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1 pair of small cream nylon gloves with hand sewn fur trim. Label stitched inside - "Dents Nylon, One Size Fits All, Made in Hong Kong"

Information from Sinclair

Information taken from 'Descriptive catalogue of medieval and renaissance western manuscripts in Australia' by K. V. Sinclair
Sydney University Press, 1969. Available at Morris Miller-Rare-Book Z 6620 .A8 S55

Information from Sinclair

Information taken from 'Descriptive catalogue of medieval and renaissance western manuscripts in Australia' by K. V. Sinclair
Sydney University Press, 1969. Available at Morris Miller-Rare-Book Z 6620 .A8 S55

Hatband and metal badge

Orange/Yellow and white striped hatband and metal badge embossed with decorative GHS from Miss Clark’s –Girls’ High School” Hobart Tasmania -Hat badge and band (Olive’s), (private not State School). In old Barracks. Davey St and Barrack St Hobart.

Olive Pink

University Studio Theatre - scrapbook

  • Collection
  • 1982-1999

Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings and theatre programs and posters from performances held in the Studio Theatre between 1982 and 1999. Some of the companies and organistions who featured at the theatre were: Salamaca Theatre Company,The Mummers Theatre Company, The Cygnet Peforming Arts group, Round Earth Company, The University's Conservatorium of Music, Breadline Theatre Company, Forum Music Theatre, The Performance Laboratory, The Old Nick Company, Apprentice Theatre, The Classics Society, The Hobart Raja Yoga Centre, the H.C Theatre Company, Misterioso Productions, Polygon Theatre & Launceston Repertory Society.

University Studio Theatre

School of Medicine

  • Collection
  • 1966-1988

Collection of School of Medicine files (1966-1981) containing newspaper clippings, class/graduation photographs (1984,1985,1987,1988), staff lists, job advertisements, seminar information, questionnaires.

University of Tasmania

Library promotional video

  • Collection
  • 1981

Consists of one Library promotional video made in 1981, VHS cassette recording, 6.5 minutes. Script by Mary Howard and Peter Cohen, narrated by Meg Taylor, camera work by Michael Knott, Ross James and Eve Pettit, technical director Brian Rieusset, programme director Eve Pettit. Originally recorded on Umatic cassette for continuous playing over 1 hour, copied on to VHS by Brian Rieusset July, 1993, for University Archives (two showings over 15 minutes). Reformated to DVD in 2017. Includes typed copy of script.

University of Tasmania Library

Guiler Collection

  • Collection
  • 1953-1978

Collection consists of Thylacine Expedition 8 mm films, and notes on site locations etc. collected on location at Mt Nelson, Granville Harbour and Cape Portland , in Tasmania between 1953 and 1978 by Eric Guiler.
Reel 104 is an example of the films. All films are available for viewing at

Eric Rowland Guiler

University Badge

  • Collection
  • c1932

This badge, a smaller version of the cloth badge was probably a badge of the Tasmania University Union, and is based on the official Common Seal of the University, omitting the star and rose and the inscription, with the addition of a punning motto IN UNITATEM UNI.TAS, it also appears on the TUU magazine Platypus and may have been adopted in the 1920’s when the Union first sent teams to Inter-Varsity sports.
In April 1932 it was reported in Togatus that estimates had been received by the S.R.C. from a Melbourne firm for metal badges – ‘Mr Michells considered the Union did not need metal badges and would not be able to dispose of them. But Mr Smith’s motion that a hundred badges should be purchased at 1/6d was carried.”

University of Tasmania Library

Ulverstone : postcards

Eight small captioned black and white postcards in proprietary envelope. From envelope - Beauty Spots in Australia, 8 Real Photographs for your Snapshot Album, Published by the Rose Stereographic Co. Armadale, Victoria

Tasmanian Society of Honorary Justices : Honour Board

  • Collection
  • 2001

Three photographs of the Honour Board of Tasmanian Society of Honorary Justices, located in hallway (Elizabeth Street entrance) Hobart Town Hall. Honour Board presented to Society by Mr F. G. Shepherd, QPM, JP. Historical notes : 1922 - 1994 dates/names confirmed by joint Society and University of Tasmania (History Department) research of available public records.
Photo credit. Mr. P. Baker. 12 December, 2000.

