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Cleburne homestead 1970s

Colour photograph of Cleburne Homestead, also known as the Mount Direction Homestead, a dwelling built in the 1830s at Risdon and threatened with demolition during the construction of the nearby Bowen Bridge.

Hal Wyatt

Cleome viscosa

Pencil, some coloured, on paper sketched by Olive Pink, Tortungah Quadtcha, Northern Territory 1/12/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Cleome viscosa "whole plant, even back of petals of flower and pod sticky - has pungent smell when broken - st...

Olive Pink


Watercolour on watercolour paper painted by Olive Pink at Wire Creek, Central Australia, 6/8/30 . Identified by Olive Pink as Clianthus

Olive Pink

Clianthus speciosum

Watercolour on card painted by Olive Pink at Wire Creek, South Australia 25/7/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Clianthus speciosum

Olive Pink

Clifton Priory atop Barrack Hill, Bothwell

Colour photograph of Clifton Priory, Bothwell. National heritage register citation is as follows: “Two storey stone Tudor Gothic house built in 1847-8 by Rev. Robert Wilson from public subscription. Wilson caused a scandal when he ran into financi...

Climbers near site of avalanches

Colour photograph of party of snow climbers nearing a ridge with evidence of recent avalanches, possibly near Mount Field National Park, photograph taken 1968

Coiled condenser

Glass coiled condenser is used to cool and condense a gas back to a liquid, often as part of the process of chemical distillation

College Prospectus and Library Catalogue

College Prospectus, printed by Elliston, Collins Street, Hobart Town and dated 1848. Includes note of nature and advantages of a college, steps taken by Bishop, subscribers, trustees, Hutchins & Launceston Church Grammar schools, scholarships,...

University of Tasmania

Commercial Hotel Richmond 1970

Colour photograph shows street view of Commercial Hotel, Richmond, a double-storey sandstone structure with decorative ironwork on the veranda posts, taken in 1970

Hal Wyatt


Undated complaint by the finance committee of the Hobart Town Total Abstinence Society addressed to Mr J.B. Mather and Mr Geo. Bell, of suffering grievous moral wrong and slander from Geo. W Walker

George Washington Walker

Construction of Tasman Bridge 1961

Colour photograph taken from Derwent River shows construction of Tasman Bridge, 1961, shows scaffolding and crane gantry in place near shoreline.

Hal Wyatt


Coloured pencil on paper sketched by Olive Pink, 50 miles from Darwin, Northern Territory 26/10/30. Identified by Olive Pink as a creeper Convolvulus? "from an almost dead specimen when brought to me"

Olive Pink

Convolvulus erubescen

Water colour and pencil on dark card sketched by Olive Pink, (no place or date) Northern Territory. Identified by Olive Pink as Convolvulus erubescen.

Olive Pink

Copper etching plate of Olive Pink's bookplate

Includes -Annotated envelope containing original printing plate of Olive Pink bookplate by Adrian Feint and letter from Feint to Olive Pink by the Society of Artists.1. Copper etching plate of bookplate , “Simplicity, Beauty, Honesty, Trust –Oliv...

Olive Pink

Copy of circular addressed to candidates at elections

Copy of circular addressed to candidates at elections. Letter to Arthur Perry (Member of the Legislative Council) dated 5 March 1855 from the committee of the Tasmanian Temperance and Total Abstinence Association bringing to his consideration the ...

George Washington Walker

Cottage at Ross

Colour photograph shows front of sandstone cottage with red painted corrugated iron roof and decorative front porch, established flower garden, at Ross.

Hal Wyatt

Cranes repairing Tasman Bridge

Colour photograph shows cranes atop pylons at the site of repair work to Tasman Bridge, damaged by the crash of the ore carrier Lake Illawarra in January 1975; missing pylons being replaced.

Cricket team

Cricket team: W Cooper, HG Kelly, C Freido, J Williams, Eddie Frappell, Basil Wells, H Colbourne, TE Cooper, L Davis, Willis ? Poor quality photograph.

Cricket team

Cricket team (date unknown.) Players included: Basil Easther, Terry Cashion, M Wells, M Limbrick, D Ransley, Frank O'Shea, D Coleman, Alan Ransley, Stan Ransley, Jim Gayton.

Crolataria cunninghammi - seed pods

Coloured pencil on dark card sketched by Olive Pink at Edwards Creek, South Australia 25/7/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Seed pods of Crolataria cunninghammi. Attached - on white paper watercolour of leaves and bud 10 x 7.5 cm

Olive Pink

Crossing King River railway bridge 1970

Colour photograph shows a person and two motor vehicles on the span of steel truss bridge built for the North Mount Lyell railway to cross the King River, near Crotty, taken in 1970; bridge later submerged by Lake Burbury.

Hal Wyatt

Crotalaria cunninghamii.

Water colour on paper sketched by Olive Pink, (place and date unknown) Northern Territory. Identified by Olive Pink as Crotalaria cunninghamii

Olive Pink

Crotalaria dissitiflora

Watercolour on paper painted by Olive Pink at Edwards Creek, South Australia, 13/8/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Crotalaria dissitiflora

Olive Pink

Crotty Main Street January 1970

Colour photograph depicts gravel track in bush clearing at base of mountain range, the former main street of the town of Crotty, taken in 1970.

Hal Wyatt

Crotty and Mount Jukes 1970

Colour photograph shows low heath and scrub, heavily timbered foothills and rocky outcrops atop Mount Jukes, near Crotty.

Hal Wyatt

Crowd at Centenary Train, Westbury 1972

Colour photograph shows schoolchildren and adults gathered to watch steam locomotive at Westbury, 1972, with “Centenary Train 1872-1972” emblazoned on front boiler of locomotive.

Hal Wyatt

Dark sails on yacht

Colour photograph shows sailors in small yacht, with dark mainsail, on Derwent River, at dusk.

Hal Wyatt

Davies double surface condenser

Davies double surface condenser. Increased surface area and effectiveness compared with a corresponding Liebig condenser. Description from

Dead horses on the beach

Black and white photograph showing dead horses on the beach. Photo caption says Beachey [Beachy] Bill's work, Anzac. "Beachy Bill" was the collective nickname given to a battery of Turkish guns located in a position known as the &...

Dean Letters

  • Collection
  • 1850-1852

Two handwritten letters addressed to William Dean. One letter has engraving of Hobsons Bay and Williams Town, Port Phillip. HAM brothers, Engravers. Published by John Hunter, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

William Dean

Death of George III

Manuscript of sermon preached by Rev. Knopwood entitled "A sermon on the occasion of the death of his late majesty George the Third of blessed memory, preached at Hobart Town V.D. Land on Sunday the 17th September 1820"

Robert Knopwood

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