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Correspondence : James Grant to John Grant - September - October 1825

Letters from from James Grant in Hobart to brother John in Sydney dated September - October 1825 : John's passage, his state of health, "Andromeda" released from charter, "Medina" cargo, Kemp, "young Sorell was spliced today", Seccombe story a hoax, bushrangers Brady and McCabe, Brady robbed Clitherow who came out in "Andromeda", no waterside grant available - could he have John's wharf - needed water transport? he and Bethune needed news of markets. (Note: the first part of the letter of 20 Oct. 1825 has date "1826" in error)

James Grant

Correspondence : James Grant to brother John - 30 November 1822 - 15 October 1823

Letters from James from London to brother John in V.DL. dated 30 November 1822 - 15 October 1823 about business prospects and settling in V.D.L.: thanks for letter from Madeira, sending newspapers and W. Scott novels, prices at Liverpool for hides, sperm oil, seal skins, wool; trouble in New Zealand and muskets going out to natives (possible profit?); sending consignment of harness for working horses and oxen on their joint account; McIntosh's ale; shipping of merinos, garden seeds, printed cottons etc., ? horses for saddle and draught; shipping; would there be any money in an exhibition in London of "handsome natives of Australasia .. . decorated with all their war-like habiliments"? (30 Nov. 1822); regards to Sandy [Alexander B. Spark]; son born 23 Jan. 1823 and christened James on 25 Feb. A. Knight proxy for John as godfather, Maria Neve godmother (31 Jan., 31 Mar.1822); the old folks at Nairn; house sold and furniture packed for shipment (3 July 1823); introduction to Commissary Hull (31 Dec. 1822); Mr Gellibrand applying to be Solicitor of Crown in V.D.L. (3 July 1823); no chance of recovering his lost hearing in this country, severe winter trying (31 Jan. 1823); choice of land - grazing and near water for
shipment and fishing - Mr Lord suggested between Macquarie and Relief rivers or St Pauls district, rent house in Hobart for family, Fraserburgh lad, Gray, engaged as cooper - friend Reid wanting him a berth (24 mar. 1823)(24 Mar. 1823; chartered "Heroine" (320 tons, Captain Ostler) with James Hammond (brother of friend William Hammond the "Ironrnan" - not in good health and lately married without consulting family) and Thomas Knight, loaded with cargo, stores and 50 passengers (including J. Williamson and sister), bringing iron, saddlery, harness, cheese, butter, oil, paint, blankets, clothing, stationery, umbrellas, ladies' straw bonnets, prints [cotton] and Manchester goods, window glass, iron hurdles for sheep, rum, brandy, soap, 4 merino rams from Wiltshire and ewes (2 tooth), besides own furniture of considerable value, and servant maid (Sept.Oct, 1823); Maria Neve engaged to Thomas Hammond (brother of James and William) a surgeon of about 30 years.

James Grant

Grant Collection

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  • 1822-1825

Collection consists of personal and business correspondence between the brothers John and James Grant of "Tullochgorum". in the Fingal valley and correspondence regarding John Grants death

James Grant

James Grant snr. to John Meredith

Correspondence between James Grant senior and John Meredith written between 1851 and 1856. James Grant of Tullochgorurn: aprroved of John Meredith's choice of Maria Hammond who had been under his guardianship from infancy although she had relatives in Hobart but not necessary to communicate with them (1851); management of Tulloch gorum, Garth and Melrose, cape barley (1852); James junior may become tenant of Tullochgorum-at present away at North Down (1856)

John Meredith


Typescript transcript of some of the letters written between John and James Grant in the period to 30th November to October 1825

James Grant