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Machinery at Launceston Show

Colour photograph shows men sitting on hay bales amid farm machinery display at Launceston Show, near Webster Woolgrowers sign and W logo.

Hal Wyatt

At the Yacht Club

Colour photograph shows yachts at Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and cars parked beside waterfront

Hal Wyatt

Savage River Silver Prospecting Company

Scrip certificate for one hundred five shilling shares for the sum of two shillings and sixpence each, issued to E. Le Rossignol of New Town by the Savage River Silver Prospecting Company. Office of company: Miller's Chambers, Murray St., Hobart. Registered as a No Liability Company under "The Mining Companies Act, 1884". Issue number 55. Share numbers 7201-7300. Dated 23rd December 1891. Signed by the Director and the Manager.

Savage River Silver Prospecting Company

Scrip certificate for twelve (12) five shilling shares for the sum of five shillings each, issued to E. Le Rossignol of New Town by the Savage River Silver Prospecting Company. Registered as a No Liability Company under "The Mining Companies Act, 1884". Issue number 1042. Share numbers 46,865 to 46,876. Office of company: Miller's Chambers, Murray St., Hobart. Dated 23rd December 1891. Signed by the Director and the Manager.

South Oceana Silver Mining Company

Scrip certificate for fifty shares from the South Oceana Silver Mining Co, No Liability, Zeehan, Tasmania, registered under the mining companies act 1884. Issues to Edward leRossignol of New Town. Dated 26th August 1891. Number of issue 236.

Letters from son Conway

Written from Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A. (1905) and New York (1907): family, experience in
architects office, competition for design of Chicago Court House, supply of 500 Chinese for
Panama Canal, Roosevelt, Hancock Building.
(7 letters)

Commercial Bank of Tasmania Ltd

Letter to Andrew Inglis Clark from the Commercial Bank of Tasmania Ltd, 24 Jan 1898, regarding Clark's release from a guarantee to W.J. Williams at the request of Sir E. Braddon.

Don Store : diary four

Diary of the Don Store, 11 February 1887 - 30 December 1888. In February 1886 Wells was appointed manager of the Don branch store of the Don Trading Company by John Henry, the owner, and about 1888 he took over the store, which became William Wells & Co

William Levitt Wells

Letter : William L. Wells

Letter written by William L. Wells to "Sister" dated 17 July 1910. Grandson, Frank and Isabel's child, William Walker Wells, little Francie,
Arnold, Ella.

William Levitt Wells

Barrie de Jersey autograph book

  • Collection
  • n.d.

The autograph book includes poems by Gwen Harwood, Vivian Smith, Christopher Koch, James McAuley and Barrie's second wife Carol Warner de Jersey. There are also entries from Pat Brewer, potter Mylie Peppin and Volkes Rauff of Salzburg.

Barrie de Jersey



  1. J.H. O'Neil. Reprint from The Journal of the Building Transport & Timber Workers' Union vol. 1, no. 1
  2. J.H. O'Neil addressing Trades Hall Council Meeting, c1962
  3. Trades Hall Council Meeting c September 1962
  4. H.E.C. Commissioner and Associate Commissioners: A. Knight, G. Newstead, L.A. Johnstone, J.H. O'Neil. Signed, no date.

John Henry O'Neil

Cases in Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Probate)

Papers relating to probate, claims against estates of deceased, cases and opinions concerning the execution of wills and also applications for administration of intestate estates. Papers in alphabetical order.

