microfilm : Amos family papers

  1. Receipt book of half and quarter yearly rent paid by James Amos (father of Adam and John (1776-1848), as tenant of Heriot Mill, Galawater, including later editions (1779), of cash expenses of mill, 1774-1845.
  2. Account book of Amos Mill, Cranbrook, VDL, 1824-1836.
    1. Diary of Adam Amos (1807-1874), June 1839
    2. Letterbook (or minute book) of Trustees of estate of John Lord, 1829-1833, including correspondence of Derwent Steam Navigation Company

Amos Family

Alexander Cheyne Papers

  • Collection
  • 1777-1861

Collection contains a written diary of Alexander Cheyne and microfilms of diaries and papers belonging to the family

Alexander Cheyne

Thomas Chapman Papers

  • Collection
  • 1780-1855

Miscellaneous papers, including newspaper advertisements, relating to Thomas Chapman's claim to the annuity left to his first wife, Mary Ann (formerly Langhorne) by her aunt Lydia Hooley, and, The Craftsman or Say's Weekly Journal, relateing to the Gordon riots etc. dated 10 June 1780

Thomas Chapman

Mary Ann Cox

  • Collection
  • 1783-1950

Material relating to Mrs. Mary Ann Cox who ran a coach service between Hobart and Launceston

Mary Ann Cox

Historic English newspapers

  • Collection
  • 1788-1827

English eighteenth and nineteenth century newspapers: The Times, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, Whitehall Evening Post, London Gazette, Observer and Edinburgh Courant. Covering the death and funeral of Lord Nelson 1805, the battle of Waterloo 1815 (reprint), Coronation of Victoria 1838 and the Coronation of George IV.

Knopwoods Sermons

  • Collection
  • 1789-1838

Collection consists of sermons, written by the Reverend Robert Knopwood from 1789 to 1838 in a large clear hand, each in a thin paper booklet.

Robert Knopwood

Knopwood Miscellaneous Papers

  • Collection
  • 1789-1837

Miscellaneous papers of the Rev. Robert Knopwood including sermon "This is the condemnation", prayers, minutes, marriage register and a copy of Knopwoods diary kept by Knopwood from January 1801 to 22nd July 1802 aboard the H.M.S. Resolution

Robert Knopwood


Collection of miscellaneous photographs and reproductions

Donald Davie

Map of Friends' Meetings in Ireland

  • Collection
  • 1794

Large map of Friends' Meetings in Ireland, 1794, including a list of Meetings for Discipline and dates of Meetings.

The story of the Parramore family

The story of the Parramore family by E. M. Cooper, The Morrows, Yankalilla, S.A. 1953.
Pamphlet, including extracts from letters of William Parramore (1797-1854, m. Thirza Cooper), who settled in V.D.L. in 1823, and reminiscences of Beaufront.

William Thomas Parramore

Baptism certificate

Certified extract of entry of baptism and birth of William, son of Murdo Downie, Master Royal Navy, and Anne Smith his wife, parish of Foot Dee, Aberdeen, Scotland. Dated 20 October 1801

William Downie

Knopwood Sermons

  • Collection
  • 1801-1829

Manuscripts of sermons preached by Rev. Knopwood in Tasmania dated 1801 - 1829

Robert Knopwood

Leake Papers

  • Collection
  • 1801-1932

Collection consists of some of the papers of John Leake (1780-1865) of Rosedale, near Campbell Town, pastoralist, justice of the peace, member of the Legislative Council and a former merchant of Hull and Hamburg, who settled with his family near Campbell Town, Tasmania, in 1823, and of his family, including his youngest son Charles Henry Leake (1819-1889) whose heirs inherited Rosedale.

