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Godkin Silver Mining Company

1 scrip certificate from the Godkin Silver Mining Company, No Liability, Whyte River, Tasmania. Twenty shares upon which the sum of twenty shillings per share has been paid. Progressive nos. of shares 3941-3960. No. of issue 1014. Dates 28th March...

South Oceana Silver Mining Company

Scrip certificate for fifty shares from the South Oceana Silver Mining Co, No Liability, Zeehan, Tasmania, registered under the mining companies act 1884. Issues to Edward leRossignol of New Town. Dated 26th August 1891. Number of issue 236.

Letter: 24 February 1834

Letter written by William Wood dated 24 February 1834 regarding tickets of leave

John Leake

Letter: 20 May 1836

  • Item
  • 1836-1869
  • Part of Leake Papers

Letter written by William Wood from Hawkridge, dated 20 May 1836 wishing an offer on the sale of his estate in March providing he is offered three pound per acre and the auctioning of the stock. Includes a sketch of the property

John Leake

Letter: 5 June 1842

Letter written by William Wood from Hawkridge dated 5 June 1842 to Leake regarding surprise at the acceptance of draft being unpaid as he gave the letter to Mr Hankey a gentleman who had been staying with him – telling him it was of consequence

John Leake

Letter: undated (October 1842)

Undated letter written by William Wood to Leake regarding his financial situation, harvest unsold, if creditors insist will sell up everything - town allotment, horses, carriage, furniture anything except the sheep

John Leake

Letter: 14 November 1842

Letter written by William Wood to Leake dated 14 November 1842 regarding sale of Hawkridge

John Leake

Annual Report

Report on the 1859 annual examinations, with copies of examination papers, and list of council and masters. Drawing of building at front. Printed pamphlet J. Davies 'Mercury' office.

High School of Hobart Town

Letter of appointment :September 1818

Draft of letter dated 24 September 1818 from John Terry, late of Redmire Mill, appointing his brother Ralph to receive money due on Lord Bolton's estate, with list of money laid out in expenses by John Terry 1809-1811. Note added in pencil of...

John Terry


Receipted account for 1 guinea paid to W.J. Ring for tuition of Master Ralph. Dated 1830

John Terry

Letter : December 1838

Letter from F. [Frances] Simmons to 'my dear Ann':- sending box to V.D.L. containing things her 'beloved (now Angle [sic] in Heaven) left you' [?Mary Simmons] and other items including books for the children and teaspoons; also...

Jane Simmons

1949 Orientation Handbook

Pages from the Handbook that detail the site plan and floor plan of Domain House, University of Tasmania. As published in the 1949 University Orientation Handbook. Key to buildings and rooms provided by Peter Freeman, Heritage Architect

Tasmania University Union

Letter to Philip Smith

Letter to Philip Smith, Hobart Town, regarding the committee of the Temperance Society and the importation of intoxicating drink

George Washington Walker

Letter from Bicheno, Colonial Secretary's office

Letter dated 30th November 1850 from the Colonial Secretary's office signed by James Ebenezer Bicheno regarding a grant of land at the south end of Collins Street Hobart to the Total Abstinence Society.

George Washington Walker

Copy of circular addressed to candidates at elections

Copy of circular addressed to candidates at elections. Letter to Arthur Perry (Member of the Legislative Council) dated 5 March 1855 from the committee of the Tasmanian Temperance and Total Abstinence Association bringing to his consideration the ...

George Washington Walker


Marriage certificate of George Washington Walker and Sarah Benson Mather, married at Friends Meeting House, Hobart. Dated 15th December 1840. Witnessed and signed by many of the respectable inhabitants of the colony

George Washington Walker

Coiled condenser

Glass coiled condenser is used to cool and condense a gas back to a liquid, often as part of the process of chemical distillation

Graham condenser - coiled type

Graham condenser - coiled type. The surface area is considerably greater than the corresponding Liebig condenser of similar dimensions. The coil condenser is extremely efficient in the reflux mode where counter-current cooling is possible. Descr...

Liebig condenser

Liebig condenser. Designed to give turbulent flow in the water jacket with a comparatively slow rate of flow of coolant water by use of a small annular space. Description from

Jacketed coil condenser

Jacketed coil condenser. A double surface condenser having a coil as an inner cooling surface. This type has approximately twice the surface of a plain double surface condenser of the same effective length.Description from https://www.austscien...

Fractionating column

A laboratory fractionating column is a piece of glassware used to separate vaporized mixtures of liquid compounds with close volatility.

Soxhlet extractor - small

A Soxhlet extractor is laboratory equipment made of glass. Invented by Franz von Soxhlet in 1879. It has a flask, an extraction chamber, and a condenser. It can be used for solid-liquid extractions.

Letter: Henry Meredith to mother

Undated letter from Henry Meredith to his mother, Mary Ann written from Mr Giblin's New Town Academy, regarding his health, the situation of the school being good, going to the races and seeing a boat on four wheels drawn by horses.

Henry Meredith

Death of George III

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "A sermon on the occasion of the death of his late majesty George the Third of blessed memory, preached at Hobart Town V.D. Land on Sunday the 17th September 1820"

Robert Knopwood

United States Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, hearings on Antarctic minerals convention, various documents and testimony

Government documents relevant to Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities, CRAMRA, environment protection, world park, Conte, Wolfe, Arnaudo, Cousteau, Barnes, Kimball, Elliot, Jackson, Knoblock, Westermeyer. Provides ...

Bill Bush

United States House of Representatives, Curtis Bohlen, Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, testimony before the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Subcommittee

Government document relevant to Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities, CRAMRA, environment protection, Madrid Protocol, Viña del Mar, Chile, SATCM 11. Provides document and source information.

Bill Bush

United States Senate, letter to President George Bush concerning Antarctic minerals debate and environment protection, and related letter from other Congressmen

Government document relevant to Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities, CRAMRA, environment protection, Madrid Protocol, Lugar, Gore, Adams, Kerry, Kennedy, Biden. Provides document and source information.

Bill Bush

Antarctica: US position

Diplomatic communication explaining press article relevant to environment protection, minerals, mining prohibition. Provides document and source information.

Bill Bush

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