Tasmanian Society of Honorary Justices

St Helens : postcard

Eight small captioned black and white fold out images in proprietary post-able envelope. From envelope - Join us in a trip around St. Helens Tasmania. Southern series Registered. On reverse - Postage rates within the British Empire. Without correspondence, in an unsealed envelope, will be 3d. If correspondence is added, postage will be 3 1/2d whether envelope is sealed or unsealed. Foreign rate, 7 1/2 d

William Sorell : Journal

  • Collection
  • 1823-1825

Collection consists of type written transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. for the years 1823-1825.
In his journal Sorell made brief daily entries of his voyage out, his reception at Government House, the arrival of Lt. Governor Arthur, his new post as Registrar of the Supreme Court. The entries are brief but of particular interest are his references to the arrival of ships and his meeting officers and other people of note landing at Hobart. He makes occasional references to his work and cases in court and to Judge Pedder and his wife. Apart from his work Sorell's chief activities, as noted, were riding, walking, reading and dining with 'friends and officers of the Barracks and Convict Department. He attended church regularly on Sunday and mentions the arrival of an organ subscribed for by the in habitants (13, 14 April 1825). He took occasional shooting trips, mainly to the Coal River (Richmond). Most of the entries are, however, brief and lacking in detail or descriptive accounts as may be illustrated by his reference to a proposal to transfer the capital to Brighton: 'Meeting at Government House. Removal to Brighton in a large Meeting. I attended. I think the Lt. Governor has made up his mind upon the removal.' (19 May 1825)
Transcript of original diary of William Sorell Jnr. made by L. Rodda and P.S. King. ( 83 pages) Photocopy only now held. Also a typed name index to diary to diary - on catalogue cards made by L. Rodda.

William Sorell

The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer

  • Collection
  • 1810

The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligence, Hobarts first and short lived newspaper was first issued on 8 January 1810. This issue No. 7, 3 April 1810 gives an account of the recent death and funeral of David Collins, Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land. Produced fortnightly by the government printer George Clark/Clarke, there were twelves issues published from 1810 to 1812.

George Clark

Risby Brothers Collection

  • Collection
  • 1823-1910

Collection consists of personal diaries and photographs relating to Risby Brothers, sawmillers and timber merchants

Thomas Risby

Diploma of degree of Associate of Arts

  • Collection
  • 1878

Diploma of degree of Associate of Arts, awarded to Mary Friend Whitney Canaway of Hobart, by the Tasmanian Council of Education dated 17th October 1878. Includes wafer seal. Examined and passed in the following subjects. English with credit, French with credit, German, Italian with credit and Mathematics with credit. Mary Friend Whitney Canaway has been awarded the Councils first prize for English and the Councils first prize for Italian. Diploma has decorative border of oak leaves and acorns designed by Henry Hunter and engraved by Alfred Bock.

Mary Friend Whitney Canaway

Marjorie Bligh Photograph Collection

  • Collection
  • 1910-2011

Collection consists of a series of digital photographs taken for an exhibition of Marjorie Bligh's work held at the University of Tasmania, Morris Miller Library in 2011. They include photographs of Marjorie's personal photograph collection and photographs of her handcrafts.

Marjorie Bligh

Index Plantarum

Index Plantarum, or an attempt towards a popular Description of some of the most common and remarkable Indigenous plants of Van Diemen's Land. Pages 61-114.
From the preface: Of the articles which compose the Annual, the view of our indigenous plants, will it is hoped, be found not the least acceptable. Though not by any means complete, being a first attempt, it will, we trust, serve to excite a taste among our readers, as well for botanical research as for the pleasures of the field and garden. In compiling it advantage has been taken of every source of information that was open to us at the time. And chiefly we have to thank the industry and kindness of our much valued friend Mr. Backhouse, whose knowledge of the Flora of this island is so extensive. We have to return our thanks also to Mr. Ronald Gunn, who so kindly obliged us with a perusal of his’ Hortus Siccus’ and the invaluable descriptions of Dr. Hooker. The labours of Loudon, Brown, Sprengell and others were likewise of much service

James Backhouse

Olive Pink Collection

  • Collection
  • 1931 -1973

Sketches, mainly in pencil and crayon, made by Olive Muriel Pink of flowers found in the north of South Australia, Central and North Australia. The majority were made between June and December 1930, at various places along the railway between Port Augusta and Alice Springs. Later sketches were made in various parts of Australia between 1931 and 1960, but often without a note of the place and date. The sketches were often hurriedly made on pieces of thin, cheap paper, or even pieces of cardboard or brown paper. Some were coloured with crayon and a few, more finished drawings were coloured with watercolours. A later donation was made of books, personal belongings and sketches. A second series was received from the family of Olive Pink in 2016, this series includes Olive Pink's book collection, photographs, paintings, letters, items of clothing and other ephemera and memorabilia, some of which are nationally significant in their own right - such as the book plate made by Adrian Feint, notes and sketches done whilst camping with Daisy Bates, and photographs documenting life in Central Australia.