John Leake

William Downie Papers

  • Collection
  • 1801-1824

Papers and certificates relating to medical studies

William Downie

Miscellaneous Cheyne family papers

Microfilm copy of papers relating to the Cheyne and Wilkinson families including:
1 ) Family of John Cheyne, surgeon, Leith (father of Alexander) and his wife, the daughter of Wm. Edmonston
2) Extract from the life of Dr. John Cheyne (1777-1836) physician general to the forces in Ireland and brother of Alexander
3) 'Royal descent of Colonel Humphry Graham' claimant to the earldom of Monteith, and Elizabeth (Farquhar) , his wife.
4) Printed Pedigree of Colonel Humphrey Graham, claimant to the earldom of Monteith, showing the double descent of his descendants from the Douglases.
5) Marriage certificate of Captain William Wilkinson and Elizabeth Cheyne, 1803, witnessed by Alexander Cheyne her brother.
6) Letter from J.D. Thomson, Admiralty, to Dr John Cheyne, Leith, 28 August- ,1805 informing him of the appointment of Captain W. Wilkinson as commander of the 'Nightingale'.
7) Alexander Cheyne's commissions as: 2nd Lieutenant 1 May 1806; 1st Lieutenant 1 July 1806; 2nd Captain Royal Engineers' Corps, 1 May 1811.
8) Letter from Lt. Col. B. Cheyne to William Cheyne (brothers of Alexander) 28 March 1828
9) Letter from Alexander Cheyne to his niece Cecilia Wilkinson, 9 October 1852
10) Copy of will of Alexander Cheyne 22 April 1858
11) Copy of letter from Westbrook and Butler, solicitors, Hobart, to Mrs W.N.D. Sheppard, Dublin, about Cheyne's will, 18 August 1858.
12) Letter from S. W. Westbrook of the late firm of Westbrook and Butler to Mrs Sheppard, Dublin, 15 July 1861
13) Directions to the cook (? in the residence of John Cheyne, Leith) nd.
14) Copies of letters from Captain W. Wilkinson to his brother John from 'Goliath' off mouth of Nile, Egypt, 13 August 1798 and from 'Elephant', Copenhagen, 4 April 1801.
15) Copy of letter from Lord Nelson to Captain W. Wilkinson, from H.M.S 'Victory', 1805.
16) Letters from Captain W. Wilkinson to his wife Elizabeth (nee Cheyne) 21 March 1805, 20 Jan. 10 Oct. 22 Nov. 1814.
17) Letter from T. Wilkinson to Captain W. Wilkinson 28 Dec. 1830.

Alexander Cheyne

Knopwood Diaries 1804-1836

  • Collection
  • 1804-1836

Collection consists of photographic copies of the diaries held by the Mitchell Library

Robert Knopwood

On the love of our country

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitles "On the love of our country"
Preached before the Honble Allen Hyde Gardner Cap HM ship Resolution of [illegible] – June 1801, Camp Sullivan Cove Van Diemen’s Land May 13 - 1804
137 Psalm – 5 verse If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

Robert Knopwood

Plan of early Hobart Town

Lantern Slide of plan of early Hobart Town, from a survey done in 1804-1805, showing later alterations. The plan also appears in James Backhouse Walker's paper 'The Founding of Hobart, by Lieut.-Governor Collins' read to the Royal Society of Tasmania 14/10/1889. In this he describes the plan, "I am indebted to my friend Mr. Mault for a beautifully executed plan, which shows very clearly the original features of the ground, and the position of the first camp, and also indicates the alterations which have since taken place. It is taken from a survey made by Surveyor-General Harris in 1804-5. The original plan was discovered many years ago in the Lands Office at Sydney, and was presented by the New South Wales Government to our Lands Department. The Deputy- Commissioner of Crown Lands, Mr. Albert Reid, kindly presented me with a tracing of it."
Lantern slide thought to have been prepared by J.W. Beattie (1859-1930) whose studio locations were in Elizabeth Street, Hobart from 1891-1920, Murray Street from 1921-40 and Cat and Fiddle Arcade, Hobart, until 1994.

John Watt Beattie

Henry Hayes: land grant

  • Collection
  • 1805

Land grant, dated 1805 and signed by Philip Gidley King, of 100 acres on the river Derwent, V.D.L. to Henry Hayes, reserving a road one chain broad communicating with Mill Farm. Endorsed with record of transfers of the property, 1811 - 1825. Final transfer: Joshua Ferguson to Edward Foord Bromley.

Henry Hayes

James Gordon

Various letters, 1 memorandum of appointment, Executor papers and letters concerning the marriage of the widow of John Lakeland to T.H. White, transcripts of letters and draft of letter.

William Gunn

Letter : D. Gordon and Joseph Gordon to brother

Letter from D. Gordon and Joseph Gordon to brother, London dated 8 December 1805. Received letter from Jersey - reflected on dangers encountered, relatives - Aunt Jane, Brother Fortune's family, Fanny, Peggy Lakeland "a fine blooming girl", horses, family and servants, no hams available but could get legs of mutton and a few pieces of beef.

James Gordon

Knopwood Diary

  • Collection
  • 1805-1808

Diary of Rev. Robert Knopwood dated 1 January 1805 to 17 July 1808. The diary is headed 'Revd. Robert Knopwood, Chaplain, Hobart Town, Derwent River, Van Diemens Land'. It begins on Tuesday 1 January 1805, noting 'a general muster of all the prisoners in the colony it being New Years Day'. It is written in a neat hand, some words being abbreviated. Knopwood notes, for example, dining with the Governor and others , visiting the Government Farm, kangaroo shooting, fishing, the shortage of provisions in the colony, the weather, the arrival and departure of ships, occasionally christenings, etc. etc.
Some pages have been cut out leaving only the date (probably by R.K.)