  1. Rose Bennett: intestate 1879
  2. Joseph Bridge: intestate 1875
  3. Thomas Brown 1888-89, of Oatlands (d. 13 March 1887), inc. correspondence with daughter M.A. Harding, trusts for daughters' families etc.
  4. William Birchall 1894, late of Launceston (inc. will of Henry Marshall of Blind Burn, Glamorgan)
  5. Michael John Clarke, builder, of Hobart 1889
  6. Richard James Edwards of Hobart, tobacconist 1892
  7. Cornelius Finn of Ridgeway 1876
  8. Mary Fitzpatrick of Hobart, widow 1877
  9. Richard Gerald Fitzsimmons of Richmond, gent 1886
  10. John Richard Garth of Sandy Bay, farmer 1878
  11. Martin Goram of Hobart 1899
  12. George Grey otherwise George Bale: intestate 1884
  13. Fortune Guillois of Hobart, mattress maker 1885-86
  14. Ellen Mary Gurling 1898
  15. Thomas Harrison: intestate 1878
  16. Abraham Hawkesford of Hobart, mariner 1883-85
  17. Michael Hayes of Hobart, licensed victualler 1886
  18. Ellen Hefferan 1886
  19. Patrick Hefferan of Hobart, dairyman 1877
  20. Anne, wife of Edward Heslop of Launceston, grocer 1894
  21. Patrick Hewitt 1886, Catholic priest of New Town N.S.W. died in Hobart, Rev. Philip Ryan Hennebry executor.
  22. Charles Henry Hodges of Oatlands 1887
  23. Thomas George Holdsworth of Oatlands, farmer 1887
  24. Richard Howard of Hobart, licensed victualler 1886
  25. Adam Howell of Launceston, shoemaker 1883
  26. James Hurst of Hobart, coal & wood merchant 1877
  27. Edward Carroll Marum, Catholic priest of Brighton 1881, including Roberts Stewart catalogue of books of estate of Archdeacon E.C. Marum.
  28. John Ryan of Oatlands, storekeeper (d. 1878) 1877-91 and Ellen Ryan (d. 1882), including particulars of sale of property and abstract of title of Rev. John Feehan and Andrew Morrison to land at Oatlands bequeathed by Mrs Ellen Ryan.
  29. Ebenezer Sims: intestate 1885
  30. William Smith: intestate 1876, of Auckland, New Zealand, formerly of Hobart, carpenter
  31. Ellen Whitford, factory manageress of Hobart 1905, including inventory of goods

Thomas Sheehy

Testamentary Causes

Testamentary cause dated 1893-1894 - Patrick Boyce Coglin (d. 1892): administration of estate, including property in South Australia and Melbourne, administered by J. Powell, solicitor: accounts, etc.

Thomas Sheehy

Land Title Transfers

Memoranda of transfers of land titles and registration at Lands Titles Office:-

  1. Robert Barnett to John Gregory Edwards, 8 p. Hobart 1901.
  2. Henry John Buckland to Matthew O'Shaughnessy 1879, Hamilton: 8 ac. 5 p.
  3. James Isaac Lepitit Cameron & Susan Palmable Cameron his wife, to William Douglas Laing 36 p. in Queenborough 1906.
  4. George Coombe to Alexander McA. Johnston per Alfred Harrap 1892 Campbell Town.
  5. Louisa Crane to Robert Daly, 25 ac. Longley 1900.
  6. John Dally to Job Dally 1894.
  7. James Dillon to Virginia Ebdon 1882.
  8. Sarah Dillon to James Geappen, Hobart 1884.
  9. Edward Dowling to Thomas Dowling 1893.
  10. Joseph Feltham to William Douglas Laing, Hobart 1904.
  11. Martin Goram to Michael Spohn 1886.
  12. James Gunton to Martial Louis Frederic Mary 1888. Branxholm: 15 ac. to M.L.F. Mary, Catholic Chaplain, inc. letter from Fr. Mary.
  13. John Hager to William John Dunne 1881. Waratah: 34 p. to W.J. Dunne, Catholic Chaplain and others.
  14. Peter Harrington to John Scammell, St. Helens 1882-86.
  15. William Hawkins to Charles McMahan, Honeywood 1882.
  16. Vernon William Hookey to Julia Develyn, Cygnet 1884.
  17. Mary Ellen Innis to John Charles Williams 1888.
  18. William Henry Kellow to Isabella Kellow 1893.
  19. William Langford to William Pearson, Hobart 1890-94.
  20. Robert P. & George P. Roberts to William Douglas Laing 1904.
  21. Thomas Sheehy to Walter Lewis 1898.
  22. Joseph Sidwell to William Douglas Laing 1903.
  23. William Sullivan to John Sullivan 1898.
  24. Fr. Van der Heyden to Thomas Kelsh 1905. Derby: land near Catholic Church from Fr. Van der Heyden, Catholic priest, formerly of Derby, Tasmania, now residing at North Brabant, Netherlands, to Rev. T. Kelsh of Westbury and others, Governors of St. Joseph's Orphanage.

Thomas Sheehy

Oath of Allegiance

Oath of Allegiance to Queen of Roman Catholic dated 2 March 1865. Taken by T. Sheehy on admission to Tasmanian Bar.