Olive Pink

George Musgrave Parker : Correspondence and research records

  • Collection
  • 1922-1965

Most of the papers consist of notes made about historical queries, a rough draft of his book, and correspondence with East Coast residents and others requesting information. There is also a collection of newspaper cuttings and pamphlets relating to the history of Tasmania, especially the East Coast and some photographs and snapshots. Dr Parker also collected some original historical documents~ chiefly from East Coast families (although those of Dr Storey and the Cotton families have now been returned to the Cotton archives (ref. C.7). Dr Parker's collection of Walch's Almanacs has been supplemented by others received from Walch's and is kept up to date and now forms a complete record set for Walch's records (kept for reference in the Archives Reading Room). Some early newspapers (including Colonial Times, Southern Cross, Launceston Courier) were transferred to the State Archives to fill gaps in their collection .

George Musgrave Parker

New Norfolk : postcard

Ten captioned fold out colour images in proprietary post-able envelope. Showing views of Hobart and New Norfolk.
From envelope : A Colorful Souvenir of New Norfolk, Tas. Derwent Valley with Hobart. Up-to-Date Views. G & G Series.

New Norfolk : postcard

One hand coloured panorama image, captioned & numbered 23 , in proprietary envelope showing a panorama of New Norfolk.
From envelope - Valentine's Snapshots. Eight real photographs. Hand coloured. Beauty spots around Hobart, Tasmania No.3. Published by the Valentine Publishing Co., Melbourne and Sydney.

Valentine Publishing

Edmund Morris Miller Collection

  • Collection
  • 1903-1970

Collection consists of corresspondence recieved, and draft correspondence. Also includes Library Associations, personal records, university lecture notes and papers relating to the University Library. Notes and drafts of publications and lectures and photographs

Edmund Morris Miller

Midwood Collection

  • Collection
  • c1903

Collection of framed caricatures drawn by Thomas Claude Wade Midwood depicting colleagues, members of Midwoods household and local Hobart characters. Most are identified.

Thomas Claude Wade Midwood

Robert & Ann Mather Papers

  • Collection
  • 1821-1835

Papers relating to the voyage out and settlement of Robert Mather and his wife, Ann (Benson). Many of the papers (Ml0/16-20) consist of extracts from letters from Ann Mather to her brother, Rev. Samuel Benson, and sisters Isabella Whytall and Sarah Benson (m. Hammond 1832), in UK and were probably given to their niece, Sarah Benson Mather who married George Washington Walker in 1840, after Ann Mather's death in 1831.

Robert Mather

Launceston : postcards

Seven small captioned black & white images in proprietary envelope showing views of Launceston.
From envelope - Valentine's Snapshots. Eight real photographs. Launceston, Tas, No. 1. Published by The Valentine Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd. Melbourne and Sydney.

Valentine Publishing

Launceston : postcards

Seven small captioned and numbered hand coloured images in proprietary envelope showing views of Launceston.
From envelope - Valentine's Snapshots. Eight real photographs. Hand coloured. Launceston, Tasmania, No. 2. Published by the Valentine Publishing Co., Melbourne and Sydney.

Valentine Publishing

Launceston : postcard

Eighteen captioned fold out black and white images in proprietary post-able envelope. Showing views of Launceston.
From envelope : 18 Selected Views, Launceston, Tasmania Launceston. Produced by Murray View, Gympie, Q

Murray Views

Leake Papers

  • Collection
  • 1801-1932

Collection consists of some of the papers of John Leake (1780-1865) of Rosedale, near Campbell Town, pastoralist, justice of the peace, member of the Legislative Council and a former merchant of Hull and Hamburg, who settled with his family near Campbell Town, Tasmania, in 1823, and of his family, including his youngest son Charles Henry Leake (1819-1889) whose heirs inherited Rosedale.

John Leake

Knopwood Sermons

  • Collection
  • 1801-1829

Manuscripts of sermons preached by Rev. Knopwood in Tasmania dated 1801 - 1829

Robert Knopwood

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