Robert Knopwood

Land Grant to Henry Hayes

  • Collection
  • 1805

Grant dated 18 December 1805 to Henry Hayes of 100 acres on the Derwent to be known as Henrietta Farm, to be held for five years free of taxes, rents etc. but timber suitable for naval purposes was to be reserved for the use of the Crown.
Endorsed with transfers: Henry Hayes to Charles William Murray 1811,Charles W. Murray to William Collins 1814, illegible to Joshua Ferguson 1821 and J. Ferguson to Edward Foord Bromley 1825

Henry Hayes

View of the brig 'Harriot'

  • Pièce
  • c1806
  • Fait partie de Lane Papers

View of the brig 'Harriot', Benjamin Lane commander chased onshore near Calais at 6am by his BMS the 'Misqueter' of 18 guns on 30 January 1806. Water colour sketch showing two ships sailing; one carrying guns and flying the British blue ensign, and the other unarmed nearer the shore and some of the crew apparently about to land by rowing boat. Harbour and gun battery and houses in the background. Signed 'B. Lane, Great Yarmouth'. Note in corner: Verdun.

Benjamin Lane

Lane Papers

  • Collection
  • 1806-1945

Collection consists of leather bound octavo note book prepared while Lane was a prisoner of war of the French also a watercolour sketch of the brig Harriot and some notes on Lane.

Benjamin Lane

William Grant Broughton Papers

  • Collection
  • 1807-1879

One reel of microfilmed documents . The papers include William Grant Broughton's correspondence with Bishop Selwyn of New Zealand 1845; correspondence with Bishop William Tyrrell (1807-1879) of Newcastle 1848 - 1852 (15 letters); letters written to others and some letters received, including Rev. R. Allwood, Joshua Watson, NSW Government officials etc.

William Grant Broughton

Microfilm : Amos family papers

  1. Diary of Adam Amos (1774-1845), May 1822 - Dec 1825. A record of chief happenings in the district of Great Swan Port of which he was Chief District Constable, including notes of musters and convict passes, with names.
  2. Adam Amos (1774-1845), letters outward, 1807-1844, mostly to his sons.
  3. Adam Amos (1774-1845, letters inward, 1833-1841, including receipts. 4. James Amos (1804-1864), letters inward, 1837-1850.
  4. James Amos (1804-1864), will.
  5. Letters from George Meredith to his wife Mary, nee Evans, 2 Mar 1823 & 25 Apr 1825.
  6. Letter from George Meredith jun. to Mary Meredith (nee Evans), 6 Aug 1833.
  7. Letter from Maria, Mrs John Meredith (nee Hammond), to her daughter Jessie Meredith, 3 May 1885.
  8. Letter to Captain Thomas Watson sen. From niece EN Rayner (?), 13 Oct 1835.
  9. Letters to Capt. T Watson sen. From George Vaux, 18 Mar 1837 & 10 Nov 1838.
  10. Bill of lading for the shipment from Leith of 4 harrows and 2 ploughs, 23 Jul 1814.
  11. Copy of map in Survey Office signed by J H Wedge, 7 Oct 1826, of grant of George Meredith for 2,000acres at Great Swanport, and a description in handwriting of George Frankland, of additional grant of 1,000 acres.
  12. Letter to Mrs Mary Lyne from Jessie Amos (?), 10 May, 2 Oct.
  13. Letter from Elizabeth Lyne to Mary Amos, n.d.
  14. Letter to Mary Amos from?, 5 May 1839.
  15. Letters from Mrs Louisa Bell (nee Meredith) to Margaret Amos (1809-1896), 26 Aug 1885 & 2 Apr 1886.
    I 7. Letter from Adam Amos to ? , 19 Oct 1872.
  16. Adam Amos to ? Mrs Amos, 1873.
  17. Diary of John Amos, 1 Jan 1840-May1843.
  18. Manuscript copy in 1880-1900 style writing, of "Grandfather Amos' Diary", 1 Jan 1854-21 Jan 1858.