Thomas Sheehy

Time, Wages & Costing book

Notes of man hours spent, wages, costs, and some specifications for various vessels, including Evening Star, steam ketches Lottah and Nubeena, May Queen, Thistle, Victoria Louise, and S.S. Ronnie.

John Wilson


Miscellaneous specifications for boats for Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and 2 other vessels unnamed.

John Wilson

List of ships built

List of ships built and for whom, from Huon Belle built in 1866 by Colin Walker for whom John Wilson worked, Good Intent the first ship built by John Wilson at Martins Point in 1877, One and All, ketch built for Andrewartha in 1878, Birngana, Lottah, Ronnie, Rooganah, etc. to Derwent Hunter built for A.J. Drysdale 1843.

John Wilson

Launching of "Marina"

Press cuttings regarding the launching of the ketch Marina built by Wilson Brothers for for H. Jones and Co. for the timber trade, The Marina is an auxiliary ketch of the following dimensions: - Length overall, 100ft.; extreme breadth, 23ft. 6 in.; depth of hold, 7 ft. 6 in.; gross tonnage, 100 tons; displacement when loaded, about 280 tons. She will be powered by a 70 h.p. Diesel engine by Ruston
Lister, which will be installed after the vessel reaches Hobart. When put into commission she will be employed by H.Jones and Co. Pty. Ltd. in the timber trade between Launceston and Mel- bourne, freighting timber from the firm's Warrentinna mill to Melbourne,
and carrying general cargo as back freight. The Mercury Tuesday 18 December 1934.

John Wilson

Diploma of Associate of Arts Degree

Diploma of Associate of Arts Degree, dated 1861, awarded by the Tasmanian Council of Education to William W. Perkins who passed in English, Latin, French, elementary hydrostatics and mechanics, geology, third class. Diploma has decorative border of oak leaves and acorns designed by Henry Hunter and engraved by Alfred Bock

Tasmanian Council of Education

Letters to mother

Two letters from J.H. Patterson, written to his mother Mrs S. Patterson from army camps in Victoria, referring to "the kiddies' journey" (1910), birthday wishes and gift to his mother from "the Tallangatta family".

James Harold Patterson

Wreck on beach near Mars Bluff

Colour photograph of rotting timbers from wreck of boat, half-buried in the sand near shallow creek on beach near Mars Bluff, Bruny Island, Photograph possibly taken 1963.

Bare Mountain

Colour photograph of Bare Mountain, with evidence of past bushfire damage to trees on lower slope GIS: Latitude -4149 Longitude 14590 Gazetteer Australia Record_ID TAS23466

Skiing shelter

Colour photograph shows two sets of skis and backpacks outside an alpine hut, covered in a snowdrift

Rockpools in Leven Canyon

Colour photograph shows rockpools in the Leven River at Leven Canyon, surrounded by steep rockwalls and temperate rainforest

Paddys Lake

Colour photograph shows whitewater section of Pencil Pine Creek

Pool of Bethesda

Colour photograph shows snow covering the Pool of Siloam near The Temple below Mount Jerusalem

Ragged Jack

Colour photograph shows view of forest and mountain ranges from Mayday Mountain

Moving firewood at Lake Dobson

Colour photographs shows three people in a small boat laden with firewood being moved from one side of Lake Dobson to another. Hut visible on shore and cleared path of zig-zag track up hill visible in background

Hobart Walking Club hut

Colour photograph shows smoke curling out of the flue from a woodheater or fireplace of the Hobart Walking Club timber hut at Mount Field National Park, with snowdrifts banked halfway up the walls of the hut

Farmer harvests grain at Glen Dhu

Colour photograph shows a farmer driving an International Harvester Farmall M tractor, with the Australian model name AM, pulling a trailed harvester in a paddock of rye at Glen Dhu, 1956. Placename distinct from other Glen Dhu, near Launceston.

Ice on Lake Dobson

Colour photograph shows a person standing on ice at Lake Dobson, with ridge of snow above treeline

Assembling hut at K Col

Colour photograph shows people assembling the roof frame of a Hobart Walking Club hut at K Col, later named the FA. Peterson Memorial Hut and officially opened in 1960 by New Zealand adventurer Sir Edmund Hilary

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