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Cadbury display and cash register

Cash register surrounded by display of Cadbury products, including half pound packets of Bournville cocoa for two shillings. Competition advertising a chance to win a Morris Minor plus 100 pound

Colin Dennison (Curator)

First aid nurse

Cadbury employee being treated for toe injury by a first aid nurse Sister Cole. Nurse is using sterilising equipment. Photograph taken 1952 Laurie Richards Studio

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Poster advertising Fruit Bonbons

Poster advertising Pascall Fruit Bonbons, including the following flavours - orange, pineapple, banana, strawberry, mandarin, apricot, lemon, black currant and raspberry. Sak Pak priced at one shilling and sixpence

Colin Dennison (Curator)


Looking across Hobart central business district and port toward the Eastern Shore. Taken from West Hobart

Colin Dennison (Curator)


Books on display, including books on commercial art and a table of items promoting OBM Bookshop. Poster in background promoting Australias own car, shows a family in a Holden car waving to a man carrying a swag.

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Milk Tray chocolate display

Display of Cadbury products including quarter pound boxes of Milk Tray chocolates for 1 shilling and sixpence, Energy chocolate bars and Nut Milk bars for 1 shilling and tuppence

Colin Dennison (Curator)

Cadbury Football Team, 1922

Group photograph of football team. Photograph annotated as 19th August 1922. C.F.P. Team. L to R: J Parry, E Whoteman, Faulkner, L Norman, F Goodwin, H Colbourne, T Gayton, J Geard, C Thomptson, F Burton, H White, A E Lodge. Kneeling: B Gayton, L Davies, B Stokes, E Frapell.

Lunch Hour Golf

Four men playing golf. Back of photograph states The Origin of Claremont Golf Club 1926? (Lunch hour golf) Left to right: Wal Morrow (scorer), HV McKernan, Will Cooper, FB Richardson. Photo by JA Cooper (his clubs lying on green)

South Australian sales staff competition winners

South Australian sales staff – winners of moulded competition 1935. Left to right. Back: BC Johnston, WA Hopkins, MN Hopgood, AJ Phoenix, LK Packham, Front: S Smith, AH Seaton(Manager for South Australia), HL Cocks, E Laver. Photograph taken by WH Pridmore 93 Bathurst St Hobart.

Sales Conference April 17th to 21st, 1950

Sales Conference April 17th to 21st, 1950, advertising material in background . Left to right: RM Conway, MG Wells, AB Eastaugh, EF McDade, I van Assche, NF Mitchell (standing TO Kelly) WA Smith, HV McKernan, JWC Wyett, DS Newman, BC Johnston, AH Seaton, WA Hoopkins, RB Thistlethwayte. Photograph taken by Courtney Cains, Photographic Illustrator, Hobart

Cadbury Sales Conference April 17th to 21st, 1950

Sales Conference April 17th to 21st, 1950. Left to right. Standing: RM Conway, MG Wells, AB Eastaugh, WA Hopkins, TO Kelly, RB Thistlewayte. Sitting: EF McDade, I van Assche, NF Mitchell, WA Smith, HV McKernan, JWC Wyett, DS Newman, BC Johnston, AH Seaton. Photograph taken by Courtney Cains, Photographic Illustrator, Hobart

Representatives Conference Claremont October, 1963

Representatives Conference Claremont October, 1963. Left to right. Back Row: DS Newnam (Claremont) BD King (Vic) DR Butler (South Aust) BKH Masters (NSW) BJ Facer (NSW) KA Watkins (NSW) FH Benson (Vic) Third Row: RF Carruthers (WA) P Thompson (South Aust) RN Makins (NSW) DJ Roberts (WA) RL Thompson (NSW) LH Fredline (Qld) WA Hopkins (Claremont) Second Row: CP Stephen (Qld) DB Orr (Vic) KW Murray (Qld) RG Allen (NSW) CJ Gibson (Vic) DW Boal (Qld) IS Lowrey (Vic) NL Thorsen (Vic) Front Row: RS Poke (Tas) KG Woods (NSW) VG Burley (Claremont) JPD Lloyd (Claremont) HV Mckernan (Claremont) RA Smith (Claremont) JS Oldrey (NSW) AJ Chapman (Vic)

Cadbury Fry Pascall cricket team, Claremont

The Cadbury Fry Pascall cricket team defeated by New Norfolk. Left to right. Back row: R Wilson (umpire), D Templeman, C Sutton, E Frappell, G Fleming, W Brown, C Geeves (umpire) Front row: G Frappell, A Austin, M Limbrick, B Wells, A Ransley, M wells, H. Pestrucci, A Hill. In front> F Butler (C F P scorer)

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