Amos Family

Captain Benjamin Lane's notebook of lessons

  • Pièce
  • 1807-1813
  • Fait partie de Lane Papers

The volume was prepared while Lane was a prisoner of war of the French and apparently occupied himself in studying and teaching other prisoners. It contains French grammar (noted as completed 7 March 1812), exercises on Mr. Porney's grammar (noted as completed 29 February 1812), mathematical examples and problems, stocks and shares, chronology, navigational problems (with diagram and tables), book keeping with examples of business 'waste book', 'balancing journal' and ledger entries for 1807 and 1812-13 based on supposed voyages and trade dealings.
At the back of the volume is a rough pencil sketch of the 'privateer that chased Captain Lane'. Also entered on blank pages at the end of the volume is a copy of notes concerning Captain Benjamin Lane sent by James Arthur Lane to his daughter Mrs D.A. Lane, 20 June 1945 and notes by Lt. Col. D.A. Lane (descendent of James Christmas Lane, younger brother of Benjamin), 18 November 1945.

Benjamin Lane

Belbin Papers

  • Collection
  • 1808-1843

Small memorandum book in leather pocket book with enclosed documents.

James Belbin

Kew 1808

  • Collection
  • 1808

Botanical notes and list of 'plants from Mr Fischer 1815' in small volume, entitled, ms. Kew 1808'

Friedrich Ernst Ludwig Fischer

Lease granted by Edward Lord

  • Collection
  • 1810

Lease granted by Edward Lord, Commanding Officer of H.M.settlement Hobart Town V.D.L., 1st Lieut. Royal Marine Forces, 24 May 1810, to John Taylor (1), John Taylor (2), both privates in Royal Marines, of an allotment containing 18 perches, bounded by gardens occupied by Ann Donohough and Peter Douglas, for 14 years at an annual rent of 10s 6d.
Signed by Edward Lord. Applied seal, black wax- shield of wheatsheaf, scythe and rake, motto 'Hobartia crevit '
Transferred to Mrs. Mary Jennott, for sum of £120. - signed by marks of both John Taylors.

Edward Lord

The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer

  • Collection
  • 1810

The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligence, Hobarts first and short lived newspaper was first issued on 8 January 1810. This issue No. 7, 3 April 1810 gives an account of the recent death and funeral of David Collins, Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land. Produced fortnightly by the government printer George Clark/Clarke, there were twelves issues published from 1810 to 1812.

George Clark

Letter : James Gordon arbitrator in civil case, Sydney

Letter to James Gordon arbitrator in civil case, Sydney Order of Civil Court of N.S.W. for dispute between William Stewart and Robert Campbell to be referred to the arbitration of James Gordon (11 October 1810); accounts of "estimated proportion arising to Captain Stewart on the sale of seal skins, oil" etc.; valuation of sloop "George", brig Venus, etc.

James Gordon

School book

Geometrical exercise book of George Marshall, Dundee. Dated February-April 1810

George Marshall

Marshall and Terry Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1810-1922

This collection consists of the papers of George Marshalland his grandson George Douglas Marshall who married Beatrice Terry granddaughter of Ralph Terry, of Lachlan Mills, New Norfolk, Tasmania so some papers of the Terry family papers are also included.
Also included are notes on family history and genealogy.

George Marshall

Funeral notice of Lieutenant Governor David Collins

Lantern slide of funeral notice of Lieutenant Governor David Collins, 1810. From The Derwent Star, and Van Diemen’s Land Intelligencer no. 7, Tuesday April 3rd 1810. Prepared by J.W. Beattie (1859-1930) whose studio locations were Elizabeth Street, Hobart from 1891-1920, Murray Street from 1921-40 and Cat and Fiddle until 1994.

John Watt Beattie

Death of Lieutenant Governor David Collins

Lantern slide of the death of Lieutenant Governor David Collins, 1810. From The Derwent Star, and Van Diemen’s Land Intelligencer no. 7, Tuesday April 3rd 1810. Prepared by J.W. Beattie (1859-1930) whose studio locations were Elizabeth Street, Hobart from 1891-1920, Murray Street from 1921-40 and Cat and Fiddle until 1994.

John Watt Beattie

Letter : T.W. Birch, Hobart, to James Gordon at Sydney

Letter from T.W. Birch, Hobart, to James Gordon at Sydney dated 8 February 1811. Stock well, some in calf, bull, a passenger in the "Cambell Macquarie" an inmate of Birch's house had seen them all and could inform J.G.'s brother in law, skins, land.

James Gordon

Miscellaneous single items

  • Collection
  • 1811-1950

Miscellaneous single items received from various donors.

Log book of Ships

  • Collection
  • 1812-1815

Log book 1812 - 1815. Log of ships 'Borneo' (1812-Apr. 1813), Frederick (1813-1814), brig 'Mary & Sally (1814 - 1815) on voyages between Calcutta, Mauritius and V.D.L.
Includes a water colour sketch of Escapelly on the coast near Madras, and navigational diagrams.

