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View of male axeman standing on fallen timber in the bush, Crotty, Tasmania.

Image likely sourced from a newspaper or publication as it contains printed legend at the bottom: Opening out of the west - clearing the land for the new town of Crotty. Photographer identified. Primitive buildings just visible in the background. It is likely the image is older than 1902.

F.E. Pousty

Across the King River Valley 63

Colour photograph of landscape, King River Valley, mountains, skeletal tree trunks, dotted on mountain foothills and heathland

Hal Wyatt

Crotty near Mount Lyell rail spur

Colour photograph shows people walking on wheel path created on gravel track, at Crotty, near Mount Lyell rail spur.

Hal Wyatt

Crossing King River railway bridge 1970

Colour photograph shows a person and two motor vehicles on the span of steel truss bridge built for the North Mount Lyell railway to cross the King River, near Crotty, taken in 1970; bridge later submerged by Lake Burbury.

Hal Wyatt

Crotty and Mount Jukes 1970

Colour photograph shows low heath and scrub, heavily timbered foothills and rocky outcrops atop Mount Jukes, near Crotty.

Hal Wyatt

Walkers at Crotty 1963

Colour photograph shows people walking on gravel track at Crotty, 1963.

Hal Wyatt

Crotty Main Street January 1970

Colour photograph depicts gravel track in bush clearing at base of mountain range, the former main street of the town of Crotty, taken in 1970.

Hal Wyatt

Looking east from Crotty 1970

Colour photograph shows low heath and scrub near Crotty, looking east to mountain range in distance.

Hal Wyatt

Man fishing near Waratah 1960

Colour photograph shows man in gumboots sitting on a log, casting a fishing line into a dam near Waratah 1960.

Hal Wyatt

Lake Timk and Mount Anne

Colour photograph shows Lake Timk and Mount Anne in distance GIS: Latitude -4293 Longitude 14646 Gazetteer Australia Record_ID TAS16882

Mount Anne at sunrise

Colour photograph shows Mount Anne at sunrise as viewed from across Lake Timk

Silhouette of Mount Anne

Colour photograph shows afternoon reflection of Mount Anne on the surface of water of Lake Timk

Mt Solitary and Lake Pedder

Colour photograph taken from elevated mountain ridge, shows valley floor looking west to Mount Solitary and original shoreline of Lake Pedder

Penitentiary Building , Sarah Island

Sarah Island was also known by many in the late twentieth century as Settlement Island and the brick and stone penitentiary building was thought to have been constructed in 1828

Photograph by J. Mills, Zeehan. John Mills worked as a photographer in Zeehan from 1896-1900

George Musgrave Parker