Hudspeth Diaries

  • Collection
  • 1812-1849

Collection of diaries kept by Thomas Hudspeth at "Bowsden" Jericho, Tasmania and John Maule Hudspeth on his voyage to Greenland and Hudon Bay and voyage to Tasmania in 1823

John Maule Hudspeth

Napoleon Bonaparte : Extrait du Moniteur

  • Collection
  • 1812-1815

Printed bulletins, extracts from newspapers, proclamations dated 1812 and 1815 regarding Napoleon Bonaparte mostly during War of the Seventh Coalition and prior to his surrender July 1815. Most "Extrait du Moniteur" in French.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Letter from H. T. Whick, musician, H.M.S. Victory

  • Collection
  • 1812

Letter from H. T. Whick, musician, H.M.S. Victory, Portsmouth, dated 5 December 1812 to his sister, written from 'Victory' Portsmouth, including the news that he was likely to be sent to Spain and a copy of music of six hornpipes for his 'dear little nephew'; addressed to Thomas Lane, junior, jappaner and painter, Old Blue Bell, Wednesfield, Near Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.

Jacob Mountgarrett: ships accounts

  • Collection
  • 1812

Ship's accounts dated 1812. Addressed Jacob Mountgarrett for supplies for a boat's crew, including potatoes, rice, pork, sugar, wheat, 2 oars, seal hooks, whaler's lance, skins, etc. and for each man (names listed) rum, tobacco, shirts, trousers etc.

Jacob Mountgarrett

William & John Clark Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1812-1887

The William and John Clark Papers are a record of a settler family in Tasmania. They include papers concerning the management of the Cluny property, a few papers relating to Bothwell and John Clark's correspondence concerning his work as a magistrate. There are also letters to John Clark from William Barnes (1791 ?-1848). brewer of Launceston, 1829-1839; Matthew Curling Friend of Newnham, Port Officer
at George Town, 1833-1841, and from Charles Arthur (1808-1884), nephew of and Aide-de-Camp to Lt.
Governor George Arthur, 1827-1829. There are also letters from British army officers' wives and daughters addressed to Jane Clark. Also included are papers relating to the Weston Family, Ann (neeClark) and William Pritchard Weston

William Clark

Barnard Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1813-1838

Collection consists of letters and other personal documents belonging to John and James Barnard

James Barnard

Andrew Gatenby : Militia substitute certificate

  • Collection
  • 1814

Militia substitute certificate dated December 1814. Certificate of enrolment of substitute to serve in place of A. Gatenby, Appleton le Moors, North Riding of Yorkshire, namely Robert Graystock, wheelwright. Until the 19th century militia units were used in home defence and maintaining law and order in vulnerable locations such as Ireland and the south coast of England. Militia units did not have to serve overseas, but they were seen as a useful reserve of trained men. Bounties were offered to militiamen who exchanged into the regular Army for overseas service.
Many of the men serving in the militia were substitutes serving on behalf of those whose names had been drawn in the county ballot. These substitutes often made a charge for taking over the duties. When the militia was fully embodied on a permanent footing during periods of war, a higher figure could be demanded and obtained. The regiment benefited by receiving experienced soldiers instead of raw recruits.


Andrew Gatenby

Andrew Downie Papers

  • Collection
  • 1814-1879

Collection consists of mainly financial papers. Includes indenture, correspondence, sheep & wool business papers, bills & accounts

Andrew Downie

Apprenticeship indenture

Apprenticeship indenture dated 28 November 1814. Andrew Downie, eldest son of John Downie, farmer of Bankend,
apprenticed to James Lucas of Stirling as writer, procurator, conveyancer, notary public for five years.

Andrew Downie

Public Notices

  • Collection
  • 1814

Collection of printed public notices of Government and General Orders, by command of Lt. Gov. of Van Diemens Land

Bishopric of Calcutta

  • Collection
  • 1814

Photostat and typed transcript of letters patent establishing the Bishopric of Calcutta in the Church of England 1814

Bishopric of Calcutta

Ships 1816-1823

Typescript copy, alphabetically arranged, of arrival of vessels at Hobart Town and their departure from 1st June 1816 to the 31st December 1823.

Archibald Lawrence Meston

Mather Family Papers

  • Collection
  • 1816-1925

Collection consists of material relating to various members of the Mather family, the Society of Friends , miscellaneous correspondence from Quakers and the Friends School

Robert Mather

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